Kansas City Trip: Weekend Fun + Swimming


Sunday, June 30th, we went to church. On a side note, if you noticed the horse picture above, my in-laws have horses basically in their backyard, well their neighbors do, and it is awesome. I love horses! Speaking of, we need to take Ryder on his first horse or pony ride! Sylvia popped over to say hello and see Ryder since she was passing through town, so that worked out perfectly. Later that evening, we went to another baseball game of CJ’s. They won their game which ended up being that they won the whole tournament! We celebrated by eating interesting pizza from Pizza Ranch with the Reese’s and the rest of their baseball team. I forgot to mention, I had just started Heaven is Here by Stephanie Nielsen and had been reading it in bits and pieces throughout the whole trip and read some by a fire in Greg & Kathy’s backyard. It was amazing! I love sitting out by a fire. Also, if you haven’t read, Heaven is Here, DO IT. DO IT NOW. It is amazing.

On Monday, JULY 1st…hello July, we had another fun, busy day. I’d rather my days be busy than not. Just a fun fact for you. So Kevin and I went to Target to get Ryder some food pouches and whatnot and then hit up Zona Rosa (outdoor shopping mall).  We hit up Gap anddd I got some awesome pants for $11 on sale. They are green and patterned and I am obsessed. Now, I am wishing I got them in multiple colors/patterns. Kathy met up with us and we shopped at Loft. We then ate a quick lunch at the Sloan's. If I remember right, Kevin and Kyle went and played basketball while Kathy & I got pedicures! I picked out a pretty blue color and Kathy got some festive 4th of July colors, red & blue! Then we had a yummy dinner with one of Kevin’s really good friends, Ammon Freestone and his wife Rachel. They had just gotten married really recently so that was everyone’s first time meeting her. We played games in the basement like ping pong and shuffleboard. I had an amazing move at the end…don’t remember what happened but the “puck?” was hanging off the edge and I got tons of points haha.

Tuesday, July 2nd, we started the day off right with a few hours at the pool! I bought that really great pool floaty thing for Ryder off Amazon & it truly is amazing. Your arms don’t get tired and they can float and play with toys on the little “tray.” I highly recommend one of those floatation devices if you live in a hot area and swim often! It also has shade so he doesn’t get burnt from the sun! Ryder’s favorite pool toy is still definitely a ball though! He doesn’t like if you try to take them away!

More coming soon!

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