Tiffany Rebecca Photography: Ryder’s 9 Month Photos

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We had a few photos taken of Ryder at 9 months old by the wonderful Tiffany of Tiffany Rebecca Photography. We are amazed yet again at how the photos turned out. We took all these photos in such a short time as well! It went really great :) Ryder was happy & smiley until the end. I am so glad we took these because I think it is very important to capture moments to be able to look back on & remember.  On a sidenote, my iPhone (less than par) agrees…I am constantly uploading/deleting from my iPhone…that is another story. I have a problem lol. Also, we bought shelves from Ikea & I want to get a bunch of photos printed; I will definitely be printing a bunch of these. I cannot wait for that to get finished (once I decide where to have it) & to hang some photos up in our house in general. I have been horrible at that. Anyways, we LOVE these photos! Thanks Tiffany! If you are looking to get photos taken we have loved working with Tiffany! Check her out HERE! xoxo

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