Ryder is 11 months!


Ryder turned 11 months old on August 4th, 2013. Basically he will turn ONE year old in a week and a half. Where has my baby gone!?!? But really. Like everyone says, they grow up too fast.


A little about our Ry-man at 11 months old:

>> He weighs 20 lbs. 14 oz. A little on the skinnier side. The last we measured his height was at his 9 month appointment, I think, and he was 29 inches. I feel like he has only gotten much taller, so actually no clue on that one! He is definitely in the convertible car seat though since he was getting too tall for his infant car seat.

>> He has 4 top teeth & 2 middle bottom. They are the cutest little teethers.

>> He loves Katinka. He loves to try & grab her toys, play tug-a-war with her & her toys, giggles when he sees her & when she runs laps around the house, etc. So far they have gotten along alright.

>> Army crawls like a champ! He is about a year now & learned to normal crawl haha. He also recently started walking with his walker & LOVES IT. Whenever he is fussy, if you let him walk, he calms down. He is getting really good at moving his feet real quick, one foot in front of the other. When we hold his hands, he moves his feet so quick! He also likes to try & climb up the stairs. Luckily he has not fallen or anything. We are still trying to find a baby gate that fits our awkward hallway/stair space correctly when it is on sale haha.

>> He loves to cruise along furniture & some favorite things includes cruising to grab any remote control (computer, cell phone, electronic), pulling down the side table on himself and crying, & pulling the wall speakers down and crying (we moved them). Basically cruising is the best.

>> When you hear him making a happy working noise, you know he is army crawling over to Katinka’s food and water dish. He gets super excited when he sees it down on the floor. He LOVES to splash his hand in her water bowl & tip it over. I have learned to keep it up unless he is in his highchair or exersaucer (which is getting a little small now). I have cleaned the floor too many times!

>> Loves to eat: blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, pickles, banana bread, sliced cheese, deli meat, avocado, beans, yes ice cream, & other finger foods. He also loves snacky foods which we only try to use like at church when he can’t make a mess or sometimes the people at the gym’s daycare give them to him.

>> He is still nursing about every 4 hours. He nurses about 4-5 times a day. I am going to start weaning him though, or sometime soon. I attempted to give him dethawed milk in a bottle & a Sippy cup this past week & he was not a fan.

>> He loves to clap his hands. If you say, “Clap your hands!” without showing him how to, he will do it (most of the time). Of course, when we really want him to do it for someone, he doesn’t. Little rebel baby.

>> He loves to point at everything & say “That?” EVERY TIME after we get him out of the crib from waking up in the morning or a nap, he points to the lanterns hanging above his bed and says “that?” He also loves to point to his book shelves on the wall as well. Sometimes we let him touch the lanterns but I don’t like to because they are hung by fishing line held up by a tack on the ceiling, so not very secure. It seems like he is starting to get upset when we don’t let him get closer to them or take him to get a book. The people at the gym’s daycare say he is really easy to understand because when he wants something he is always pointing at it.

>> He is starting to only take 1 nap a day because most of the time I am so busy during the day & if I get home an hour or so later he gets a later nap & then it throws everything off. I am trying to get him to take 2 naps again because I think he needs them (& you can tell he is tired) but it is hard when you aren’t at home for a lot of the day doing random things or whatever. He still is sleeping 7 pm to 7 am or later so at least a full 12 hours. It is great.

>> He is wearing 12-18 month clothes or 18 month…I bought a bunch of summer clothes for him thinking he would grow out of them in the summer sometime & need a bunch more but he hasn’t really grown out of any of them! I guess he really has slowed down in the growth and weight gain thing.

>> He LOVES to make baskets with a little basketball hoop & balls, Greg & Kathy gave him. He shoots baskets OVER & OVER, nonstop. He loves it.

>> He also loves to dance! If he hears music he will bend his knees & go up & down shaking his little butt. It is awesome & sometimes I join in.

>> Really he has become SO active it is insane. It is hard to keep him still at church or anything like that. He is full of energy haha.

>> He loves to clap his feet together & put his feet up on the stroller or table or anything really. He is always putting his feet in our faces, so random haha. I swear he thinks they are hands or something.

>> When he eats he does the cute baby “nom nom nom!” He just loves to eat. It makes him happy.

>> I swear in church, he tries to be the loudest kid. He will do really loud shrieks and screams, especially when he hears other quieter babies. Seriously, sometimes Kevin & I almost lose it. It is hard not to laugh. I think he is hysterical.

>> Ryder’s new thing is waving his arms up & down almost like he is conducting music lol. Our Bishop (from the stand) noticed & told us it looked like Ryder was staring & waving his hands at the holy angels hahaha.

>> Ryder also LOVES lights & loves to stare at them. Obsessed I tell you.

>> He LOVES books especially the touch & feel ones. After I read him one of those books, he tries to touch & feel every page when there is nothing to touch or feel.

>> When he sees dogs, he makes a little barking noises. LOVE IT.

>> Oh, he does say “mama” or “dada” but I am not 100% sure he knows what they mean. Sometimes I feel like he knows I am mom though.

>> When he sees balls, he freaks out. Seriously, he loves them. He always has to have them & even at the gym they said he freaks out for them. Shhh, we are getting him some for his birthday!

>> He still loves to put his hands in our mouths or play with our lips. I am not sure what babies obsessions with mouths are haha.


Well, I could go on & on, but I will leave it at this because he will be one soon & I’ve got to save something for that post :D

We love our Ryder SO much. Words cannot express the love we have for him.

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