Ryder is 11 months!


Ryder turned 11 months old on August 4th, 2013. Basically he will turn ONE year old in a week and a half. Where has my baby gone!?!? But really. Like everyone says, they grow up too fast.


A little about our Ry-man at 11 months old:

>> He weighs 20 lbs. 14 oz. A little on the skinnier side. The last we measured his height was at his 9 month appointment, I think, and he was 29 inches. I feel like he has only gotten much taller, so actually no clue on that one! He is definitely in the convertible car seat though since he was getting too tall for his infant car seat.

>> He has 4 top teeth & 2 middle bottom. They are the cutest little teethers.

>> He loves Katinka. He loves to try & grab her toys, play tug-a-war with her & her toys, giggles when he sees her & when she runs laps around the house, etc. So far they have gotten along alright.

>> Army crawls like a champ! He is about a year now & learned to normal crawl haha. He also recently started walking with his walker & LOVES IT. Whenever he is fussy, if you let him walk, he calms down. He is getting really good at moving his feet real quick, one foot in front of the other. When we hold his hands, he moves his feet so quick! He also likes to try & climb up the stairs. Luckily he has not fallen or anything. We are still trying to find a baby gate that fits our awkward hallway/stair space correctly when it is on sale haha.

>> He loves to cruise along furniture & some favorite things includes cruising to grab any remote control (computer, cell phone, electronic), pulling down the side table on himself and crying, & pulling the wall speakers down and crying (we moved them). Basically cruising is the best.

>> When you hear him making a happy working noise, you know he is army crawling over to Katinka’s food and water dish. He gets super excited when he sees it down on the floor. He LOVES to splash his hand in her water bowl & tip it over. I have learned to keep it up unless he is in his highchair or exersaucer (which is getting a little small now). I have cleaned the floor too many times!

>> Loves to eat: blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, pickles, banana bread, sliced cheese, deli meat, avocado, beans, yes ice cream, & other finger foods. He also loves snacky foods which we only try to use like at church when he can’t make a mess or sometimes the people at the gym’s daycare give them to him.

>> He is still nursing about every 4 hours. He nurses about 4-5 times a day. I am going to start weaning him though, or sometime soon. I attempted to give him dethawed milk in a bottle & a Sippy cup this past week & he was not a fan.

>> He loves to clap his hands. If you say, “Clap your hands!” without showing him how to, he will do it (most of the time). Of course, when we really want him to do it for someone, he doesn’t. Little rebel baby.

>> He loves to point at everything & say “That?” EVERY TIME after we get him out of the crib from waking up in the morning or a nap, he points to the lanterns hanging above his bed and says “that?” He also loves to point to his book shelves on the wall as well. Sometimes we let him touch the lanterns but I don’t like to because they are hung by fishing line held up by a tack on the ceiling, so not very secure. It seems like he is starting to get upset when we don’t let him get closer to them or take him to get a book. The people at the gym’s daycare say he is really easy to understand because when he wants something he is always pointing at it.

>> He is starting to only take 1 nap a day because most of the time I am so busy during the day & if I get home an hour or so later he gets a later nap & then it throws everything off. I am trying to get him to take 2 naps again because I think he needs them (& you can tell he is tired) but it is hard when you aren’t at home for a lot of the day doing random things or whatever. He still is sleeping 7 pm to 7 am or later so at least a full 12 hours. It is great.

>> He is wearing 12-18 month clothes or 18 month…I bought a bunch of summer clothes for him thinking he would grow out of them in the summer sometime & need a bunch more but he hasn’t really grown out of any of them! I guess he really has slowed down in the growth and weight gain thing.

>> He LOVES to make baskets with a little basketball hoop & balls, Greg & Kathy gave him. He shoots baskets OVER & OVER, nonstop. He loves it.

>> He also loves to dance! If he hears music he will bend his knees & go up & down shaking his little butt. It is awesome & sometimes I join in.

>> Really he has become SO active it is insane. It is hard to keep him still at church or anything like that. He is full of energy haha.

>> He loves to clap his feet together & put his feet up on the stroller or table or anything really. He is always putting his feet in our faces, so random haha. I swear he thinks they are hands or something.

>> When he eats he does the cute baby “nom nom nom!” He just loves to eat. It makes him happy.

>> I swear in church, he tries to be the loudest kid. He will do really loud shrieks and screams, especially when he hears other quieter babies. Seriously, sometimes Kevin & I almost lose it. It is hard not to laugh. I think he is hysterical.

