Kansas City Trip: Meeting Violet & Sporting KC Soccer Game


Kevin, Ryder, our dog Katinka, & I drove to Kansas City June 28th for a week or so trip to visit his side of the family. We stayed until July 7th, 2013. The day we left, Friday the 28th, was actually really rough because I got a first pinched nerve in my neck the night before haha. OH MY GOSH guys. Don’t get one. They are BRUTAL. And…it has been over a month and it is still not the same? I am actually wondering if I need to do something about it. Anyways, how I got the pinched nerve was putting a towel on my head after a shower. Then I stood up and BAM, I couldn’t move my head straight or to the right. It was the worst thing ever. It killed for days and I could barely move in the car ride lol. Anyways, anyone else had one before?

So, we got in late Friday night and went to our nephew CJ’s baseball game which was fun. Then after getting unpacked and settled, we hung out in the hot tub for a bit…anything to get my neck to feel any better lol.

On Saturday, June 29th, we had a crazy but really fun day. We hung out with the Painter kids at their house for a bit. Tiffany, my brother-in-laws' sister who was there is actually a massage therapist and massaged my neck for a bit. Thanks Tiffany ;) Then Greg, Kathy, Kevin, Ryder, & I went to visit Tara in the hospital since she had her little daughter, Violet, a couple days before. She was just discharging from the hospital when we got there. I can’t believe how little newborns are! Oh my gosh. Ryder has gotten too big! Anyways, Violet is such a little doll. Sweet little thing!!! I’m so glad we got to meet her when she was only a couple of days old. Really cool.

Afterwards, I think we hung out at home for a bit and then made our way to LT’s (Anna’s boyfriend) graduation party. He had it at a bowling alley and we had a lot of good food and played a game of bowling. I suck at bowling. Someday, maybe I will try harder. Now I am realizing, I didn’t get any photos of this event, oh well!

Greg, Kathy, Kevin, Ryder, & I ended the day off right by going to our first Sporting KC game. Sporting KC is their MLS team. Greg got tickets through his work and…they were FRONT ROW guys. Front row! They were the most incredible seats I think I have been in for a professional sporting event. The chairs were SO comfy. They were like movie theatre chairs. Also, it started raining a little bit, or I guess I could say drizzling, and they gave us ponchos. They passed out free ice-cream sandwiches during the game too. Oh, and before the game started they had a BIG buffet for everyone in the “nice” area…sorry, forget exactly what they call it, but a huge buffet of food. Also, you could walk in afterwards and get desserts. Basically it was amazing food, an amazing game, and great service. It was a blast. The cutest thing, you probably just saw, was Ryder basically being obsessed with my ice-cream sandwich. It got all over his lips and made a cute little mustache. He loved it.

This was definitely a great start to our Kansas City trip!

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