Ryder is 10 months!


First off, this is one of the photos from our fun shoot with Tiffany from Tiffany Rebecca Photography. Seriously, we love this one and can’t wait to see the rest of the photos from that evening!

Now, for a little bit of what Ryder is like at 10 months!

{He will be 11 months old on Saturday :’( He turned 10 months old on July 3rd, 2013.}


>> He honestly has kind of been slowing down on the whole weight gain thing. I don’t even know if he was 20 lbs. here! I do know he is now barely 20 lbs.! I just looked up his percentile online & I think he may be like 15-20% ….hmmm. Every time I see a huge chunky baby, I think what the heck are you feeding the kid?!?! Haha…but really.  He is super active now crawling all over, but still.

>> He is probably 30 inches long, if not more. He was 29 inches at his 9 month appointment.

>> He has now graduated from an infant car seat (due to nearing the height maximum of 30 inches) & is in a convertible car seat! He now comfortably rides in our Jeep in the Chicco Nextfit car seat! We are fans.

>> He still sleeps like a pro & is less flexible when we skip nap times ha. He needs his sleep! He goes to bed around 6:30-7 pm and wakes up anywhere from 7-9 am. He usually takes just 2 naps and they range from 1 to 3+ hours. When he takes his long ones, like 3 hours or so, I always wonder if he is alive haha.

>> He nurses anywhere from 3-6 times a day, usually less. He eats baby food meals 2x a day with snacks throughout the day as well. Seriously, this kid loves to eat his snacks lol. He loves to even share food with Katinka haha.

>> He loves to smack his arms down on tables, chairs, anything!

>> He shakes his head no everyonce in awhile & it is just great.

>> He pulls himself up to standing and his favorite time to do that is IN THE BATHTUB! He seriously is always wanting to crawl out haha, weirdo!

>> Whenever he rubs his eyes, I know it is time for a nap!

>> The people at our gym always say he is the easiest and most chill baby! I’ve got a good one!

>> He is a very observant little guy and always watching, watching, watching!

>> I call him, “My little dude-y!” Kevin likes that.

>> He loves when you read books to him.

>> He loves when Kevin throws him up in the air!

>> Yesterday was seriously the best laugh I’ve heard him do. He laughed so intensely and deeply. It was all because there was a fly in the house and I was “shooing” it by waving my arms around. I love watching him laugh (I filmed it)!

>> A favorite game is taking blocks from the carpet in our bedroom, crawling to the bathroom, & chucking them on the hard bathroom floors…maybe he likes the sound?

>> He loves to hold blocks & bang them together.

>> When I say clap, he claps his hands! The cutest.

>> He still loves the exersaucer and is definitely outgrowing it. He is getting too tall! He still fits in the one at my parents. He jumps like crazy in theirs!

>> He also loves to wave at people!

>> He is still army crawling like a pro. He pulls with his left arm/elbow and pushes with his right foot. He is SO fast at it! I guess there is no reason to crawl normally haha. He can get around anywhere! He hasn’t started walking yet but when you hold his hands he will take steps. Oh, and no climbing up stairs, thank goodness! He is really close though. We bought some baby gates and unfortunately they don’t fit our opening so I am looking into that.

>> Every once in awhile, I see him get excited and crawl like crazy and then splash Katinka’s water bowl and spill it all over onto our hardwood floors. I now have to keep moving Katinka’s food up on the counter otherwise he will spill her water and try to eat her food (if there is any). Ahhh, any inside tips on keeping your dog food away from a baby haha?!

>> He loves to talk, babble, and make “doodley-doo” noises! It is awesome. When he hears someone yell/shriek anywhere, he will yell back. It is the best, even in church haha.

>> Whenever he goes to sleep he holds onto his stuffed animal, Billy the Goat. Love his Blabla doll.\

>> He has a little basketball hoop and will make baskets ALL DAY if you let him. It is awesome.

>> He is still in 9-12 month, 12-18 month, and 18 month clothes. All the clothes he is still wearing I bought months ago. I am surprised he hasn’t outgrown them like he used to outgrow his clothes so quickly! They seriously are probably going to last all summer! Skinny kid!

