Kelsi’s Birthday at Casa Bonita


Kelsi turned 24 years old on July 19th, 2013! Kevin was out of town on a business trip so it was Ryder & I from the Sloan household. In the morning we all ate brownie batter pancakes which were delicious. We then celebrated the big day by first, going with her to get facials done at a hair school where her friend Lovette works. The funny thing was that the hair school was above my old dance studio where I learned to clog. I learned to clog with Clog Colorado way back when, when I was in 3rd grade, about 8-9 years old. The dance studio was then also under the hair school. I remember walking in the studio for the first time and then learning how to ‘double step.’ Then after many practices I improved and moved up in dance teams. Now the hair school owns the old dance studio basement. AND…that is exactly where we got our facials. Kelsi & I were dying. They took us down to the basement into the old dance room…it looked like they hadn’t changed the floors since we were dancing in them. They were wood and all beat up from our clogging shoes. They also had the same mirrors up on the same side of the wall. It was so funny to Kelsi & I. She also learned to dance there as well. I remembered going to the bathrooms across the hallway from the dance room to try on costumes and such. So many memories. So basically, we lay down in a big room with a bunch of tables and get facials from her friend and another hair school girl. It was fun! At first though, I just laughed because I was remembering how I danced there and it was funny for some reason and also my face was ticklish when she was putting creams on it. Luckily, we calmed down and could enjoy it. Downside, I remembered I can’t really lay on my back because of my arthritis (ankylosing spondylitis- arthritis of the back)…so that hurt.

After our facials, Kelsi opened up her presents. Then we headed off to Denver to eat and enjoy an evening at Casa Bonita! Casa Bonita is a restaurant that has basically been around since at least the 1970’s. In it they have cliff divers performing and a cave you can explore. They have shops where you can buy souvenirs too and even lots more. Apparently, Casa Bonita was even featured in a South Park episode. So, I remember eating here when I was younger and honestly I was probably in elementary school or junior high. I remember putting the flag up which means “bring us more sopapias! (sp?)” and putting honey on them and basically pounding them. Well, we all remembered eating there when we were younger so Kelsi was like let’s go again! So we did. The food was definitely less than par. Haha. Ryder made a huge mess of it as you can see. Some Mexican guys came and sang to Kelsi which was funny. We watched a cliff diver and the cliffs were definitely not as high as I remembered. It looked like some kid on the high school diving team was performing, lol. Overall, it was fun but I think it would be funner with little kids (but older than Ryder). It is a fun atmosphere though. Oh, and then at the end of the night my dad said he remembered eating there when he grew up in Colorado (in Greeley). So that is pretty funny, but yeah, it was a good birthday!

Happy Birthday Kelsi!

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