Kevin’s Birthday Week + Tom’s Warehouse Sale


Kevin turned t w e n t y – e I g h t this week so that was the highlight of our week! Here is a little of his birthday & what also happened that week. Annnd go!

>>>  I took Ryder to Kevin’s work as Kevin watched him while I went to physical therapy & got DRY NEEDLING done for the first time! Ouch!! Anyone got dry needling done? I got it done on my back…& I don’t think it did that much help-wise. They stick needles in your back in like “trigger spots” & it hurts really bad. Your muscle in a way “spasms” & then relaxes. Then eventually they take them out. My physical therapist rubbed my back & pinched it & stuff after taking the needles out & it hurt really bad lol. But yeah, again, I don’t think it really helped my problem! Anyways, after that we went out for a classy lunch at Taco Bell! Ryder chose the best hat to wear - a BYU Zephyr Snapback! I was dying over him in that hat.

>>> I went to the Disaster Relief Center in Loveland to help out with the donations for the flood victims. I helped unbox clothes & put them away where they went – adult clothes & children’s. It was very unorganized so I helped get tables, etc. for it. Now I know it is much more organized. I just went on one of the 1st days! It was chaotic. I even saw some people “shopping” around for stuff! I felt bad for them. A lady asked me if they had PJ tops & bottoms (like shorts) & I honestly don’t think they did. Bummer. It was just so unorganized at that point. The pictures above of outside damage is some flood damage I drove by & was able to photograph (through my window) on my way to the Disaster Relief Center.

>>> I brought my friend Becky (the lactation consultant who helped Ryder learn how to nurse) lunch at the hospital since her home in Estes Park got flooded & she currently isn’t able to live at home. Plus the roads up to Estes Park have collapsed in multiple locations from the flood & they said it will take 18 months to rebuild! So can’t really drive up to your home & down to work when there is no working road.

>>> KEVIN’S BIRTHDAY! I decorated the main level with blue streamers & had balloons as well for him. He went to work & then after for dinner, ate at Texas Roadhouse with my family. My dad, mom, brothers Zach & Hunter came. I LOVE THEIR ROLLS! Oh my gosh. I had a lot. We had a yummy dinner & then came to our home. We all ate a cake I had baked earlier in the day – it was vanilla with sprinkly frosting. I still cannot get over the fact Kevin prefers vanilla over chocolate cake haha! He then opened presents. Basically from me & Ryder he could spend money on whatever he wanted haha – Tom’s shoes, clothes, random things haha. Super fun gift ;) I cannot believe he is 28 years old!

>>> We had some family photos taken for Ryder’s 1 year birthday by Tiffany Rebecca (HERE). I posted them on my blog earlier HERE. We LOVE them!

>>> Kevin & I drove to Aurora (near Denver) to go to the Tom’s Warehouse Sale. My friend Emily Vail met us there since she wanted to take a look & see if they had anything else (she went the week prior & already bought some haha). Kevin & I had an hour & a half & that was barely enough time! Kevin wanted to get some shoes for his birthday & he got some awesome ones. We got some for Ryder (for now) & to grow into when he gets older. They were only $10 when the kids are normally $32+! I got a few pairs as well. Basically we got sucked in. I have some photos of our loot above. Then Emily, Kevin, Ryder, & I ate at Sonic for a quick dinner before heading home. It was fun to catch up with Emily! Even though she is living in Denver we hardly see each other!

>>> BYU played Utah in Football! Kevin made sure we put out our BYU flag. All of our neighbors know we are BYU fans I guess & are assuming we are Mormon. Yep, that’s right! Also- I love Ryder in his BYU pj’s! The best.

>>>  Kevin got a haircut at an actual haircutting place – Sports Clips. They sent us a free haircut coupon so Kevin was all over that. He loved it since he just watched sports the whole time haha. Usually I cut it (attempt) & it is kind of stressful since I am not that good lol.

>>> A little bit of rain from the flood got in the Jeep & we aren’t sure how. It got soaked where the driver’s feet go. I am wondering if I left a car door open or a window open for a bit. It is weird. SO, Ryder & I went & got the carpets shampooed & cleaned to get the moisture out & the bad odor gone at Casey’s Car Wash. While they were cleaning it we strolled around looking at Old Navy, Bed, Bath & Beyond, & Target. Good times were had.

>>> We started cleaning our basement. Guys, this is huge! We have lived in our home for almost 2 years now & never had organized it. When we moved in, things were put randomly in places & we had no clue where things were. They were also in cardboard boxes which I don’t like because I know multiple people who have had rats or mice get into things & chew things up & ruin stuff (i.e.. friends snowboard/hunting gear & now my sister’s hockey stuff!) so those had to go. I am all about the plastic containers which unfortunately are highly overpriced. We also started to hoard cardboard boxes since I started shopping on Amazon & used to sell things on eBay often & would be like “Oh I should save this so I can put stuff in it to ship elsewhere!” That never happened. Oh, & right when we moved into our house 2 years ago, I got pregnant, & was so tired & that was the last thing on my mind. Finally we devoted time to cleaning it & we got rid of a gazillion empty cardboard boxes. We would devote more time later that month ;) You have no clue how much I love a clean basement haha because it totally is now.

>>> We took Ryder to the park & during the stroller ride to it he HAD to hold his basketball. It is so cute. He loves balls. Then we had Ryder train (for big athletic success in the far future ;)) by holding himself from a bar at the park haha (picture above). He loves the slides since there are no swings at that park which is the worst.

>>> Kevin left on a trip to Korea on Sunday morning, so Ryder & I were on our own for church. I don’t like being on my own at church since Ryder wants to run around & I have to talk to people, get things into binders, pass out binders, pick things up, etc. for my calling at church (Relief Society Secretary). It is hard to do everything! I know I only have one kid but it is still hard. Ryder made a friend while in church – Isaac (photo above). We used to be over him in nursery so we know him. He apparently LOVES babies/toddlers which is the cutest thing. We were sitting by my friend Bekah Wilkey & her baby Carmen & he was loving both of them. He was getting up all in their faces & giving them snacks & hugs & it was the cutest.

That is about it for this week. It was a pretty good week I would say! The most important thing being Kevin’s birthday! Happy Birthday Kevin! I LOVE YOU!

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  1. Oh my gosh I would have gone crazy over the toms!! That's awesome! I can't believe Ryder can hang on like that! Ha Ryan would scream! Strong little boy!:) And happy birthday to Kevin!! Ryder is so dang cute.