Scenes from our Week: July 29–August 4, 2013


Well hello there, blog-world. It has been awhile since I’ve written. As usual, life is crazy but I am back in town & ready to get back into the swing of things & that includes catching up on this little blog of mine. Here goes!

This post wraps up June (29th-31st) & goes until August 4th. Some highlights include:

>>> First of all, the most important matter of business is obviously The Bachelorette Finale…not haha. Des was so so to me, so it wasn’t the end of the world when she was all drama. It was actually probably the most “dramatic season yet” so I would say Chris Harrison got that right haha.

>>> We had a girls night at Café Rio & then hung out at Bekah’s house after. If I can remember who was there, it was Amanda Johnson, Sarah Herrera, Bekah & baby Carmen, Ashley Bean, & Laura Osmond. It was a lot of fun & of course, I failed to take a photo. Next time!

>>> I actually had my Knee Orthopedic appointment! I started having knee pain while working out especially in lunges & squats in lifting classes. Then eventually it got really bad & would hurt after my workouts. It would hurt to walk around Super Target afterwards running errands too. It would get worse when my legs were bent in a long car ride. Also, going down stairs, not upstairs was worse. I tried every cardio machine at the gym & none including the recumbent or upright bike felt good. I would skip the gym here & there or leave the gym after only going for like 20 minutes because it got so bad. SO. I had called into my rheumatologist because I thought it was my arthritis & was like “Dang this really sucks because if anything it has gotten worse since starting Remicade.” I asked them if I could change my NSAID from Diclofenac to anything else. They gave me Oxaprozin. They then gave me a referral for a knee orthopedic doctor & I had that appointment this week. He said I had patella femoral symptoms & said it could be fixed by physical therapy. He gave me a referral & I chose to go to the physical therapy practice in the central location of Miramont Sports Center, Rebound Physical Therapy. Long story short, my physical therapist told me to blow up balloons so I can get a stronger core for the 1st week. I was VERY skeptical. I know everything is connected in your body but I came in for my knees. Over time, I didn’t seem to get much better & when I went into my next Remicade infusion I told my rheumatologist about it. He recommended me a physical therapist he really likes so I actually just switched last week & it was the best decision ever. I am SO mad I stayed at the old place & wasted 7 visits. I felt like some of my visits were pointless & that really makes me mad because I only get 20 a year & I wasted 7…since this appointment, I do say, that I think there has been improvement but I don’t want to speak too soon. I will update on this later… Oh & the 1st two photos above are from the doctor’s office. I like how my disease is listed on the ‘Human Spine Disorders.” I am such a lucky person in the 1% of the US who got the disease I got haha. Oh life.

>>> Meanwhile, Kevin was in out of town in Pittsburgh for work. I ended up meeting Zach & my mom at Noodles. Ryder was obsessed with his straw & waving it around like a magical wand. I am thinking he will be Harry Potter for Halloween & I will draw on a lightning bolt. He will wave around a straw or a real wand I get & Kevin will just LOVE it. That is really sarcastic by the way. Kevin has refused to watch all Harry Potter movies & I am determined to make him watch them with me. I LOVE them haha.

>>> Kelsi was back in town for a little bit before leaving for Utah. Also, her friend Ingunn from BYU-Hawaii came in town since their mutual friend was getting married in Denver & I finally got to meet her! I have heard so much about her but had never had a chance to meet her. It was fun! I found out we had some mutual friends from BYU Provo so that was funny. Also, we all went to dinner along with my family & some of the Braudis’ who were in town from Florida. We all ate at the Olive Garden.

>>> I finally got my new measuring cups in the mail. They are Matryoshka Russian Nesting Doll ones. You take them apart & each part is a different size. They are the best. #fred&friendsdoesitagain

>>> I went to the Relief Society Mid-Week Activity & we got to get to know the other sisters in our ward. We had a cookie bar buffet which was awesome. It was a fun evening.

>>> My mom, Hunter, Hunter’s friend Michael Braudis, Ryder & I went swimming at Miramont. It was a lot of fun even though it kept raining & sprinkling a little. The funniest thing was there was a duck in the pool. The Miramont employees weren’t able to take the duck out because of I don’t know liability? They weren’t supposed to mess with it. They called animal control & they wouldn’t come get it because it was healthy. The members weren’t supposed to touch it for liability purposes & so it just swam around in there with us. The funny thing was that it wanted to swim beneath the water slide so they roped off the water slide & closed it so the kids wouldn’t land on the duck. It would randomly fly out of the water but kept coming back. Eventually the members overwhelmed the duck & we all got it to leave haha. The kids cheered when it flew off! We snacked on hummus & veggies in the kiddie pool until we decided to eat.

>>> Later that evening, we went out on a double date with Danny & Gwen Valles & their baby girl Valencia at a new Thai food restaurant. I feel like it is called Bann Thai or something. It is by the Super Target off of Harmony. It was really good! We hung out a little afterwards before calling it a night as well.

>>> On Saturday, Kevin & I figured out details for baseboards & weird spots we had to add quarter round or filler spaces. Yes, our home remodel is still going strong haha. JK. It has kind of fizzled out but it isn’t done yet. It is getting closer! Kevin worked on house stuff for awhile & after Ryder went to sleep we watched THE WORST movie ever, that we still joke about, Upside Down. I sure pick the winners haha. Anyone seen it?

>>> On Sunday, we went to a ward in Johnstown to see my cousin’s baby girl Addie’s baby blessing! It was beautiful. Then in the afternoon I had a Relief Society Presidency Meeting & ate dinner at my parents.

It was a FUN week!!!

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