Tiffany Rebecca Photography: Ryder’s 9 Month Photos

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We had a few photos taken of Ryder at 9 months old by the wonderful Tiffany of Tiffany Rebecca Photography. We are amazed yet again at how the photos turned out. We took all these photos in such a short time as well! It went really great :) Ryder was happy & smiley until the end. I am so glad we took these because I think it is very important to capture moments to be able to look back on & remember.  On a sidenote, my iPhone (less than par) agrees…I am constantly uploading/deleting from my iPhone…that is another story. I have a problem lol. Also, we bought shelves from Ikea & I want to get a bunch of photos printed; I will definitely be printing a bunch of these. I cannot wait for that to get finished (once I decide where to have it) & to hang some photos up in our house in general. I have been horrible at that. Anyways, we LOVE these photos! Thanks Tiffany! If you are looking to get photos taken we have loved working with Tiffany! Check her out HERE! xoxo


Ryder’s 1st Birthday Party


We celebrated Ryder’s 1st Birthday on Saturday, August 31st at 4pm at our house. His real birthday was September 3rd, 2012, so it was a few days early. We chose it early so Kelsi could come before she left for BYU Provo & my in-laws were in town so it worked out great. I chose 4pm because Ryder goes to bed between 6:30-7pm & I didn’t want him to be super tired at his party. Originally, I wanted it to be a family only party but then last minute, I decided to invite friends, & it kind of got a little bigger than I was originally planning for. Because it ended up being a little last minute, some people I wanted to come were busy, which is fine, because they already made plans. We had a lot of fun with the friends & family who came! Some of the party guests included: my family (dad, mom, Kelsi, Zach, Hunter), Greg & Kathy (in-laws), Bekah & Carmen Wilkey, Lauren Moore & her family, Frank & Sarah Herrera, Paul & Jocelyne Heinzen, my aunt’s family- the Puccetti’s (NaNet, Mike, Paige), Derk & Sloan Masters, & I think that may be it…haha. OH & the theme was ‘Cowboy & Indian!’ Kevin was a cowboy & I was an Indian. One thing I am bummed about is I didn’t take that many photos. I was kind of all over the place. I didn’t get any photos of the food spread or everyone who came :( The photos I have are ones from my phone, Kevin’s, or my mom’s. Well, now I know to attempt harder or designate a photographer so I can get some for future parties! The two weeks prior, Kelsi & I made the feather garland & triangle garland for decoration. I ordered the chalkboard decal (in photo above) off Amazon & had ordered a liquid chalk pen from Amazon a year ago. I love the liquid chalkboard pens. I made a sign that we put on the garage door that had an arrow so people would know to walk into our backyard. We had balloons on the sign & same with on the gate to the fence & going into the backyard. Make that, balloons all over in the backyard! We used a tent to cover the food & borrowed a big drink stand from my parents (full of waters). The food we all ate included: mini corn dogs which I love (ketchup, etc.), pasta salad (pasta with chunks of cheese & ham in ranch dressing), chips & dip (variety & w/French dip), baked beans, watermelon, a yummy mango peach drink, & I don’t remember what else. We got the ‘Wanted’ cake with Ryder’s face on it at King Soopers which came with a smash cake for Ryder.  I LOVED THE CAKE! Moving on, when everyone got there, we mingled & ate dinner. Then Ryder opened his presents & he got some awesome stuff. Yes, he did receive his first knife from the Masters haha. Derk Masters also picked out a tiara for Ryder…so confusing for a kid haha. He got everything from awesome clothes to books to toys! Everyone was so nice! Next up we had Ryder delve into his cake. I brought it out on a cake stand & somehow the cake slid off the stand haha. So yeah, worst mom award lol (photo above). We then put it on his high chair anyways & let him dig into it. So even though I planned the party earlier in the evening, Ryder was tired…why does this matter? Well, he was all getting into his cake & then started rubbing his eyes because he was tired. He always rubs his eyes when he is tired! SO, smeared cake in your eyes is never fun! He started crying & the colors from the frosting started mixing & all of a sudden his face was covered in purple frosting haha. Also, everyone was watching him & taking photos & videos so he was a little overwhelmed. Kathy & my mom & Kelsi cleaned Ryder off in the sink while I grabbed a towel & such. Meanwhile, we all ate our cake, hung out, people played catch with Ryder’s sports balls he got in the grass, & overall had a good time. It was a memorable day & I am glad I threw the party even though I was a little overwhelmed & stressed, haha. I don’t think I would be a very good party planner haha. This one wasn’t even that big lol. After the party ended, my family & Greg & Kathy all hung out inside for awhile. We had a fun little party & hopefully Ryder will enjoy looking at the photos later since I’m sure he won’t remember the party :) We love him so much & are so lucky to be his parents! I still cannot believe he is ONE!!! Love you Ryder!