Single Mom’in it

This post consists of a week when Kevin AND my family was out of town and I was “Single Mom’in” it, heh. Basically, this is what went down June 12-17th, 2013.

>> My family & I celebrated Father’s Day early, for my daddy since he was going to be out of town on Father’s Day. We went to Texas Roadhouse to celebrate! I am obsessed with their rolls and ah-mazing butter. Also, that day, I got my Jeep’s trunk fixed…it stopped staying up when I opened it haha…cool story huh.


>> I came back from somewhere when Hunter was watching Ryder for a bit and I found him wearing a shirt my family got him from Cody, Wyoming that says, “Little little Indians!” Super cute.


>> I put Ryder in his first tank top ever and loved his little muscular arms hehe. Look at those biceps! The photo on the left I like to think he is thinking “What up foo.” Also, after working out that day, I couldn’t help running him by the tennis courts and a bunch of bark to attempt to take a few photos of him here.


>> Out cold and then Ryder went and got his 9 month check up here.


>> Out cold again. I love looking at him sleeping. I am a creeper.


>> My friend Bekah & her baby Carmen went swimming with us. It felt amazing. Despite Ryder’s face, he LOVES the water!


>> I took Ryder to Kohl’s because I had a $10 off a $10 purchase coupon. I always feel like that is a good deal and then I can never find anything I like. So I buy something and then return it later and use that coupon for something else and then return it…and then they don’t want you to use the “coupons” anymore so they give you a giftcard haha. Basically I made money off those coupons, unintentionally, if that made sense…so now I have a gift card to Kohl’s lol. But yeah. Ryder kept himself entertained for quite some time in the dressing room! He LOVES all the other baby Ryder’s and I just loved them too!


>> Ryder & I went to my friend Lauren’s baby shower! Can’t wait to meet her little mister. They had tasty food as well.


>> At the shower, Ryder hung out with a cute mom in my parent’s ward, Angie and her little girl, Ellie. They shared toys well ;)!


>> Then I attempted to go to the adult session of Stake Conference by myself WITH Ryder…yeah, no one else really had kids unless they were little babies. I am slowly realizing Ryder is a big baby now, turning into a toddler!!! Ryder is too active AND normally goes to bed shortly after conference had started so basically he was tired. I found a different room with conference being played in that so I let him crawl around in the room for a bit & ended up leaving a little early. OH and then my friend Amberley Meehleis came over and we watched an interesting movie, Warm Bodies…anyone seen it?!

Then the next day we went to the normal session of Stake Conference and it went much better. It was also Father’s Day and Ryder & I just lived it up all by ourselves hehe.


>> Ryder LOVED to take selfies at church and it was pretty awesome. I love his cheesy grin on the right.


>> Out Cold x3. Love a sleepy Ryder.


>> One evening we hung out in the grass and I thought he was too cute and then he broke my cheap sunglasses from Charming Charlie. I wasn’t even mad.


>> Then Ryder & I met a BUNCH of friends from church and their kiddos & babies at the coolest park/splash pad ever…Spring Canyon Park! We brought lunch and hung out and Ryder & his friend Simone swung in the swings! He also splashed around in the FREEZING cold water at the splash pad. I think it would have gone better if it was warmer outside and if the water wasn’t so cold I didn’t even want to touch it haha.

Well, that was basically what we did when I was a “single mom” but sometimes it happens so you got to just go with it. It also happens quite frequently when your husband travels for work ;)

Also, we are mid-way through June. I can catch up! Also, I’m sure everyone loves a good random post. Story of my life.

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