Ryder’s 9 Month Check-up


This cutie had a good 9 month wellness doctor’s appointment!

Weight: 19 lbs. 13 oz. (35% percentile)

Height: 29 inches tall (70% percentile)

Head Circumference: …forget but it was in the 50% percentile, heh.

So, basically, Ryder is getting tall and skinny! And since last month…he really hasn’t gain much if any!!! He only gained a few ounces. We need to get him chunkier…er just a little bigger :) He had a little cradle cap but I actually got it SO MUCH BETTER by cleaning w/dandruff shampoo they told me to haha. They also said to not worry about his ‘bald spot’ until he is 18 months because she thinks it will get a little better. I sure hope so. She said she would refer me to a dermatologist then. Apparently some kids even do Rogaine! Poor kiddos! Dang vacuum. I don’t know any other baby who had a vacuum delivery (but that didn’t work and ended up in a c-section) with a bald spot from the vacuum! Everyone’s else babies heads look great! Anyways…I just hope it gets better and fills out. His eczema seems to be getting a little better which is great. Developmentally he is doing awesome too. Overall, he is the best. He is also healthy and I am so grateful for that. I love my Ryder man! AND he looks amazing with just a diaper hehe.

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