Flu Shots, Cool Beans, General Conference Weekend + More


I am so proud of myself since I am basically through September, just as we are about to start November ;)! Over the years my blog has evolved & since I am struggling to keep up, unfortunately, I will have these random weekly update posts…for now. So if this is your thing then good, if not, sorry & oh well. I would love to blog about other things but this is what I am going to do for now. This posts wraps up September (30th) & goes until October 6th, the end of our General Conference weekend! Here goes:

>>> I made a yummy cheddar broccoli soup with chicken, a baguette, an amazing fruit salad, & chocolates for dessert for a lady & her family who I visit teach (since she hurt her back.) I am the worst cook & I made this the night before for Kevin & I & it turned out really good, so I made her the same thing for dinner!

>>> Oh hello there hounds tooth door mat. I am sure I am not the first to think of this idea but I had the brilliant idea to get a Fall/Winter door mat & switch it out with the door mat we previously had out (more of a Spring/Summer one). The Spring/Summer one is the doormat in our garage to our kitchen now. The one previously there had basically run its course so I bought the hounds tooth one & moved the Spring/Summer one to the garage. Then I swap each rug out during their season until they wear out ;) Kevin was like “COOL” haha but I love them both & they are perfect for the seasons! AND you better believe they are both from Target.

>>> One of my favorite TV shows, Revenge started back up & I was pretty pumped about it & had to document it.

>>> Ryder got his 1st set of flu shots (they break them into 2 doses when they are little like him). He knew immediately the correct thing was to cry when he got there, so cried he did! We actually go in for his 2nd & last dose of flu shot next week. Poor guy! He usually feels crummy for a couple of days after.

>>> Right after Ryder got his flu shot, I took him to Fossil Creek Park & Hunter met us there. Hunter wanted to help cheer Ryder up. We pushed him on the swings & Ryder went down slides with Hunter as well. Then Hunter came over to my house & I made dinner. He made the crescent rolls ;) Of course since they are all different sizes & heights & everything they cooked funky but overall they were good, just really gooey in some parts lol.

>>> Kevin had dinner with an account in town & then after we watched a favorite advertising TV show The Pitch. I guess it is our BYU Marriott School of Management backgrounds coming out.

>>> Ryder & I met Bekah & Carmen at the nearby Water’s Way Park one afternoon. There isn’t much cool stuff for young toddlers to do but we had a good time anyways. Ryder wasn’t in the best mood & even pushed baby Carmen which was the first time I had seen that!!! Don’t worry- I googled “what to do when toddler pushes” right after haha. In case you are wondering, I haven’t ever seen him do that again, so I think he just wasn’t feeling well from his shots thank goodness. We also met them at Cool Beans the next day which is an indoor kids play place (& for toddlers). Carmen & Ryder had fun playing with toys, little kitchens, fake food, balls, & cars to ride in. Ryder was OBSESSED with a cop car that he could sit in. I know he would LOVE one of those!

>>> Then Ryder & I both got colds which wasn’t the funnestsi. Then General Conference came along & we were trying to get better. Kevin watched Ryder while I slept in & overall, it wasn’t the funnest weekend which was a bummer since I was looking forward to it. The General Conference part was good though. Also, our friend, Dane Nielsen’s dad spoke in General Conference which was AWESOME. His name is Gifford Nielsen & he is one of the 70. Check it out on LDS.org!

>>> BUT one awesome thing was in between General Conference sessions & any spare moment we had, we organized the basement! I need to take a photo & post it here because I am very pumped about it. Nothing makes me happier than a clean & organized home!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!! We had gotten rid of a gazillion empty cardboard boxes & dropped a bunch of stuff off at Goodwill too.

>>> Kevin & I watched Now You See Me which was a pretty fun movie to watch one evening. I would Redbox it if you haven’t seen it.

Other than the sickness, it was a good week :D

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