Home Remodel: Granite Countertops, Domsjo Sink, Elverdam Faucet, & Samsung Appliances

Yes, our kitchen has progressed, Ryder & I have moved in, and I need to document it! :) We still have some smaller things to do but it is livable and so far, I am loving it! Again, I apologize for the bad quality photos of the kitchen but hey, I was not going to wake Ryder up from a nap at my parents to drive over to my construction zoned home to get photos at the 'perfect time'…whatever that is, lol. SO, here is a little update on our kitchen!

// Countertops: We had purchased our granite countertops through a slab yard that works with the Ikea Centennial store. We originally wanted to drive down there and pick out our slab but they told us there wasn’t much variation and graining in the slab we chose, so we let them just pick one out for us. It saved us time and honestly, I feel like the countertops look great! It wasn’t worth it for us. If your granite has a ton of graining, I would probably pick out your slab yourself. When you purchase through Ikea, it includes the installation…thank goodness! They installed the countertops and did a good job!


// Ikea Domsjo Apron Front Sink: After they finished installing the countertops, they put the Domsjo sink in…LOVE IT!!! (The Domsjo sink is from Ikea.)


It was a big day when they installed the countertops and put the sink in…FYI put a layer of clear or white silicone when installing/mounting sink!

// Ikea Elverdam Faucet: Then Kevin installed the Elverdam faucet a few days later…! Apparently it wasn’t too hard. At first when I used it, I wasn’t sure the faucet came out far enough to wash our big pots and pans (since the sink is HUGE) so Kevin and I drove to Home Depot to look at their faucets…we didn’t feel like there was another that would work better so we thought we may look around elsewhere and hit up specialty faucet stores next. We haven’t thus far and may just end up keeping it. It actually isn’t as bad as we thought…thoughts? If you have this sink, what faucet did you chose? At the bottom of the faucet head, it does pull out to spray further if that makes sense…


// Best Buy Samsung Appliances: Then Best Buy delivered our set of Samsung kitchen appliances (microwave, stove, dishwasher, & fridge.) Also, a BIG day for us. Aesthetically, it really made a difference having the appliances in! Thank goodness they installed them all…just easier on us! I’m not too scared the microwave may fall out haha ;)


Once we had the appliances, countertop, sink, and faucet in, the next step was for Ryder and I to move out of my parents house…well, then we realized we needed to do the plumbing so we could have running water! Oh, and put together the bathroom on the main level since the toilet and pedestal sink was out in the garage. Kevin hooked the bathroom up no problem and then we decided we would have a go at plumbing ourselves. We both went to Home Depot and talked with plumbing “experts” a few days in a row and it got kind of overwhelming. We bought parts and then decided that plumbing is kind of a big deal and maybe we ought to pay someone to install it correctly because you don’t want to do it yourself and then have a huge leak ruin the floor and cabinets… Kevin asked around and then got a killer deal on the plumbing parts and installation. Seriously, everything we get, we get for a killer deal haha. Kevin is the best at talking people down! Having someone install the plumbing honestly wasn’t much more expensive than just paying for the parts…basically, it was worth it for us (since Kevin had never done plumbing and of course I didn’t lol), and we feel more comfortable using our garbage disposal, dishwasher, sink, everything with water :) Oh, and we learned our garbage disposal had a crack in it so they fixed it up but eventually we may need to invest in a new one. That is definitely the last thing I like to spend money on…things that you don’t see (aren’t pretty in your home) and can cost a couple hundred dollars. Anyways, so far so good!

If you are in the process of remodeling anything in your home and need to hire people I would recommend asking around and/or signing up for Angie’s List to get detailed reviews of contractors in your area. We ended up using Angie’s List a little later on ;) It does cost a few dollars a month but better safe than sorry and you can discontinue your service shortly after. Alright, Angie’s List now needs to reimburse me for putting that in there, haha. But really, it is a decent site.

Anyways, next up for the home remodel posts will include SUBWAY TILE backsplash!


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