Rocky Mountain National Park: Sprague Lake


Saturday, August 17th, 2013, my family (dad, mom, Hunter, Zach), Kevin, Ryder, & I, the Puccetti’s (NaNet, Mike, Wyatt, Paige), & Steve & DeNee McBride went to Estes Park to venture into Rocky Mountain National Park. As of today, Estes Park & Rocky Mountain National Park are experiencing severe flooding. There are only two ways into Estes Park since it is nestled into the mountains. Currently, both ways are very damaged with roads collapsing & dams giving in. A huge majority of Estes Park is under water & the National Guard is helicoptering in & rescuing people, anyone from people who live there to hikers or visitors. Estes Park is a huge tourist attraction. Anyways, the cell service had been down & they are just trying to rescue people now. Long story short, I have no clue what it is like now but the photos I’ve seen are so sad. So we went on a little trail called Sprague Lake & it was gorgeous. Afterwards, we ate at a place called Chicago’s Pizza which is surely under water now. The pizza was really good & is…was…in downtown Estes Park. :’( Anyways, it was a really fun Saturday afternoon excursion & basically I am sad Estes Park is in disarray. It won’t be a year or so (or longer?) until things may resume some sort of normalcy? Gosh I don’t know. Well, we had a fun time here! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Estes.

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