Scenes from our Week: August 19–25, 2013


Looking back, this week was crazy busy. Wait, take that back, make that all summer was crazy busy. Well, I guess I like things to be busy so I am not bored. Here is what went down August 19th to the 25th, 2013:

>>>  Kevin went to Milwaukee on a business trip from the 17th to the 20th.

>>> While Kevin was out of town, Ryder & I went to Johnny Carino’s in Loveland for dinner with my family (mom, dad, Zach, Hunter, & Kelsi) & the McBride’s (my aunt & uncle & cousin Cory). We had a reservation & for some reason didn’t have a table for us so they put us in a hot sunroom haha. It was interesting but the food was good, so I guess that is all that matters.

>>> Have you heard of Nia? Nia is like Zumba but more modern & also has a little kickboxing/taibo feel to it. My aunt, NaNet, teaches it at Miramont where I workout. My mom is NOT a dancer & doesn’t like dance style workout classes but DeNee was in town & convinced her to go. Kelsi & I went to an Advanced Step class & then went to some of Nia afterwards. I am still SO shocked my mom went to Nia. I can’t remember the last time she has gone to a class like that. Anyways, I think she did good, haha! Then afterwards, my mom, DeNee, NaNet, Kelsi, Ryder, & I went to lunch at Francais La Creperie in downtown Fort Collins. We all had yummy crepes. I love that place.

>>> Kelsi knew I was in the beginnings of planning for Ryder’s birthday party & offered to help make crafts so I found some ideas online & chose the theme, ‘Cowboys & Indians.’ We went to Michael’s & got some craft supplies. In the 1st photos, you can see Ryder is holding a ball, & then upset. There have been a few times now at the stores where he plays with a ball, or sees a ton of balls for sale, & babbles at them while pointing & gets REALLY upset if I don’t buy him one hahaha. It is SO cute. It probably won’t be for much longer hehe. I love how he loves balls.

>>> We got the sneak peek for Ryder’s 9 month photo-shoot back from Tiffany…basically scroll up, & the best photo is definitely hers haha. WE LOVE THESE PHOTOS!!!

>>> I got my 4th Remicade infusion!!! Gosh, this drug is amazing (for arthritis) & has helped so much. I am not 100%, definitely not, but am much better than I was at my worst. I was pumped to be getting it hehe. I was also getting pumped with my infusion, TNF blockers! Gross fact: I am pretty sure Remicade is made from something from rats hahaha. Hey, whatever works right?

>>> Kevin picked up Ben Castleberry & his friend Drew from the airport. They are working on a brand with Kevin so they hung out with us for the weekend. Friday evening, we took them downtown & tried Stuft Burger Bar for some burgers. The guys were freaking.out. because they were all obsessed with their burgers. Kevin got a burger on a DONUT. They also had one that was like a caprese salad burger. I got something basic & it was good but I think it would have been better if I had picked a unique one & really loved it. I did not love the donut one (I had a bite) but the guys sure did haha. Afterwards, they tried out Mary’s Mountain Cookies which are the best cookies around.

>>> Saturday morning, Kevin, Ryder, & I went to the Fort Collins Temple Groundbreaking in Loveland. We watched the broadcast at our Stake Center. I still cannot believe we will have a temple in Fort Collins AND less than 5 minutes from my house! Am I in Utah or what? We are excited. Then Ryder took a nap & Kevin, Ben, & Drew checked out a peach festival in downtown Fort Collins. Apparently it wasn’t that cool so I am not too sad I missed out haha. They brought back some good peaches though!

>>> After the peach festival, we decided to show the guys Estes Park. We drove up there, walked around, tried some salt water taffy, some tried ice-cream (Ryder LOVED it as usual), hung out by a river, had Indian food for dinner & overall, had a great time!

>>> Sunday, we went to church, I went to a Relief Society Presidency Meeting, & then we stopped by our friends’ Danny & Gwen Valles’, little girl’s birthday party. Valencia turned one & it was such a cute little party. The theme was a Pink Lemonade Stand. You can play ‘Where’s Waldo'” in the last photo for Ryder. He is at the bottom of the highchair.  That was a group of kids at Valencia’s party. I cannot emphasize how cute the party was. Also, the balloons were a big hit with the kiddos.

That is basically it for this week. Happy Thursday friends!

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  1. Whoa. I feel like you just had baby! Time flys. Beautiful pictures, lady