Ryder is 10 months!


First off, this is one of the photos from our fun shoot with Tiffany from Tiffany Rebecca Photography. Seriously, we love this one and can’t wait to see the rest of the photos from that evening!

Now, for a little bit of what Ryder is like at 10 months!

{He will be 11 months old on Saturday :’( He turned 10 months old on July 3rd, 2013.}


>> He honestly has kind of been slowing down on the whole weight gain thing. I don’t even know if he was 20 lbs. here! I do know he is now barely 20 lbs.! I just looked up his percentile online & I think he may be like 15-20% ….hmmm. Every time I see a huge chunky baby, I think what the heck are you feeding the kid?!?! Haha…but really.  He is super active now crawling all over, but still.

>> He is probably 30 inches long, if not more. He was 29 inches at his 9 month appointment.

>> He has now graduated from an infant car seat (due to nearing the height maximum of 30 inches) & is in a convertible car seat! He now comfortably rides in our Jeep in the Chicco Nextfit car seat! We are fans.

>> He still sleeps like a pro & is less flexible when we skip nap times ha. He needs his sleep! He goes to bed around 6:30-7 pm and wakes up anywhere from 7-9 am. He usually takes just 2 naps and they range from 1 to 3+ hours. When he takes his long ones, like 3 hours or so, I always wonder if he is alive haha.

>> He nurses anywhere from 3-6 times a day, usually less. He eats baby food meals 2x a day with snacks throughout the day as well. Seriously, this kid loves to eat his snacks lol. He loves to even share food with Katinka haha.

>> He loves to smack his arms down on tables, chairs, anything!

>> He shakes his head no everyonce in awhile & it is just great.

>> He pulls himself up to standing and his favorite time to do that is IN THE BATHTUB! He seriously is always wanting to crawl out haha, weirdo!

>> Whenever he rubs his eyes, I know it is time for a nap!

>> The people at our gym always say he is the easiest and most chill baby! I’ve got a good one!

>> He is a very observant little guy and always watching, watching, watching!

>> I call him, “My little dude-y!” Kevin likes that.

>> He loves when you read books to him.

>> He loves when Kevin throws him up in the air!

>> Yesterday was seriously the best laugh I’ve heard him do. He laughed so intensely and deeply. It was all because there was a fly in the house and I was “shooing” it by waving my arms around. I love watching him laugh (I filmed it)!

>> A favorite game is taking blocks from the carpet in our bedroom, crawling to the bathroom, & chucking them on the hard bathroom floors…maybe he likes the sound?

>> He loves to hold blocks & bang them together.

>> When I say clap, he claps his hands! The cutest.

>> He still loves the exersaucer and is definitely outgrowing it. He is getting too tall! He still fits in the one at my parents. He jumps like crazy in theirs!

>> He also loves to wave at people!

>> He is still army crawling like a pro. He pulls with his left arm/elbow and pushes with his right foot. He is SO fast at it! I guess there is no reason to crawl normally haha. He can get around anywhere! He hasn’t started walking yet but when you hold his hands he will take steps. Oh, and no climbing up stairs, thank goodness! He is really close though. We bought some baby gates and unfortunately they don’t fit our opening so I am looking into that.

>> Every once in awhile, I see him get excited and crawl like crazy and then splash Katinka’s water bowl and spill it all over onto our hardwood floors. I now have to keep moving Katinka’s food up on the counter otherwise he will spill her water and try to eat her food (if there is any). Ahhh, any inside tips on keeping your dog food away from a baby haha?!

>> He loves to talk, babble, and make “doodley-doo” noises! It is awesome. When he hears someone yell/shriek anywhere, he will yell back. It is the best, even in church haha.

>> Whenever he goes to sleep he holds onto his stuffed animal, Billy the Goat. Love his Blabla doll.\

>> He has a little basketball hoop and will make baskets ALL DAY if you let him. It is awesome.

>> He is still in 9-12 month, 12-18 month, and 18 month clothes. All the clothes he is still wearing I bought months ago. I am surprised he hasn’t outgrown them like he used to outgrow his clothes so quickly! They seriously are probably going to last all summer! Skinny kid!

>> He loves to lift his legs up high and slam them down, over and over, especially when I am changing his diaper. Speaking of diaper changes, it is sure hard to change his now because he is always trying to roll over and crawl OFF the changing pad on our dresser haha. He is so squirmy! I am always giving him random things to play with to distract him so he doesn’t roll over and get away from me!

>> His favorite bath toys are balls!

>> He has his 2 middle bottom teeth & top 2 teeth…not the middle ones but the ones right next to it, like the “fangs” hehe. The top left middle one just came through though! Also, the top right middle one is coming soon.

>> Some of his favorite things to eat are: blueberries, turkey, ham, chicken, cheese, graham crackers, cereal, peanut butter sandwich crackers, bread, freeze-dried fruit, edamame (sp?), pinto & black beans, Café Rio tortillas, the usual puffs/yogurt melts, etc.

>> He still loves his binky. We are going to start taking it away soon, or only giving it to him on special occasions (road trips, church, bed/nap time?!)…

>> He isn’t the biggest fan of grass yet. He is always lifting his legs up when he sits in it.

Well, I could go ON and ON but I will stop here for now. We sure do love this kid. Seriously, he is the best thing that has happened to us.

We love you RY-man!

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  1. Hey! I love your pictures. He's so darn cute. I can't wait to move back. SEVEN WEEKS! AND COUNTING! Looks like a wild and fun summer for you guys! Hows the house coming along with refinishes? Isn't Ryder one soon??