>> He loves to lift his legs up high and slam them down, over and over, especially when I am changing his diaper. Speaking of diaper changes, it is sure hard to change his now because he is always trying to roll over and crawl OFF the changing pad on our dresser haha. He is so squirmy! I am always giving him random things to play with to distract him so he doesn’t roll over and get away from me!

>> His favorite bath toys are balls!

>> He has his 2 middle bottom teeth & top 2 teeth…not the middle ones but the ones right next to it, like the “fangs” hehe. The top left middle one just came through though! Also, the top right middle one is coming soon.

>> Some of his favorite things to eat are: blueberries, turkey, ham, chicken, cheese, graham crackers, cereal, peanut butter sandwich crackers, bread, freeze-dried fruit, edamame (sp?), pinto & black beans, Café Rio tortillas, the usual puffs/yogurt melts, etc.

>> He still loves his binky. We are going to start taking it away soon, or only giving it to him on special occasions (road trips, church, bed/nap time?!)…

>> He isn’t the biggest fan of grass yet. He is always lifting his legs up when he sits in it.

Well, I could go ON and ON but I will stop here for now. We sure do love this kid. Seriously, he is the best thing that has happened to us.

We love you RY-man!


Pre-KC June Round Up

This post includes: June 18th-27th, 2013…basically, the end of June before we went on a fun family vacation to Kansas City, Missouri! Warning: Picture overload…Also, this post is very random & is my attempt to finish out this month. So you get what you get! It is not my ideal way of documenting our little life snippets but…it happens and it works. Sometimes you do what you got to do.


^^ Ryder inspecting Hunter’s Panda. He is a fan of his eyeballs.


^^ Ryder & Jackson had to hit up the pool when Lesley Thalman came into town! Too bad these two cuties can’t live closer so they could hang out more often! Also- note to all irresponsible adults, please be responsible & if your KID poops in the kiddie pool, tell someone, & get it figured out! Oh, AND if your kids are splashing adults holding babies in a baby pool, and when the adults ask them kindly to stop, and they don’t stop, please tell your kids to stop! BASICALLY, we got splashed on & the babies didn’t like it AND… a different kid pooped in the kiddie pool & the mom & kid ditched SO FAST & left the poop to float around (or sink?…not really sure here haha). Disgusting right?! I am sure Lesley & all moms would agree. Rant over. Oh and PS. We did have fun though :)


^^ While I was still living at my parents, Hunter & I would take Ryder on walks around their neighborhood! Good times :) One of Ryder’s favorite things to do is throw balls while in the stroller so we all get to fetch them. He has us trained well haha.


^^ One fine morning, Zach, my mom, Hunter, & Ryder & I went to Silver Grill Café in downtown Fort Collins. They have the BEST cinnamon roll french toast (pictured above). Ryder was being a ham!


^^ We let him slobber/suck on this bacon and he definitely would call home about it.


^^ I die looking at the face of Ryder while Kevin is reading him a book about baby black bears haha.


^^ Then I MOVED IN! It all was dependent on getting the plumbing done for underneath the sink (garbage disposal, hooking it up to the dishwasher, & getting correct size tubes, etc.) & a livable main level bathroom! Then once Ryder & I moved back in, we took everything kitchen related up from the basement & put it through the dishwasher & then to organize & put away. Oh I am not a fan of unpacking, even when you get to organize it in a new kitchen. Unpacking is never fun for me ha. I feel like I am a hoarder when I have STUFF everywhere!!!


^^ Kevin caught this cute face of Ryder while feeding him baby food.


^^ Another cute food photo…at the parents. I feel like I was feeding him spinach, ham, butternut squash, & some other things…he clearly was loving it!


^^ I am majorly obsessed with our new highchair. It only took me months to decide on the one & find it for the best price! Seriously, I read numerous, okay maybe more, reviews on high chairs, narrowed down the choices, & decided on the Boon Flair! It is the best. // I also scored the lanterns hanging from the ceiling in Ryder’s room at World Market…probably total of $7 or less for all of them. We hung them up with fishing wire & thumb tacks we already had. He loves them!


^^ Ryder used to be super good at giving kisses & I always try. Lately, he is getting too distracted to want to! Sad!!! // Kevin & Ryder hanging out on the dock. Seriously, the best thing ever.


