A Very Embarrassing Photo + FHE at Ridge View Park

This is a little catch up post from before our California trip (last post here) & after it.

Before heading off to California, some highlights from June were:

+ Kevin & our friend Jared Croft worked on getting a good majority of the baseboards in. We actually still have to find matching baseboard pieces to finish putting them all in and then Kevin will touch them up with paint and whatnot. We also have to find pieces that you put underneath the first stair that goes from wood floor to carpet…and a piece that blends into the fireplace…as well as door to garage. If you followed that, props to you.

+ Our friends Jonny & Stephanie Neeley came in town. More on that here.

+ Our friends Michael & Bekah Wilkey (& baby Carmen!) came over and we watched The Avengers while eating Pretzel chips and hummus.

+ Our countertops got installed and countertops put in! Oh and appliances too. More on that here.

…Now for the embarrassing photo!

>> I was getting ready to go to the gym when I went to grab a sports bra…well, apparently it ended up on the floor and then Ryder put his arm through it…I about died! Kevin REALLY wanted to put this on Instagram but I was like “NO!” Haha. Too embarrassing, but here I am blogging about it. By the way, I love these bras…Handful is the brand! Poor kid has no clue what he is playing with!


>> After getting back from California we hung out at my parents house and chilled on their dock. It is always so relaxing to hang out on that dock of theirs!


>> Then for FHE, Kevin and I took advantage of a killer deal at Pizza Hut and picked up a pepperoni pizza and brought it to Ridge View Park that was nearby. I also brought bing cherries to make dinner a little bit healthier :) I am not a big pizza person but it was a good deal so I went with it. Then we hung out at the park and Ryder enjoyed the swings. I LOVE taking him to the park.


That’s it for now! Next posts include: Ryder at 10 months old, Father’s Day, Kansas City Trip, 4th of July, & more!

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