Scenes from our Week: July 22-28, 2013


Apparently, I didn’t take that many photos this week, BUT it was eventful and fun nonetheless.

What did go down July 22-28th to prove the fun week…here goes:

Eins // Kelsi used a free 5-day trial at Miramont so she was able to workout most every day this week with me, so that was fun.

Zwei // Kelsi, my mom, & I watched The Bachelorette: The Women Tell All at my house during dinner while we all ate take out Noodles. Ryder was fast asleep since he goes to bed early!

Drei // Kelsi & I attempted to sell clothes at Plato’s Closet. We brought in an insane amount of clothes. She made maybe $15-20 & I made like a few dollars. When they told me the amount I laughed. They bought one bracelet haha. The last time I went in I made over a $100. I don’t get that place, lol. Usually after I take a load of clothes to Plato’s Closet I either 1. Try to attempt to sell on eBay or my blog, 2. Give it away, or lastly 3. Goodwill it. After this big box didn’t get bought, I saved myself the time by just donating it to Goodwill. It was actually hard haha. I was thinking I could probably get some money for this!!! I was proud I just got rid of it. Sometimes I hoard stuff thinking I could sell them and then I never sell them because it takes A LOT of work to put them up, etc.

Vier // After working out one evening with Kelsi (Power flow Yoga 2), we hit up Tokyo Joes for dinner. They were taking forever to bring out our food so they gave me a free meal. Not even mad! The photo of Ryder on top of Kelsi’s shoulder is outside in their parking lot. Ryder LOVES to sit atop peoples’ shoulders. LOOK AT HIS FACE!!! Pure joy! I am obsessed.

Funf // My mom, Kelsi, Ryder, & I went to lunch with my cousin Brittany, her husband Greg, & newest little baby girl Addie at Silver Grill Café! It was good to catch up with them and meet her little lady. She is so precious! We had to get the cinnamon roll French toast. I love that place. It is crazy to see how little Ryder used to be since Addie was a newborn and now Ryder is about 1 year old!!! Where did the time go.

Sechs // I dropped Katinka off at the vet as it was time for her 1st dental cleaning & comprehensive exam (with our Petsmart plan). Basically, her teeth somehow got bad over the years and she had two…rotten…yep, I said it, rotten…teeth. Gnarly huh!!! So they pulled those along with 3 others that would get infected if we left them. So basically her bottom 5 teeth (in between to the canine looking ones) are gone. She actually did really well afterwards, as she was on painkillers and antibiotics, and is doing even better now. Prior, she gradually lost her appetite and I was wondering if she may have something going on with her teeth so now we know, it hurt her to chew! They were rotten. She is doing much better! The photo of her depressed in the kennel was right after I picked her up. She wasn’t doing so hot.

Sieben // We found out Ryder LOVES pickles when we took him to Corner Bakery Café. Now I buy them all the time and he eats them up! And he definitely smells like a pickle afterwards.

Acht // We had a crazy Friday which included a serviceman from Best Buy coming to check out our dishwasher (annoying story), visiting teaching getting done, missionaries coming over to share a message with us, bunch of stuff for my calling, and picking my mom up from the hospital. She got a test done for her stomach and was all loopy (my dad was out of town and my brother was at tutoring for the ACT) so I was the lucky one to get her. She wasn’t allowed to drive home. The good thing is she doesn’t have an ulcer but she had some polyps and inflammation and random things I have no clue what they are…so…

Neun // Speaking of my dad and Hunter being out of town, Kevin was out of town from July 21st to the 25th in North Carolina for work.

Zehn // Kevin & I took Ryder to Spring Canyon Park. I had been ranting and raving about this park (go there!!!) to Kevin so I was glad we were able to go. We brought food there…and it was Chik-fil-a. Wow, it sounds like we eat out a lot haha. We normally don’t. Anyways, Ryder loved the swings as usual and I took him around some of the playground features. I put his face through an Indian face which cracks me up. It reminds me of an elementary school play Hunter was in where he practiced and practiced over and over a song to audition for a part in the play. When it was time to audition, he realized only girls were trying out. He then realized it was a GIRL PART. HAHAHA. It was a Native American song that starts “The earth is our mother, she will protect us…” So now I always think of that song. I posted those lyrics underneath the photo on Instagram and I am pretty sure people were like “OKAYYYY” because they clearly don’t get the inside joke, but hey, I didn’t care. I think it is hilarious.

Elf // Kevin, Ry, & I went to Denver on Saturday the 27th, specifically Ikea and did some returns and purchases. We used our free meal at Tokyo Joe’s and hit up Park Meadows mall. I returned a random thing at Pottery Barn and we browsed the mall in general. I really need to get down to Denver to shop more. They have a better selection than we do in Fort Collins ;) It was a busy day for sure.

Zwolf // We had a CRAZY church day. On top of my new calling where I run around doing random things with Ryder, Kevin & I taught sharing time in Primary…and it was interesting. We taught a lesson basically about the temple and it went alright, I suppose. I’m glad that it is over haha. I am not a fan of teaching. Kevin, however, is quite talented at it. Then after church, I had a Relief Society meeting and that is basically it.

GUYS. I am almost caught up until AUGUST. This is amazing.

Alrighty, next up another lame catch up post and Ryder’s 11 month post! :D

Hope you have a great weekend!

Oh, and a side note: As I quickly re-read this post, or any of my posts, I realize I am horrible at grammar and punctuation. If you are offended by my misuse, I’m sorry, but it is not worth my time to correct everything and make complete sentences… go read someone elses’ blog, haha. Sometimes I see people tweet how they notice people using the wrong their or there or whatever, like the person is dumb and I’m like WHO CARES.. It is their blog. They can do whatever they want. So…whaetevs ;) I am not annoyed at anyone, just a random thing I’ve noticed and I know my grammar sucks, so I thought I would point it out. I did get a Bachelors degree from one of the top 5 business schools (BYU Marriott School of Management) in the nation. I can write an essay or professional document decent or anything in reality.. It is not worth my time and effort. ;) Again…

Happy weekend!

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  1. Looks like a fun week!

    I'm super behind of these posts too. This weekend, I'll finally catch up with May. Eek!