^^ So church. Ask any parent of a little child about if their church is at the ideal time for the kid’s nap schedule & they will say no & blab on and on. Well, of course, church is during Ryder’s nap time so that is all I will say but every once in awhile he will fall asleep during the 3rd hour. Our church is at 8 am by the way…but not for much longer! It changes to 11 am soon :) Anyways, my dad took Ryder during their sacrament (their ward overlaps with mine) & he passed out. Naturally, my dad started taking photos haha.


^^ This happened. I found Ryder awake from a nap sitting UP. Yep, usually he would be on his back, stomach, or side, but now he is getting up to sitting! (Caught him standing the other day ;))


^^ Highchair fan or okay I am, a lot. I also love his crossed legs.


^^ I went in for my THIRD Remicade infusion!!! It went well & I have noticed improvement. My back hasn’t woken me up in the middle of the night since starting Remicade so that is good. I haven’t had to limp around because it had to hurt to walk. A lot has improved and I am still hoping for more improvement, specifically my knees & hips. I am actually going to a knee orthopedic surgeon tomorrow to see if something mechanical is wrong with my knees! I kind of think it is arthritis, as it is both knees that started at the same time, but we will see. I have NO CLUE what they will say. My rheumatologist thinks it may be mechanical because being on Remicade and my anti-inflammatory Oxaprozin, they should have helped my knees as well.  But yeah, after this infusion I actually went straight to the X-Ray lab & got X-Rays taken of my knees which looked great, so, that is good. // Meanwhile, Kevin was hanging out with Ryder for hours and hours while I was at the doctors forever!




^^ Ryder seriously is obsessed with this sports toy that my in-laws gave him when I was pregnant. It is awesome. Thanks Greg & Kathy! He will dunk the ball OVER and OVER. It is awesome. Maybe future bball player?! // Ryder is also obsessed with Kevin’s hats. Kevin always knows when Ryder has gotten into them because they are all over and sometimes I forget haha.

>> Other notable things that happened:

1. I finished catching up on Pretty Little Liars Season 3 which had become a weekend addiction. I love that show. Also, I really NEED Spencer’s wardrobe. If you are not watching it, START! Hit up Netflix.

2. I had lunch at Mad Greens with the lovely Tiffany from Tiffany Rebecca Photography (here). The following week she took a few fun photos of Kevin, Ryder, & I. I will use the sneak peek in Ryder’s 10 month post. I can’t wait to see the rest. I have a good feeling about them, haha.

3. We had work done on the Jeep. I hate car problems. Bye random amount of money from savings.

4. I got my haircut (nothing crazy) & shortly after went to hangout with some new friends I met at the gym, Gabby & her husband Steve (& two boys). We BBQ’d, ate yummy Italian cheeses, and hung out at their place. Then we rushed over to an open house for a returned missionary in my ward, Natalie Newton.

5. Kevin & I moved Ryder & I in our home. We cleaned like crazy, Kevin put together the main level bathroom, we looked into doing plumbing ourselves & ended up hiring a guy, & FINALLY put together our Valentine’s Day present to each other, our Pottery Barn Daily System – Calendar, Letter Bin, & Organizer that hang on the wall. I should have a photo of this somewhere. Basically it is awesome.

6. Lastly, Kevin got me a gift certificate to a nail salon & I got a manicure. it is always nice to go relax and have some time to yourself.

That should be it!

Next up: Ryder at 10 months (he is almost ELEVEN months folks!), Home Remodel: Subway Tile Backsplash, Kansas City 4th of July Trip, & more!


Single Mom’in it

This post consists of a week when Kevin AND my family was out of town and I was “Single Mom’in” it, heh. Basically, this is what went down June 12-17th, 2013.

>> My family & I celebrated Father’s Day early, for my daddy since he was going to be out of town on Father’s Day. We went to Texas Roadhouse to celebrate! I am obsessed with their rolls and ah-mazing butter. Also, that day, I got my Jeep’s trunk fixed…it stopped staying up when I opened it haha…cool story huh.


>> I came back from somewhere when Hunter was watching Ryder for a bit and I found him wearing a shirt my family got him from Cody, Wyoming that says, “Little little Indians!” Super cute.


