Scenes from our Week: July 15-21, 2013


July 15-21, 2013 included:

>>  Kelsi coming to workout with me at Miramont. It is always more fun to workout when you have a workout buddy!

>> My family went to BJ’s and it was their first time. It is an alright restaurant but I don’t know, I think it is overrated, those Californians sure talk it up haha.

>> Kevin went to Indianapolis from the 15-16th for business. What is in Indianapolis I don’t even know, ha.

>> Ryder & I ran errands as usual, some of which included: Super Target (picture above), Home Goods, Polo Ralph Lauren Outlet, etc.

>> We hit up our favorite brunch spot, Snooze! The photo above of Kelsi holding Ryder is right outside the restaurant. I love that restaurant. Often times my mom and I order 2 things and split them. We split a ‘Breakfast Pot Pie’ and a berry kind of pancake. You cannot go wrong with any entrée there! Anyone else been to Snooze? What is your favorite thing to eat there? Also, if you are downtown, you have to go to Clothes Pony, like I do that after I eat brunch there, every time. It is the coolest kids/baby store, I love it!

>> I tried Biscoff Spread (cookie butter) for the first time in my life and my life was forever changed. My dad introduced it to me. I first tried it on an apple and that was amazing and now I am starting to need it as a staple in my house ;) I tried it on a graham cracker and…actually that may have been it, that and an apple. What do you like cookie butter on? So GOOD! Ryder also tried eating blueberries for the first time (not pureed) and it is one of his favorite snacks these days! He pounds those berries and he also loves raspberries, blackberries, & strawberries, too! Hunter fed him them which was cute.

>> Meanwhile, we had a tile guy working on our subway tile in the house so I kind of had to kick it away from home running errands and hanging out at my parents. The tile looks amazing and overall, I’m glad we hired someone to finish it! He was fast and got the job done.

>> My mom & I ate dinner at Café Rio and Ryder showed off a fun game he likes to do which is basically bite the spoon so you can’t get it back (photo above). He also loves Café Rio tortillas, sweet pork, pinto beans, and the tomato “salsa” stuff they have. Then my mom walked over and browsed Home Goods. They are right next to each other so it is becoming a routine, heh. The cute little chair Ryder is sitting in is from there.

>> Kelsi turned 24 years old & we celebrated big time, hehe…I will blog about that next!

>> Saturday, the 20th, we went to the Auroria Center in Denver to watch Zach and Hunter compete in a yo-yo competition. It was my first time watching Hunter compete since he just started yo-yoing and entering competitions. Zach has been yo-yoing since elementary school? Anyways, I was very impressed with both of them. Zach is the US National Champion and just placed 7th in the entire WORLD so when I see him doing crazy tricks and Hunter doing some pretty cool tricks, I forget how hard they are. Hunter is picking it up quick. They both did great. Zach won the whole thing. It was a lot of fun to see them compete and hangout. Ryder was entertained by an iPad game my dad downloaded for him. Basically he colors with his fingers and he seemed to enjoy it! Then my mom, Kelsi, Ryder, & I went to Cherry Creek to eat dinner at California Pizza Kitchen and do some returns (for me). We quickly went to American Eagle, Forever 21, & I tried to return a random thing at Pottery Barn but then realized they didn’t have one there in the mall. Overall, it was a busy, long, fun, day!

>> Kevin headed off to North Carolina for a business trip later in the week too!

Next up: Kelsi’s Birthday at Casa Bonita!

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  1. I have only been to bjs twice I think and I only tried their pizookies not their pizzas. Did you get a pizookie? So good!