>> Ryder’s new thing is waving his arms up & down almost like he is conducting music lol. Our Bishop (from the stand) noticed & told us it looked like Ryder was staring & waving his hands at the holy angels hahaha.

>> Ryder also LOVES lights & loves to stare at them. Obsessed I tell you.

>> He LOVES books especially the touch & feel ones. After I read him one of those books, he tries to touch & feel every page when there is nothing to touch or feel.

>> When he sees dogs, he makes a little barking noises. LOVE IT.

>> Oh, he does say “mama” or “dada” but I am not 100% sure he knows what they mean. Sometimes I feel like he knows I am mom though.

>> When he sees balls, he freaks out. Seriously, he loves them. He always has to have them & even at the gym they said he freaks out for them. Shhh, we are getting him some for his birthday!

>> He still loves to put his hands in our mouths or play with our lips. I am not sure what babies obsessions with mouths are haha.


Well, I could go on & on, but I will leave it at this because he will be one soon & I’ve got to save something for that post :D

We love our Ryder SO much. Words cannot express the love we have for him.


Scenes from our Week: July 22-28, 2013


Apparently, I didn’t take that many photos this week, BUT it was eventful and fun nonetheless.

What did go down July 22-28th to prove the fun week…here goes:

Eins // Kelsi used a free 5-day trial at Miramont so she was able to workout most every day this week with me, so that was fun.

Zwei // Kelsi, my mom, & I watched The Bachelorette: The Women Tell All at my house during dinner while we all ate take out Noodles. Ryder was fast asleep since he goes to bed early!

Drei // Kelsi & I attempted to sell clothes at Plato’s Closet. We brought in an insane amount of clothes. She made maybe $15-20 & I made like a few dollars. When they told me the amount I laughed. They bought one bracelet haha. The last time I went in I made over a $100. I don’t get that place, lol. Usually after I take a load of clothes to Plato’s Closet I either 1. Try to attempt to sell on eBay or my blog, 2. Give it away, or lastly 3. Goodwill it. After this big box didn’t get bought, I saved myself the time by just donating it to Goodwill. It was actually hard haha. I was thinking I could probably get some money for this!!! I was proud I just got rid of it. Sometimes I hoard stuff thinking I could sell them and then I never sell them because it takes A LOT of work to put them up, etc.

Vier // After working out one evening with Kelsi (Power flow Yoga 2), we hit up Tokyo Joes for dinner. They were taking forever to bring out our food so they gave me a free meal. Not even mad! The photo of Ryder on top of Kelsi’s shoulder is outside in their parking lot. Ryder LOVES to sit atop peoples’ shoulders. LOOK AT HIS FACE!!! Pure joy! I am obsessed.

Funf // My mom, Kelsi, Ryder, & I went to lunch with my cousin Brittany, her husband Greg, & newest little baby girl Addie at Silver Grill Café! It was good to catch up with them and meet her little lady. She is so precious! We had to get the cinnamon roll French toast. I love that place. It is crazy to see how little Ryder used to be since Addie was a newborn and now Ryder is about 1 year old!!! Where did the time go.

Sechs // I dropped Katinka off at the vet as it was time for her 1st dental cleaning & comprehensive exam (with our Petsmart plan). Basically, her teeth somehow got bad over the years and she had two…rotten…yep, I said it, rotten…teeth. Gnarly huh!!! So they pulled those along with 3 others that would get infected if we left them. So basically her bottom 5 teeth (in between to the canine looking ones) are gone. She actually did really well afterwards, as she was on painkillers and antibiotics, and is doing even better now. Prior, she gradually lost her appetite and I was wondering if she may have something going on with her teeth so now we know, it hurt her to chew! They were rotten. She is doing much better! The photo of her depressed in the kennel was right after I picked her up. She wasn’t doing so hot.

Sieben // We found out Ryder LOVES pickles when we took him to Corner Bakery Café. Now I buy them all the time and he eats them up! And he definitely smells like a pickle afterwards.

Acht // We had a crazy Friday which included a serviceman from Best Buy coming to check out our dishwasher (annoying story), visiting teaching getting done, missionaries coming over to share a message with us, bunch of stuff for my calling, and picking my mom up from the hospital. She got a test done for her stomach and was all loopy (my dad was out of town and my brother was at tutoring for the ACT) so I was the lucky one to get her. She wasn’t allowed to drive home. The good thing is she doesn’t have an ulcer but she had some polyps and inflammation and random things I have no clue what they are…so…

Neun // Speaking of my dad and Hunter being out of town, Kevin was out of town from July 21st to the 25th in North Carolina for work.

