Scenes from our Week: August 12-18, 2013


Here is a little peek into a random week in August, specifically August 12th to the 18th, because I am so behind in blogging now, it is just plain random.

See below:

>>> Kevin had a random work trip in Chicago.

>>> I was excited for Ryder to try coloring. I started scribbling to show him what to do & then he did a few scribbles & quickly decided to eat the crayons. He ended up with crayon all over his face…I guess I need to wait it out until he gets a little older & wants to color haha.

>>> We got reusable Squooshi food pouches off Amazon & I tried them out with cottage cheese. It worked pretty well. My sister-in-law, Tara, told me about them. I need to use them more!

>>> My mom, Hunter, Ryder & my friend Jocelyne went swimming one afternoon. It was really fun. The weather was a little overcast so we stayed warm in the kiddie pool. Ryder ate a lot of pickles haha. He loves pickles & ate one in the kiddie pool. Good times.

>>> My mom, Hunter, Ryder, & I went to Garbanzo. Garbanzo is a Mediterranean restaurant in Fort Collins. They have everything from falafel to babaganoush, so basically, weird stuff. We had eaten there in the past & didn’t really like it but Hunter wanted to try it again so we obliged. We actually ended up liking our meal better. I think it really depends what you order. I passed on some weird paste that I think made it taste better haha. Ryder loved the falafel though! So funny.

>>> One of our favorite things to do is run errands ;) which included: Babies ‘r’ Us, Target (big surprise there), Bed, Bath, & Beyond, & Old Navy.

>>> I took Katinka to get groomed at our favorite & CHEAP dog groomer out at Centerra at Dogs. I dropped her off & then walked around some stores with my  friend Amberley while she was on her lunch break. We had a good time.

>>> On Saturday, my aunt & uncle, DeNee & Steve McBride were in town for business, so they took a day off & we (my family, my parents & siblings, aunt & uncle, the Puccetti’s) went to Estes Park & went on a little trail walk in Rocky Mountain National Park. I will blog about this later.

>>> After our day in Estes Park, Kevin & I hosted an “Italian Night” with our friends, the Valles’ & Yanceys’. We had baked pasta, prosciutto wrapped grisini (spelling?), sliced tomatoes with fresh mozzarella & basil & olive oil & balsamic vinegar, Italian sodas, a baguette, a variety of olives, fresh mango salad, probably something else I am forgetting, & a homemade tiramisu which was AMAZING!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Kevin’s homemade tiramisu! Gosh. It is THE best. I want to eat some now.

>>> On Sunday, we ate dinner at my parent’s house & the McBride’s. We then hung out on the dock afterwards which is a favorite summer thing to do.

Next up: Rocky Mountain National Park: Sprague Lake!

PS. Happy Sabbath!

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