5th Wedding Anniversary + Brian Regan at Red Rocks


Kevin & I got married on August, 8th, 2008 (08.08.08)! We just celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary, on August 8th. I cannot believe it has been 5 years! Wow. So many memories! So much fun. I cannot imagine the last 5 years of my life without Kevin by my side. I am sure glad we found each other!!! I love him. So basically, Kevin went to work & then met Ryder & I for brunch at Francais La Creperie. Kevin had never eaten there & I remember trying it when I was super pregnant & telling him it was amazing, so I remembered, & we went. We ordered a sweet crepe & a savory one. If you have never eaten there, I highly recommend it. It is in downtown Fort Collins AND a heads up, they don’t take credit or debit card, so weird right? So bring some cash or a check. The place is worth it though. Then afterwards, Kevin went back to work & Ryder & I got the Jeep emissions checked (favorite thing to do not). Then we hung out & Ryder hung out in a basket which he LOVED. When Kevin got off work, we grabbed some chicken fingers, pasta salad, watermelon, & blueberries from King Soopers for dinner. We took it to Warren Park to eat & play with Ryder on the swings & other park features. Unfortunately there were a ton of bees that wouldn’t leave me alone while eating the chicken so I lost a few chicken fingers when they landed on mine…Kevin wasn’t too happy about that haha. I hate bugs & bees & didn’t want to get stung so I chucked it on the ground lol. We pushed Ryder in the swings & went down slides with him. I love taking him to the park. Then the next day, August 9th, for our big activity, we went to see Brian Regan at the Red Rocks amphitheater in the mountains not too far from Denver. Kevin got the tickers from a friend from work which was so, so nice. One thing we had to do was find a babysitter for Ryder which we had never really left him with anyone for a ‘date night’ so I was nervous about that. We have left him at my parents before but they were out of town so we couldn’t do that. My infusion nurse & friend from church, Cyndi Thalman, offered to watch him so we dropped him off before & I was nervous. I hate leaving Ryder haha. Apparently he cried it out in a pack ‘n’ play there but fell asleep. We picked up a friend, Nick, from Loveland (also from Kevin’s work) & headed out to the amphitheater.  There were a bunch of people from Zephyr there. The Red Rocks amphitheater is incredible.  The venue is breathtaking. They always have tons of amazing concerts there. This was actually my first time, as well as Kevin’s, going to an event there. It really makes me want to go to more. Side note: Kelsi & Patrick have gone to a bunch there. They have everything from reggae to rap to dubstep to whatever. SO, we heard Brian Regan & his whole show. It was pretty funny. Not going to lie, it was my first time hearing him. He was really funny! We actually had amazing seats too. We were on like the 8th row. So yeah, it was really fun. If you are around the Denver area, you must see an event at the Red Rocks! Overall, our anniversary day or two was a blast. I’m glad we were able to celebrate & have so much fun. I sure do love my Kevin! He is my better half.

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  1. Happy Anniversary! It sounds like it was a great day for you guys! And so fun that you got to see Brian Regan!