Zehn // Kevin & I took Ryder to Spring Canyon Park. I had been ranting and raving about this park (go there!!!) to Kevin so I was glad we were able to go. We brought food there…and it was Chik-fil-a. Wow, it sounds like we eat out a lot haha. We normally don’t. Anyways, Ryder loved the swings as usual and I took him around some of the playground features. I put his face through an Indian face which cracks me up. It reminds me of an elementary school play Hunter was in where he practiced and practiced over and over a song to audition for a part in the play. When it was time to audition, he realized only girls were trying out. He then realized it was a GIRL PART. HAHAHA. It was a Native American song that starts “The earth is our mother, she will protect us…” So now I always think of that song. I posted those lyrics underneath the photo on Instagram and I am pretty sure people were like “OKAYYYY” because they clearly don’t get the inside joke, but hey, I didn’t care. I think it is hilarious.

Elf // Kevin, Ry, & I went to Denver on Saturday the 27th, specifically Ikea and did some returns and purchases. We used our free meal at Tokyo Joe’s and hit up Park Meadows mall. I returned a random thing at Pottery Barn and we browsed the mall in general. I really need to get down to Denver to shop more. They have a better selection than we do in Fort Collins ;) It was a busy day for sure.

Zwolf // We had a CRAZY church day. On top of my new calling where I run around doing random things with Ryder, Kevin & I taught sharing time in Primary…and it was interesting. We taught a lesson basically about the temple and it went alright, I suppose. I’m glad that it is over haha. I am not a fan of teaching. Kevin, however, is quite talented at it. Then after church, I had a Relief Society meeting and that is basically it.

GUYS. I am almost caught up until AUGUST. This is amazing.

Alrighty, next up another lame catch up post and Ryder’s 11 month post! :D

Hope you have a great weekend!

Oh, and a side note: As I quickly re-read this post, or any of my posts, I realize I am horrible at grammar and punctuation. If you are offended by my misuse, I’m sorry, but it is not worth my time to correct everything and make complete sentences… go read someone elses’ blog, haha. Sometimes I see people tweet how they notice people using the wrong their or there or whatever, like the person is dumb and I’m like WHO CARES.. It is their blog. They can do whatever they want. So…whaetevs ;) I am not annoyed at anyone, just a random thing I’ve noticed and I know my grammar sucks, so I thought I would point it out. I did get a Bachelors degree from one of the top 5 business schools (BYU Marriott School of Management) in the nation. I can write an essay or professional document decent or anything in reality.. It is not worth my time and effort. ;) Again…

Happy weekend!

Kelsi’s Birthday at Casa Bonita


Kelsi turned 24 years old on July 19th, 2013! Kevin was out of town on a business trip so it was Ryder & I from the Sloan household. In the morning we all ate brownie batter pancakes which were delicious. We then celebrated the big day by first, going with her to get facials done at a hair school where her friend Lovette works. The funny thing was that the hair school was above my old dance studio where I learned to clog. I learned to clog with Clog Colorado way back when, when I was in 3rd grade, about 8-9 years old. The dance studio was then also under the hair school. I remember walking in the studio for the first time and then learning how to ‘double step.’ Then after many practices I improved and moved up in dance teams. Now the hair school owns the old dance studio basement. AND…that is exactly where we got our facials. Kelsi & I were dying. They took us down to the basement into the old dance room…it looked like they hadn’t changed the floors since we were dancing in them. They were wood and all beat up from our clogging shoes. They also had the same mirrors up on the same side of the wall. It was so funny to Kelsi & I. She also learned to dance there as well. I remembered going to the bathrooms across the hallway from the dance room to try on costumes and such. So many memories. So basically, we lay down in a big room with a bunch of tables and get facials from her friend and another hair school girl. It was fun! At first though, I just laughed because I was remembering how I danced there and it was funny for some reason and also my face was ticklish when she was putting creams on it. Luckily, we calmed down and could enjoy it. Downside, I remembered I can’t really lay on my back because of my arthritis (ankylosing spondylitis- arthritis of the back)…so that hurt.

