Sloans Take Cali Part 2: Huntington Beach with Al

See the beginnings of our California trip here.

After Ryder and I swam for a couple of hours on Thursday, June 6th, we got ready to hang out with one of my best friends from BYU…Alexandra Sullivan! I have so many good memories of hanging out with her back in the good ol’ days and was so excited to see her again and for her to meet Ryder. The last time I saw her was T H R E E years ago. Guys. Three years! Within that 3 years, we both graduated from BYU, she did the Teach for America program in Louisiana, she became a teacher in Huntington Beach, California, I moved to Colorado, bought a house, worked for a year, and became pregnant and had Ryder! So much has happened and it was so good to see her. The hotel that Kevin and I stayed at was in Garden Grove. Kevin was in LA meeting with some fashion guy and checking out stores in Hollywood so I didn’t have a car. I mean, I came along with him on this business trip because the tickets to Cali were cheap, so I hung around and saw friends there while he worked :) After Alexandra got off school, she came and picked Ryder and I up at our hotel, the Holiday Inn Express.


^^ Our hotel


^^ Alexandra drove me by the area where her apartment was and then took me down to a cute little area in Huntington Beach that she rides her bike/walks to and hangs out around.


^^ We ate at Bruxie which is a gourmet waffle restaurant. A lot of people are into the chicken and waffle thing and…I guess I’ve never tried that, but I wasn’t feeling that combination, so I got one with eggs, bacon, and cheese. I love breakfast food so I figured this was a safe option. It was pretty good! Alexandra got one that had hamburger meat in it.


^^ Ryder enjoyed watching a dog someone walked into the restaurant. He was freaking out. He loves dogs!

^^ Afterwards we took a few photos.


^^ I LOVE these photos! Alexandra and Ryder!


^^ Gorgeous Huntington Beach


^^ Afterwards, she took us back to the hotel because she had to cook a big meal for her school class for the following day. She promised she would cook them a southern cooked meal for an end of the year celebration. I am assuming she learned her cooking ways from doing Teach for America in Louisiana! Above Ryder and I are hanging out waiting for Kevin to come back from LA!

>> It was SO fun to see Alexandra. I met her freshman year in Helaman Halls David John dorms. We were on the same floor but she was down the other hall. She was in my ward. We became friends instantly and bonded over excessive shopping, haha, but really…like we went through a phase when after we both got done with our classes, we would drive to University Mall and go shopping…EVERY DAY. Guys, we were SO bad. Seriously. It cracks us up. I remember her telling me about California style (belts under the bosom haha) and me having an insane amount of Abercrombie & Fitch attire. Like that was all I wore before I came to BYU and was exposed to better fashion lol. Some inside jokes: “It’s all about tonight!” & “Alexandra Sssss.” Got to love inside jokes. We also went to a pretty rad Hellogoodbye concert in Salt Lake City. Anyways, I could go on and on, but it was such a fun night. It felt good to hangout with her since it had been so long. Come visit me ALEXANDRA!

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  1. What? You were in Garden Grove???! I grew up in GG! I know exactly where that hotel is.. Funny stuff! I'm glad you enjoyed it!



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