Scenes from our Week: July 8-14, 2013


July 8th through the 14th, 2013 was bomb.

Explanations below:

1 // Ryder somehow ended up with the best fauxhawk after his bath (1st photo where he fell asleep on me). I am now ON THE LOOKOUT for baby hair gel…I can’t seem to find any really. I did find some random expensive kind of Amazon. Thoughts? I would like to play around with his hair :)

2 // Ryder & I hit up Water Ways park nearby and unfortunately they don’t have swings. What brand new park is being built without swings?! I hate that. Anyways, he was able to stand and hold onto random features and play with some stuff, but still. BRING BACK THE SWINGS!

3 // Kevin hung up our Valentine’s Day present to each other ;) which is a three part set of the Pottery Barn Daily System. Basically it is a whiteboard calendar and other fun things next to it where you can hang your keys, file things, etc. I am obsessed. Photo above.

4 // In case you didn’t know, I graduated from the Marriott School of Management at Brigham Young University. I majored in Marketing. So. Every so often, we get the Marriott School of Management alumni magazine. This time they got it right. On the cover was a set of 3 Matryoshka Russian nesting dolls. Nice work BYU. Love those dolls.

5 // The usual: Shopping. We hit up Babies ‘r’ Us, Super Target (weekly or more frequently occurrence), the shops at Centerra, & more. At Babies ‘r’ Us, Kevin & I picked out Ryder’s next car seat, the Chicco Nextfit convertible car seat. We LOVE it. It is so easy to install, or so Kevin says hehe, comfy, easy to snap them in and take them out, etc. We tried putting some of the Britax ones in the Jeep but didn’t love them. Also, usual TV shows > The Bachelorette with Des and Pretty Little Liars (LOVE). Also, worked out as usual with modifications because my KNEES were bad, WHICH by the way…I will explain later. Positive note…IT ISN’T ARTHRITIS!!! YES!

6 // I met with a member of the bishopric and they released me of my calling as the Ward Bulletin Specialist AND I got a new calling. I am now the Relief Society secretary. Big changes over here! So yeah. I went to my first weekly meeting and so far so good. I’ve been in it for a month or so now.

7 // Kelsi, my mom, Ryder, & I went to dinner at On the Border followed by shopping at Centerra afterwards. Kelsi bought Ryder some cute whale shoes from Gymboree. They are awesome. They have a fin that sticks out and goes up above the heel in the back ha. Hard to explain but awesome. She also did shopping for a friend’s baby shower.

8 // After about 5 years of Kevin & I being married, I had always been BEGGING like crazy to take him to the drive-in. Finally, he caved so I would stop begging him haha. I thought I had everything prepared but apparently I didn’t. ONE- I didn’t think about the fact that my Ankylosing Spondylitis disease would suck so bad at the drive-in. I suppose it would though since I haven’t slept on my back in months or over a year now? It is too painful. Well, that is how we attempted to watch the movie. TWO- I didn’t realize how LATE it was when it gets dark lol. I read on the website that the box office opens at 6:30 pm so we went then and…sat in our car for about 3 hours until the movie started which they says will start when it gets dark lol. Meanwhile, Ryder didn’t want to go to bed in the car because people were out and about making noises and cars were driving around looking for a spot to park for the movie. So he was a little whiny. And my back hurt. We did bring an insane amount of blankets and pillows but still I don’t think it was enough. Next time, I think we need to bring an air mattress or a futon to lay down in the Jeep. We stopped by Sonic on the way there and got a bunch of food. Overall, good idea. I did plan and think a lot about it but I missed some major points, lol. I ended up sitting in a camp chair which felt better on my back so yeah. The movies we saw were Grown Ups 2 (SO DUMB!) & part of the Lone Ranger. I noticed Kevin was sleeping in the car and it was like 2 am so I made him wake up and we went home. Haha. Oh well.

9 // On Saturday, we cleaned the china cabinet and dining room table and chairs for HOURS and took photos too. We had been storing it at my parent’s house for the past couple years now. We decided to sell it and less than a day of posting there were numerous interested people and someone came and saw it and claimed it! Love selling big items on Craigslist. It was actually our first big one haha.

10 // My dad, Hunter, Zach, Kevin, Ryder, & I were going to go to some stock car races but it got rained out. We were really bummed! We ended up picking up Papa Murphy’s pizza (of course dessert too) and watching Oz which was interesting. Oh, and we shot a BB gun off their deck at targets by the lake and trees. I love to shoot a lightweight gun!

11 // We met with a tile guy Kevin found off Angie’s List and decided to go for it. I will show some pictures later of the kitchen with subway tile installed. It was so worth it! Much faster and we got a killer deal thanks to Kevin and his ways of talking everyone down who is selling anything we want ;)

12 // Lastly, I will say, my first Sunday as the Relief Society Secretary was crazy since I had no clue what was going on and was trying to figure out what all I needed to do. We had another presidency meeting shortly after church ended too. Then later that day we made brownies and delivered them to our good friends, the Masters.

Looking back, it was a pretty fun, busy week! Got to love busy summer days! Just the way I like them.

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