After our facials, Kelsi opened up her presents. Then we headed off to Denver to eat and enjoy an evening at Casa Bonita! Casa Bonita is a restaurant that has basically been around since at least the 1970’s. In it they have cliff divers performing and a cave you can explore. They have shops where you can buy souvenirs too and even lots more. Apparently, Casa Bonita was even featured in a South Park episode. So, I remember eating here when I was younger and honestly I was probably in elementary school or junior high. I remember putting the flag up which means “bring us more sopapias! (sp?)” and putting honey on them and basically pounding them. Well, we all remembered eating there when we were younger so Kelsi was like let’s go again! So we did. The food was definitely less than par. Haha. Ryder made a huge mess of it as you can see. Some Mexican guys came and sang to Kelsi which was funny. We watched a cliff diver and the cliffs were definitely not as high as I remembered. It looked like some kid on the high school diving team was performing, lol. Overall, it was fun but I think it would be funner with little kids (but older than Ryder). It is a fun atmosphere though. Oh, and then at the end of the night my dad said he remembered eating there when he grew up in Colorado (in Greeley). So that is pretty funny, but yeah, it was a good birthday!

Happy Birthday Kelsi!


Scenes from our Week: July 15-21, 2013


July 15-21, 2013 included:

>>  Kelsi coming to workout with me at Miramont. It is always more fun to workout when you have a workout buddy!

>> My family went to BJ’s and it was their first time. It is an alright restaurant but I don’t know, I think it is overrated, those Californians sure talk it up haha.

>> Kevin went to Indianapolis from the 15-16th for business. What is in Indianapolis I don’t even know, ha.

>> Ryder & I ran errands as usual, some of which included: Super Target (picture above), Home Goods, Polo Ralph Lauren Outlet, etc.

>> We hit up our favorite brunch spot, Snooze! The photo above of Kelsi holding Ryder is right outside the restaurant. I love that restaurant. Often times my mom and I order 2 things and split them. We split a ‘Breakfast Pot Pie’ and a berry kind of pancake. You cannot go wrong with any entrée there! Anyone else been to Snooze? What is your favorite thing to eat there? Also, if you are downtown, you have to go to Clothes Pony, like I do that after I eat brunch there, every time. It is the coolest kids/baby store, I love it!

>> I tried Biscoff Spread (cookie butter) for the first time in my life and my life was forever changed. My dad introduced it to me. I first tried it on an apple and that was amazing and now I am starting to need it as a staple in my house ;) I tried it on a graham cracker and…actually that may have been it, that and an apple. What do you like cookie butter on? So GOOD! Ryder also tried eating blueberries for the first time (not pureed) and it is one of his favorite snacks these days! He pounds those berries and he also loves raspberries, blackberries, & strawberries, too! Hunter fed him them which was cute.

>> Meanwhile, we had a tile guy working on our subway tile in the house so I kind of had to kick it away from home running errands and hanging out at my parents. The tile looks amazing and overall, I’m glad we hired someone to finish it! He was fast and got the job done.

>> My mom & I ate dinner at Café Rio and Ryder showed off a fun game he likes to do which is basically bite the spoon so you can’t get it back (photo above). He also loves Café Rio tortillas, sweet pork, pinto beans, and the tomato “salsa” stuff they have. Then my mom walked over and browsed Home Goods. They are right next to each other so it is becoming a routine, heh. The cute little chair Ryder is sitting in is from there.

>> Kelsi turned 24 years old & we celebrated big time, hehe…I will blog about that next!

>> Saturday, the 20th, we went to the Auroria Center in Denver to watch Zach and Hunter compete in a yo-yo competition. It was my first time watching Hunter compete since he just started yo-yoing and entering competitions. Zach has been yo-yoing since elementary school? Anyways, I was very impressed with both of them. Zach is the US National Champion and just placed 7th in the entire WORLD so when I see him doing crazy tricks and Hunter doing some pretty cool tricks, I forget how hard they are. Hunter is picking it up quick. They both did great. Zach won the whole thing. It was a lot of fun to see them compete and hangout. Ryder was entertained by an iPad game my dad downloaded for him. Basically he colors with his fingers and he seemed to enjoy it! Then my mom, Kelsi, Ryder, & I went to Cherry Creek to eat dinner at California Pizza Kitchen and do some returns (for me). We quickly went to American Eagle, Forever 21, & I tried to return a random thing at Pottery Barn but then realized they didn’t have one there in the mall. Overall, it was a busy, long, fun, day!

