Sloans Take Cali Part 4: A Day w/the Castleberry’s

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Now, on to our last Cali trip post!

Saturday, June 8th, 2013 was our last full day in Cali. We hung out with Ben & Amanda Castleberry, our friends from BYU, and we got to meet their little lady, Ella, who is such a doll. Did you love that run on sentence? I sometimes love to do them :)

Kevin & I met up with them at the Irvine Spectrum. The Irvine Spectrum is basically one of the coolest outdoor malls I’ve been to! First, Kevin and I browsed Nordstrom and then hit up Anthropologie. A few years ago, Kevin and I visited Ben and Amanda in Washington DC (since they were living there). We stopped at Anthropologie in Georgetown – near DC - and we got a funny photo of Kevin and Ben on the couch haha. So we were waiting for them to arrive and Kevin reenacted it and sent this picture to Ben asking where they were…you may have had to be there…


Ryder passed out shopping…do you see the lines on his face? Love this kid, SO MUCH.


Then for lunch, we ate at a yummy salad restaurant in the Irvine Spectrum. Unfortunately I don’t remember the name of it but it was delicious. Oh, and Kevin got a yummy cupcake to go along with our lunch!


Kevin, Ryder, Ben, & Ella! // They have a big carousel at the Spectrum so Amanda and I both took the kiddos on for a ride…Ryder had been on a mini one in a mall here in Greeley but not a big one so I was excited.


And this is kind of a little taste of what went down…Ryder started crying and I started laughing…it was too funny!


Afterwards…both kids HATED the carousel!!! We were shocked! It was so funny though! Basically they both were trying to claw their hands and arms onto us to get off their horses. They were going up and down and I guess they didn’t feel safe or in control or something lol. Ryder rarely cries so it was unexpected. They were also strapped in so I didn’t feel confident enough to unbuckle while we were spinning and he was going up and down to get him off and in my arms…SO FUNNY!


Then we made our way out to Balboa island to walk around the shops and get Balboa bars! I just thought this sand castle wasn’t too shabby!


I think it would be very fun to stay for a weekend on Balboa Island in one of their cute little homes! Anyone have a place we could come visit? ;) A Balboa bar is basically an ice-cream bar with whatever toppings you want all around it OR you can get a banana dipped in toppings as well. I got Oreo crumbs on my ice-cream. It was pretty tasty!

Then we took a ferry from Balboa Island to Newport Beach! We talked about what if Ryder fell overboard and wondered if his swim lessons he just finished would come in handy haha. That would have been horrible. I was holding on to him tight lol. We walked around Newport Beach and it was lovely. It was actually pretty cold though. The last few times I’ve been to California I have been shocked at the weather! I always expect it to be warm and it isn’t…okay the last time I went to San Francisco and I know it is much colder there, lol. So basically I wore this chambray button up top over all of my short-sleeve t-shirts I brought this weekend. You never expect California to be colder than Colorado but sometimes it is…


The coolest mural in Newport Beach!

Two fish in the sea!


Newport Beach!


Afterwards, we headed back to Dana Point which is where the Castleberry’s are from and ate dinner at Schwak’s. We got pulled pork sliders and they were delicious! Then we walked around Dana Point and checked out the beach.

These two would NOT stop talking about business and entrepreneurship…the WHOLE time, haha! Story of their life…but really.


Amanda & I and our littles! // The guys & little Ella.


Hanging out in Dana Point. // Then on Sunday, June 9th, we headed back to Los Angeles to fly back to Denver at like 4 in the morning...lol. Way too early…it was cheaper though…I guess it was worth it haha.


I cannot emphasize enough of how much fun it was to see old friends from BYU. It really needs to happen more! It was a wonderful weekend and Ryder and I are so lucky we got to tag along with Kevin while he was there for work.


Next Up: rest of June, Ryder turns 10 months old, Kansas City Trip, more home renovation updates, & more!

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