Ryder’s 1st Birthday Party


We celebrated Ryder’s 1st Birthday on Saturday, August 31st at 4pm at our house. His real birthday was September 3rd, 2012, so it was a few days early. We chose it early so Kelsi could come before she left for BYU Provo & my in-laws were in town so it worked out great. I chose 4pm because Ryder goes to bed between 6:30-7pm & I didn’t want him to be super tired at his party. Originally, I wanted it to be a family only party but then last minute, I decided to invite friends, & it kind of got a little bigger than I was originally planning for. Because it ended up being a little last minute, some people I wanted to come were busy, which is fine, because they already made plans. We had a lot of fun with the friends & family who came! Some of the party guests included: my family (dad, mom, Kelsi, Zach, Hunter), Greg & Kathy (in-laws), Bekah & Carmen Wilkey, Lauren Moore & her family, Frank & Sarah Herrera, Paul & Jocelyne Heinzen, my aunt’s family- the Puccetti’s (NaNet, Mike, Paige), Derk & Sloan Masters, & I think that may be it…haha. OH & the theme was ‘Cowboy & Indian!’ Kevin was a cowboy & I was an Indian. One thing I am bummed about is I didn’t take that many photos. I was kind of all over the place. I didn’t get any photos of the food spread or everyone who came :( The photos I have are ones from my phone, Kevin’s, or my mom’s. Well, now I know to attempt harder or designate a photographer so I can get some for future parties! The two weeks prior, Kelsi & I made the feather garland & triangle garland for decoration. I ordered the chalkboard decal (in photo above) off Amazon & had ordered a liquid chalk pen from Amazon a year ago. I love the liquid chalkboard pens. I made a sign that we put on the garage door that had an arrow so people would know to walk into our backyard. We had balloons on the sign & same with on the gate to the fence & going into the backyard. Make that, balloons all over in the backyard! We used a tent to cover the food & borrowed a big drink stand from my parents (full of waters). The food we all ate included: mini corn dogs which I love (ketchup, etc.), pasta salad (pasta with chunks of cheese & ham in ranch dressing), chips & dip (variety & w/French dip), baked beans, watermelon, a yummy mango peach drink, & I don’t remember what else. We got the ‘Wanted’ cake with Ryder’s face on it at King Soopers which came with a smash cake for Ryder.  I LOVED THE CAKE! Moving on, when everyone got there, we mingled & ate dinner. Then Ryder opened his presents & he got some awesome stuff. Yes, he did receive his first knife from the Masters haha. Derk Masters also picked out a tiara for Ryder…so confusing for a kid haha. He got everything from awesome clothes to books to toys! Everyone was so nice! Next up we had Ryder delve into his cake. I brought it out on a cake stand & somehow the cake slid off the stand haha. So yeah, worst mom award lol (photo above). We then put it on his high chair anyways & let him dig into it. So even though I planned the party earlier in the evening, Ryder was tired…why does this matter? Well, he was all getting into his cake & then started rubbing his eyes because he was tired. He always rubs his eyes when he is tired! SO, smeared cake in your eyes is never fun! He started crying & the colors from the frosting started mixing & all of a sudden his face was covered in purple frosting haha. Also, everyone was watching him & taking photos & videos so he was a little overwhelmed. Kathy & my mom & Kelsi cleaned Ryder off in the sink while I grabbed a towel & such. Meanwhile, we all ate our cake, hung out, people played catch with Ryder’s sports balls he got in the grass, & overall had a good time. It was a memorable day & I am glad I threw the party even though I was a little overwhelmed & stressed, haha. I don’t think I would be a very good party planner haha. This one wasn’t even that big lol. After the party ended, my family & Greg & Kathy all hung out inside for awhile. We had a fun little party & hopefully Ryder will enjoy looking at the photos later since I’m sure he won’t remember the party :) We love him so much & are so lucky to be his parents! I still cannot believe he is ONE!!! Love you Ryder!

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  1. So cute!! What a fun day :)
    Happy Birthday to Ryder mmmmmwwwwhhhaaa!