>> Kevin headed off to North Carolina for a business trip later in the week too!

Next up: Kelsi’s Birthday at Casa Bonita!


Scenes from our Week: July 8-14, 2013


July 8th through the 14th, 2013 was bomb.

Explanations below:

1 // Ryder somehow ended up with the best fauxhawk after his bath (1st photo where he fell asleep on me). I am now ON THE LOOKOUT for baby hair gel…I can’t seem to find any really. I did find some random expensive kind of Amazon. Thoughts? I would like to play around with his hair :)

2 // Ryder & I hit up Water Ways park nearby and unfortunately they don’t have swings. What brand new park is being built without swings?! I hate that. Anyways, he was able to stand and hold onto random features and play with some stuff, but still. BRING BACK THE SWINGS!

3 // Kevin hung up our Valentine’s Day present to each other ;) which is a three part set of the Pottery Barn Daily System. Basically it is a whiteboard calendar and other fun things next to it where you can hang your keys, file things, etc. I am obsessed. Photo above.

4 // In case you didn’t know, I graduated from the Marriott School of Management at Brigham Young University. I majored in Marketing. So. Every so often, we get the Marriott School of Management alumni magazine. This time they got it right. On the cover was a set of 3 Matryoshka Russian nesting dolls. Nice work BYU. Love those dolls.

5 // The usual: Shopping. We hit up Babies ‘r’ Us, Super Target (weekly or more frequently occurrence), the shops at Centerra, & more. At Babies ‘r’ Us, Kevin & I picked out Ryder’s next car seat, the Chicco Nextfit convertible car seat. We LOVE it. It is so easy to install, or so Kevin says hehe, comfy, easy to snap them in and take them out, etc. We tried putting some of the Britax ones in the Jeep but didn’t love them. Also, usual TV shows > The Bachelorette with Des and Pretty Little Liars (LOVE). Also, worked out as usual with modifications because my KNEES were bad, WHICH by the way…I will explain later. Positive note…IT ISN’T ARTHRITIS!!! YES!

6 // I met with a member of the bishopric and they released me of my calling as the Ward Bulletin Specialist AND I got a new calling. I am now the Relief Society secretary. Big changes over here! So yeah. I went to my first weekly meeting and so far so good. I’ve been in it for a month or so now.

7 // Kelsi, my mom, Ryder, & I went to dinner at On the Border followed by shopping at Centerra afterwards. Kelsi bought Ryder some cute whale shoes from Gymboree. They are awesome. They have a fin that sticks out and goes up above the heel in the back ha. Hard to explain but awesome. She also did shopping for a friend’s baby shower.

8 // After about 5 years of Kevin & I being married, I had always been BEGGING like crazy to take him to the drive-in. Finally, he caved so I would stop begging him haha. I thought I had everything prepared but apparently I didn’t. ONE- I didn’t think about the fact that my Ankylosing Spondylitis disease would suck so bad at the drive-in. I suppose it would though since I haven’t slept on my back in months or over a year now? It is too painful. Well, that is how we attempted to watch the movie. TWO- I didn’t realize how LATE it was when it gets dark lol. I read on the website that the box office opens at 6:30 pm so we went then and…sat in our car for about 3 hours until the movie started which they says will start when it gets dark lol. Meanwhile, Ryder didn’t want to go to bed in the car because people were out and about making noises and cars were driving around looking for a spot to park for the movie. So he was a little whiny. And my back hurt. We did bring an insane amount of blankets and pillows but still I don’t think it was enough. Next time, I think we need to bring an air mattress or a futon to lay down in the Jeep. We stopped by Sonic on the way there and got a bunch of food. Overall, good idea. I did plan and think a lot about it but I missed some major points, lol. I ended up sitting in a camp chair which felt better on my back so yeah. The movies we saw were Grown Ups 2 (SO DUMB!) & part of the Lone Ranger. I noticed Kevin was sleeping in the car and it was like 2 am so I made him wake up and we went home. Haha. Oh well.

9 // On Saturday, we cleaned the china cabinet and dining room table and chairs for HOURS and took photos too. We had been storing it at my parent’s house for the past couple years now. We decided to sell it and less than a day of posting there were numerous interested people and someone came and saw it and claimed it! Love selling big items on Craigslist. It was actually our first big one haha.

