Sloans Take Cali Part 3: Huntington Beach with BYU Baseball friends

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Friday, June 7th, Kevin went off to some business meetings and Ryder and I got ready and hung out. We were going to hang out with my friend Amanda Castleberry and her baby girl, Ella, in Newport Beach, but Ella was getting over being sick, so unfortunately it didn’t work out.

After Kevin came back from some meeting, we met up with one of his former BYU Baseball pitching coaches, Coach Applegate. We met him at JT Schmidt’s which I think was actually in Anaheim. It was a pretty good restaurant! Kevin, of course, had a great time talking baseball with him and catching up. It was his first time meeting Ryder too!


^^ My meal: a chicken sandwich and really yummy sweet potato fries!


^^ Family photo!


^^ Coach Applegate, Kevin, & Ryder

^^ Ryder in Huntington Beach

After we had lunch at JT Schmidt’s, we went to hang out at the shops at Huntington Beach for a bit. We were going to meet up with our friends, Blake, Whitney, & baby Tyler Torgerson around there later that evening. Kevin played baseball with Blake at BYU and they were both pitchers, so that is how we know them! We were killing some time so we shopped at Forever 21 and American Apparel. That was definitely ok with me :) We also browsed some super cute swim stores with vintage suits that I reallly wanted! I do think it is time for a new swimming suit though… We actually ended up meeting the Torgerson’s at Slater’s 50/50 which is a pretty popular new restaurant in Huntington Beach.


^^ Slater’s 50/50 is known for their burgers. Their burgers are made of 50% beef and 50% bacon! They are delicious! The burgers are huge so just a heads up in case you go there. You can probably split it with someone and be full (with a small order of fries ;)). Kevin and I split the burger above. It is their most popular one…and I forget what it is called. They also have awesome sweet potato fries as well.


^^ Blake, Tyler, Kevin, & Ryder

^^ Blake, Whitney, Tyler, Ashley, Ryder, & Kevin :D

It was a lot of fun to catch up with them! I wish that all of our good BYU friends could all live in one place. That would be a lot of fun. Too bad Tyler and Ryder can’t grow up being buds! I bet they both would have fun playing sports, maybe even baseball, together :) Sadly, Tyler was sick so they had to leave early from dinner but we are just glad we could hang out and see them for a little bit. I can’t wait for the next time when we can come to California…no clue when that will be, haha.

Next post will be the last post on our California trip!


  1. 50% beef and 50% bacon???????!!!!!!!!!!!
    Burger from heaven!
    I will go here one day!
    Victoria from

  2. How funny! I'm from HB and live in Newport now. Glad you guys had a good time!

    Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

  3. All that food looks so yummy.