Wrapping Up August: Vivint, Swimming, + More


The end of August was good, but very stressful. August 31st, we celebrated Ryder’s 1st Birthday even though his birthday wasn’t until September 3rd, because that was Kelsi’s last day in Colorado before heading off to BYU- Provo. Since Greg & Kathy were in town as well & it was Kelsi’s last day, I decided to throw his party then. Honestly, I am not a fan of throwing parties, which includes: baby showers, birthday parties (I guess Ryder’s was the 1st I’ve really thrown other than little ones for Kevin in college), & I guess that is really it. I get too overwhelmed & stressed. I also am not very good at doing crafty things so that is also frustrating. I know some people love to throw parties but that is not me. I’d rather just not haha. BUT…I started to & it got bigger & so I don’t know why I am going off on this tangent since this will be the next post :) So, basically this is everything from August 26th-31st except for Ryder’s 1st Birthday Party. Oh, I remember the point of the tangent- I was very stressed this week haha. Here goes:

>>> I lost my driver’s license this week & had to go get a new one which took FOREVER. Gosh, I hate the DMV. I was kind of glad that I lost my old one since I was 8+ months pregnant with Ryder in it & I looked large & in charge- okay not really, but I felt like it, so I kind of wanted a new photo. Well, I should have gone to a different DMV location because maybe they would have aimed the camera different & a better photo would have appeared haha. The problem is they make you put your hair behind your back so it is all awkward & not how you usually look. All in all, I don’t know if the photo is much better. I hate having a bad driver’s license! I like the one when I was 16 hehe.

>>> I don’t know if most people go shopping all the time like running errands really, but I swear I ALWAYS am. I always have things to buy or things to return & especially when a coupon comes out for something I really want to buy haha. We hit up: Super Target, Babies ‘r’ Us (finally got a baby gate- thanks Lesley Thalman, we got the one you have ;) with a coupon), DMV (FML), Old Navy, Michael’s, Loft, The Buckle, & that may be it. So, story of my life haha.

>>> Ryder thinks watermelons are balls. We had one on our counter & he freaked out. I let him play with it & he was in heaven.

>>> Ryder also had his 1st PB&J. He was into it for a couple minutes & then fed Katinka the rest. It also made a big mess. He is now loving to put food in his hair so that is cool, especially when it is peanut butter.

>>> HELLO VIVINT ALARM SYSTEM! I love my alarm system & love to arm/disarm. It is funny to me how everyone in Provo sells security systems & how competitive the companies are…I remember one time, a guy asked me on a date, & he wanted to take me to a dinner but WAIT?! It was a dinner that was free to learn about selling security systems hahaha. I don’t know if he really knew that so we walked in, walked out, left, & he took me to dinner elsewhere. BUT yeah. Also, I remember going to Pinncle & APX security system parties…one at a bowling alley & one at a gymnastics gym place…OH & a cool place where they had kids riding bikes & doing flips on them into a foam pit…anyways, yes, since we know like 30+ people at Vivint, we got a sweet deal & went with them. We LOVE IT!!!

>>> I found out Ryder is totally OK with crawling on rocks. I would rather not crawl on rocks that hurt my knees but hey, YOLO.

>>> Kevin & I watched a church movie for FHE. It was awesome! I am horrible at differentiating church movies. I cannot remember any of the titles. I just watch them & am like “Ooohhh, I think I’ve seen this before!” or “I haven’t seen this one yet…” Haha. But really, for some reason, I never remember the names of the movies.

>>> We were going to have the Sister Missionaries over for dinner (we got Sisters in our ward!) but they had to rain check due to a leg injury (torn ACL?) so my dad, Zach, & Hunter came over. We had some yummy pasta!

>>> Gosh, I am on a roll with church stuff but yes, Katie & I went visit teaching!

>>> Kevin & I planned Ryder’s party. After Ryder went to bed, I would drive & run errands for last minute things.

>>> Kelsi helped me make some crafts for his party. I made a feather dipped garland (white feathers with gold spray paint/glitter on the end) & a triangle garland with awesome patterns on each triangle). I will show pictures soon. They actually turned out so I am pretty stoked. Wow. Stoked, when was the last time I’ve used that word? Love it.

>>> Ryder & I met our friends Gwen & Valencia, as well as Anna & Emery at Anna’s neighborhood pool. We hung out in the kiddie pool, fed the kids snacks, & caught up. It was a good time.

>>> My mom, Kelsi, Hunter, cousin Paige, Ryder, & I all went swimming at a nearby pool.  It was a good time. Also, Kelsi got a picture of Ryder’s Havianas & her Havianas (Brazilian brand sandals), which is a photo I’ve been wanting to get all summer haha. Kelsi got Ryder his Havianas in Brazil when she was on her mission. When my whole family went to Brazil last December, we all got Havianas. They are the CUTEST! I wish the pool was open now…I want to go!!!

>>> Then Friday night, the 30th, Greg & Kathy came in town! They came in town to hangout & also for Ryder’s 1st Birthday! We all ate some Hunan’s takeout which is yummy. I need to eat more Chinese food in my life.

>>> Saturday, the 31st, we had a yummy breakfast at Silver Grill Café. Then afterwards, Kathy & I went to Centerra to shop around for some Indian inspired clothing for Ryder’s birthday party. Yes last minute. I found an Aztec patterned maxi skirt & an AWESOME tribal necklace thanks to Kathy! The guys picked up Ryder’s birthday cake, balloons, & last minute things at Sam’s Club.

Well, I will end on that note & pick up on Ryder’s 1st Birthday Party next!

Happy Tuesday all!

I’m off to watch The Great Gatsby & try not to eat all of the Halloween candy I bought today…never a good idea to buy Halloween candy so early. I mean it isn’t for another month haha. So much for planning ahead & so much for working out lol.

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