10 // My dad, Hunter, Zach, Kevin, Ryder, & I were going to go to some stock car races but it got rained out. We were really bummed! We ended up picking up Papa Murphy’s pizza (of course dessert too) and watching Oz which was interesting. Oh, and we shot a BB gun off their deck at targets by the lake and trees. I love to shoot a lightweight gun!

11 // We met with a tile guy Kevin found off Angie’s List and decided to go for it. I will show some pictures later of the kitchen with subway tile installed. It was so worth it! Much faster and we got a killer deal thanks to Kevin and his ways of talking everyone down who is selling anything we want ;)

12 // Lastly, I will say, my first Sunday as the Relief Society Secretary was crazy since I had no clue what was going on and was trying to figure out what all I needed to do. We had another presidency meeting shortly after church ended too. Then later that day we made brownies and delivered them to our good friends, the Masters.

Looking back, it was a pretty fun, busy week! Got to love busy summer days! Just the way I like them.


Kansas City Trip: 4th of July + rest of trip


This post will be wrapping up our fun trip to Kansas City specifically from, Thursday, July 4th to Sunday, July 7th, 2013.

Our 4th of July was splendid. The only person….errr dog who didn’t enjoy it was Katinka. She has major anxiety about fireworks. Yes, we have tried the Thunder Shirt; that didn’t work for her. Basically, she escaped her area at the in-laws – no clue how - and I found her shaking under our bed! She was NOT doing so hot this week, actually. There was too many changes in environment, fireworks, loud weather, etc. She was even not really eating consistently. By the way, things are better with that, so don’t worry! So, other than that, it went well! We went shot gun shooting and I actually did hit some clay pigeons. So that was good. A bunch of people went like Kevin, Anna, David, Greg, Zach, & some more people I think… If guns weighed lighter, I think I would do better hehe. Oh and Ryder hung out in the truck with me for the most of it. Afterwards, we all hit up the pool again. It was just great. The guys lit off some fireworks in the cul-de-sac which was fun. The nieces and nephews took turns catching the parachute army guys from those fun little fireworks; I forget what that kind is.  We then made our way over to catch the neighborhood’s firework show as well. Ryder slept for all of it which was good since it was past his bedtime ;)

Friday, July 5th, Kevin, Ryder, & I visited the Botteron’s and Guenther’s at Lake Quivira. We know the Guenther’s from BYU. Kevin played BYU Baseball with Wes and I met Christen that way. Kevin, Wes, and some of his & Christen’s relatives went golfing which I know Kevin LOVED. Meanwhile, Ryder & I hungout with Christen and her sister Katie, and little baby Adam (who wasn’t much older than Ryder). We had a lot of fun! We actually went to Lake Quivira and got in the lake. It felt awesome! Oh, and Ryder & Adam had the same matching swim trunks from Target (#targetdoesitagain ) ;) That was pretty cute! They shared snacks on a towel as you can see! Adam fed Ryder veggie sticks haha. It was really fun to catch up with them and hangout! After spending time with them all day, we rushed over to do some family photos at an awesome park that had replicas of “olden time houses"…like yeah, I really have no clue how to explain it! I know they do reenactments of civil war stuff there too…maybe that helps? Ha. We had a bunch of big group shots and individual family and niece/nephew shots. I will post some photos of those sometime! Oh, and the photo above of ALL of the cousins on the blanket is a photo I clearly took with my iPhone. But, I love it. They are all so cute sitting together! As you can tell Ryder LOVES to clap! We then spent the evening at the Painter’s eating yummy food, hanging out, & playing games.

Saturday, July 6th, Kevin & I woke up bright and early and attended a session at the Kansas City temple. It was our first time going there…well, I guess we went once during the open house. It was awesome! We then ate lunch at Cheddar’s, I feel like in Lenexa, Kansas. Grandma Sloan and Maxi came with! We then hung out at their place for a bit after. Kevin was super lame and fell asleep haha. Basically everyone was really tired AND in a food coma. Oh, and then after we packed up all of our stuff and got ready since we would drive home the next day.

Sunday, July 7th, we drove all the way back to Colorado. The trip was better since my pinched nerve wasn’t AS BAD. I could move my neck a bit haha. Ryder hung out with his new Kansas City pillow pet! Thanks Grammy & Papa! Then I do remember we watched some of The Bachelorette with Des. So…that was our day.

And that was our trip. It was SO MUCH fun! Can’t wait until we visit again :)