Kansas City Trip: Ryder’s 1st KC Royals Game


As you can see, Ryder’s 1st Kansas City Royals MLB game went quite well. We went July 2nd in the evening! As soon as we got to the stadium, the guy letting us in the stadium told us we could go and get a certificate if it was Ryder’s 1st Kansas City Royals game. After we found our seats, we left to the special office and they printed off a certificate with Ryder’s name on it. How cute! Then we watched the game and ate yummy food. We had hot dogs and I had a yummy limeade I think? Or cherry lemonade? I don’t remember exactly. Some of us had funnel cakes and peanuts. It rained a little bit so we took cover in higher covered seats. Kevin’s friend, Ryan Herndon and his girlfriend were at the game so we met up with them too. That was fun. Oh, and we watched baseball as well ;) All in all, it was a fun first game for Ryder! We hope he chooses baseball when he starts playing sports. We already got the perfect coach ;)


  1. Love your hat mama! Looks like you guys had a great time :-)

  2. I think I've finally figured out my blog reading situation (r.i.p google reader)
    So fun to catch up on your blog!
    (looove the pictures of little violet of course!)