>> I put Ryder in his first tank top ever and loved his little muscular arms hehe. Look at those biceps! The photo on the left I like to think he is thinking “What up foo.” Also, after working out that day, I couldn’t help running him by the tennis courts and a bunch of bark to attempt to take a few photos of him here.


>> Out cold and then Ryder went and got his 9 month check up here.


>> Out cold again. I love looking at him sleeping. I am a creeper.


>> My friend Bekah & her baby Carmen went swimming with us. It felt amazing. Despite Ryder’s face, he LOVES the water!


>> I took Ryder to Kohl’s because I had a $10 off a $10 purchase coupon. I always feel like that is a good deal and then I can never find anything I like. So I buy something and then return it later and use that coupon for something else and then return it…and then they don’t want you to use the “coupons” anymore so they give you a giftcard haha. Basically I made money off those coupons, unintentionally, if that made sense…so now I have a gift card to Kohl’s lol. But yeah. Ryder kept himself entertained for quite some time in the dressing room! He LOVES all the other baby Ryder’s and I just loved them too!


>> Ryder & I went to my friend Lauren’s baby shower! Can’t wait to meet her little mister. They had tasty food as well.


>> At the shower, Ryder hung out with a cute mom in my parent’s ward, Angie and her little girl, Ellie. They shared toys well ;)!


>> Then I attempted to go to the adult session of Stake Conference by myself WITH Ryder…yeah, no one else really had kids unless they were little babies. I am slowly realizing Ryder is a big baby now, turning into a toddler!!! Ryder is too active AND normally goes to bed shortly after conference had started so basically he was tired. I found a different room with conference being played in that so I let him crawl around in the room for a bit & ended up leaving a little early. OH and then my friend Amberley Meehleis came over and we watched an interesting movie, Warm Bodies…anyone seen it?!

Then the next day we went to the normal session of Stake Conference and it went much better. It was also Father’s Day and Ryder & I just lived it up all by ourselves hehe.


>> Ryder LOVED to take selfies at church and it was pretty awesome. I love his cheesy grin on the right.


>> Out Cold x3. Love a sleepy Ryder.


>> One evening we hung out in the grass and I thought he was too cute and then he broke my cheap sunglasses from Charming Charlie. I wasn’t even mad.


>> Then Ryder & I met a BUNCH of friends from church and their kiddos & babies at the coolest park/splash pad ever…Spring Canyon Park! We brought lunch and hung out and Ryder & his friend Simone swung in the swings! He also splashed around in the FREEZING cold water at the splash pad. I think it would have gone better if it was warmer outside and if the water wasn’t so cold I didn’t even want to touch it haha.

Well, that was basically what we did when I was a “single mom” but sometimes it happens so you got to just go with it. It also happens quite frequently when your husband travels for work ;)

Also, we are mid-way through June. I can catch up! Also, I’m sure everyone loves a good random post. Story of my life.


Ryder’s 9 Month Check-up


This cutie had a good 9 month wellness doctor’s appointment!

Weight: 19 lbs. 13 oz. (35% percentile)

Height: 29 inches tall (70% percentile)

Head Circumference: …forget but it was in the 50% percentile, heh.

So, basically, Ryder is getting tall and skinny! And since last month…he really hasn’t gain much if any!!! He only gained a few ounces. We need to get him chunkier…er just a little bigger :) He had a little cradle cap but I actually got it SO MUCH BETTER by cleaning w/dandruff shampoo they told me to haha. They also said to not worry about his ‘bald spot’ until he is 18 months because she thinks it will get a little better. I sure hope so. She said she would refer me to a dermatologist then. Apparently some kids even do Rogaine! Poor kiddos! Dang vacuum. I don’t know any other baby who had a vacuum delivery (but that didn’t work and ended up in a c-section) with a bald spot from the vacuum! Everyone’s else babies heads look great! Anyways…I just hope it gets better and fills out. His eczema seems to be getting a little better which is great. Developmentally he is doing awesome too. Overall, he is the best. He is also healthy and I am so grateful for that. I love my Ryder man! AND he looks amazing with just a diaper hehe.