Scenes from our Week: August 5-11, 2013


Looking back on each week & weekend, I realize I keep really busy. I kind of like it that way though. Here is a little what went down August 5th to the 11th!

>>> Bekah, her daughter Carmen, Ryder & I hit up a few craft stores to attempt a craft. It is getting harder to craft when our kiddos are getting bigger & bigger haha. Oh well.

>>> The Bachelorette Finale went down. Drama drama drama. I was over it.

>>> My cousin Kirra & her husband Brandon spent the night in Fort Collins & stopped by our house in the evening to say hi & to meet Ryder. Ryder had already gone to bed so we woke him up to meet them. It was fun to hangout with them! We had to top the night off with some ice-cream!

>>> Ryder & I met my friend Amberley for lunch at Panera in Loveland. It was fun to hangout for a bit while she was on her lunch break. She is moving to Utah soon so we will miss her! I’ve known her since I was 8 & grew up dancing (clogging) with her. Good memories!

>>> I baked brownies & the Sloan's hit up our neighborhood party. A new neighbor planned & threw a big party for all the neighbors to get to know each other. It was actually pretty fun & we ate random treats & things other neighbors brought & we got food poisoning that night…just kidding haha. The neighbors who planned it are super nice!

>>> I started going to physical therapy this week & I was skeptical from the first visit…I should have stopped there…ahhh. I won’t go into more details. I try not to talk negatively about public places or people on my blog haha. Basically, I am glad I switched & am bummed I used so many physical therapy visits with my insurance.

>>> Kevin & I had our FIFTH wedding anniversary on 08.08.2013! Oh my gosh. I have another blog post coming on that.

>>> Ryder got his hand stuck in his crib & I heard him screaming & found him like…in the photo above. It was SO cute & SO sad but I had to get a photo. I loved rescuing my little baby. Luckily he hasn’t gotten a limb stuck in any other part of his crib yet. Oh, he also started standing up in his crib a lot, like during nap time haha.

+ Zach, my brother, competed in Nationals for Yo-Yo’ing in Orlando, Florida. He ended up placing 7th in the world & that was with a couple mistakes. So basically, he is AMAZING!!! He is ranked 1st in the US.

>>> We had a house day meaning working on the home remodel. Kevin worked on putting in a bunch more baseboards & quarter-round. Ryder & I ran errands, got groceries, went to Target & fun stuff like that. Apparently we watched a weird movie & I don’t remember what it was called. Kevin liked it though…haha. I don’t recommend it. Okay, so I just asked Kevin the title of it & it is called Beasts of the Southern Wild. Please tell me you don’t like it.

>>> After church & well a lot later, for dinner, Kevin, Ryder, & I went exploring past Horsetooth & found a natural area, Bobcat Ridge Natural Area where we ate a light dinner for fun. We like to explore & hit up different parks, natural areas, & places in the mountains. It was up in Masonville. About 5:10 pm, Kevin gets a phone call asking if he was coming to an Athletic Director meeting or something for his Stake calling – his stake calling is the Stake Athletic Director – & he totally spaced, haha. We were very far into the mountains & left the mountains right away & was still 40+ minutes late lol. It was so bad.

Next up: 5th Wedding Anniversary blog post!

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