Kansas City Trip: 4th of July + rest of trip


This post will be wrapping up our fun trip to Kansas City specifically from, Thursday, July 4th to Sunday, July 7th, 2013.

Our 4th of July was splendid. The only person….errr dog who didn’t enjoy it was Katinka. She has major anxiety about fireworks. Yes, we have tried the Thunder Shirt; that didn’t work for her. Basically, she escaped her area at the in-laws – no clue how - and I found her shaking under our bed! She was NOT doing so hot this week, actually. There was too many changes in environment, fireworks, loud weather, etc. She was even not really eating consistently. By the way, things are better with that, so don’t worry! So, other than that, it went well! We went shot gun shooting and I actually did hit some clay pigeons. So that was good. A bunch of people went like Kevin, Anna, David, Greg, Zach, & some more people I think… If guns weighed lighter, I think I would do better hehe. Oh and Ryder hung out in the truck with me for the most of it. Afterwards, we all hit up the pool again. It was just great. The guys lit off some fireworks in the cul-de-sac which was fun. The nieces and nephews took turns catching the parachute army guys from those fun little fireworks; I forget what that kind is.  We then made our way over to catch the neighborhood’s firework show as well. Ryder slept for all of it which was good since it was past his bedtime ;)

Friday, July 5th, Kevin, Ryder, & I visited the Botteron’s and Guenther’s at Lake Quivira. We know the Guenther’s from BYU. Kevin played BYU Baseball with Wes and I met Christen that way. Kevin, Wes, and some of his & Christen’s relatives went golfing which I know Kevin LOVED. Meanwhile, Ryder & I hungout with Christen and her sister Katie, and little baby Adam (who wasn’t much older than Ryder). We had a lot of fun! We actually went to Lake Quivira and got in the lake. It felt awesome! Oh, and Ryder & Adam had the same matching swim trunks from Target (#targetdoesitagain ) ;) That was pretty cute! They shared snacks on a towel as you can see! Adam fed Ryder veggie sticks haha. It was really fun to catch up with them and hangout! After spending time with them all day, we rushed over to do some family photos at an awesome park that had replicas of “olden time houses"…like yeah, I really have no clue how to explain it! I know they do reenactments of civil war stuff there too…maybe that helps? Ha. We had a bunch of big group shots and individual family and niece/nephew shots. I will post some photos of those sometime! Oh, and the photo above of ALL of the cousins on the blanket is a photo I clearly took with my iPhone. But, I love it. They are all so cute sitting together! As you can tell Ryder LOVES to clap! We then spent the evening at the Painter’s eating yummy food, hanging out, & playing games.

Saturday, July 6th, Kevin & I woke up bright and early and attended a session at the Kansas City temple. It was our first time going there…well, I guess we went once during the open house. It was awesome! We then ate lunch at Cheddar’s, I feel like in Lenexa, Kansas. Grandma Sloan and Maxi came with! We then hung out at their place for a bit after. Kevin was super lame and fell asleep haha. Basically everyone was really tired AND in a food coma. Oh, and then after we packed up all of our stuff and got ready since we would drive home the next day.

Sunday, July 7th, we drove all the way back to Colorado. The trip was better since my pinched nerve wasn’t AS BAD. I could move my neck a bit haha. Ryder hung out with his new Kansas City pillow pet! Thanks Grammy & Papa! Then I do remember we watched some of The Bachelorette with Des. So…that was our day.

And that was our trip. It was SO MUCH fun! Can’t wait until we visit again :)

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  1. love it.

    it's like a vacation for me when you guys come, that's how much fun it is! :)

    Can't wait to see you again