Sloans Take Cali Part 1

We flew out to Los Angeles, California on Wednesday evening (June 5th) and stayed until Sunday (June 9th). By the way, I got the name for this series of posts from the Kardashian show, Kourtney & Kim Take Miami or whatever…haha. We were kind of close to Calabasas (the city where they are from) so en route, they were on my mind as well as The OC soundtrack “California, here we come!!!” Gosh, I loved that TV show. ANYWAYS.


^^ Ryder & I on the shuttle ride from where we parked our car to the Denver airport. Unfortunately my back was killing wearing him in this (arthritis problems) so it didn’t last long.

^^ Ryder looking out the window waiting for the plane to take off.


^^ Kevin got upgraded to First Class so we tried to see if I could get upgraded too, because he has status from flying frequently. Unfortunately, they couldn’t upgrade me, so we both ended up with extended row seating and an empty seat by us :D Guys, always try to get an empty seat so your baby can chill next to you. It is AWESOME. Anyways, we had Ryder buckled in it for some of the flight and he played with toys and ate snacks. It was great! He is getting to be a VERY ACTIVE baby so it was a nice break for our arms.


^^ Ryder is obsessed with hats! He always love to play with my dads or Kevin's.


^^ Chilling in the  stroller.

^^ When we arrived, we had plans to meet up with my friend Taylor Gamble for dinner. She was one of my high school friends and is currently working in LA (saw her recently here). Unfortunately she had an event that night she had to work and by the time we got our luggage, took a shuttle, got a rental car, and with LA traffic, it wouldn’t have been possible to meet up with her. By the time we met up, she would have to leave right away. So sad! We also tried to see my friend Camille Gardner, friend from BYU, but with traffic it wouldn’t be possible. Why is California traffic so bad? Well, because everyone and their dog lives there, I guess. I don’t think I could handle living there unless it was in a smaller area or someplace with less traffic…anyways.

Anyways, so because I couldn’t see my 2 friends from LA we made our way into Hollywood to check out the area and see what stores were around that Kevin would check out the following day. All of a sudden, I saw DASH, the Kardashian’s store! I freaked out, told Kevin, and he flipped a U-ie and was going to take a photo of me in front of it (super embarrassing) but there was no where to park so I just took a photo as we drove by. So hilarious. I was joking with him that we needed to check out their store in Calabasas and didn’t even realize we would drive by one in Hollywood.


^^ Ryder is a champ at sleeping. He sleeps 12 hours every night BUT this was the first night in a crib with slats like this…so he kept getting stuck haha. Also, he isn’t used to sleeping with us in his room so it is harder for him to go to sleep when the lights are on and he can see us unpacking and whatnot. After he finally fell asleep, he was fine, but it took a little bit more work to get him to go to sleep hehe. I guess I may need to bring a breathable bumper or something next time so he doesn’t keep getting his limbs stuck!


^^ Thursday, June 6th, bright and early, we headed down for a free breakfast…with Ryder in the stroller. I kind of love eating breakfasts in hotels. It is fun and the whole exciting day is before you. Breakfast is seriously some of my favorite food. On a sidenote, I hate to be on trips and sleep in too much. It feels like you are wasting the day. Like once you are awake, get out and do something! Anyways, I just LOVE Ryder’s faces in the above photos. The left because he is trying to lean forward in his stroller and his face is HILAR. Also, the second because he is waving and I just love when he waves.


^^ Ryder and I then hit up the hotel pool while Kevin made a conference call and met up with some accounts (PacSun and others) in Anaheim. Because he had the rental car, we kicked it at the hotel for the day. One thing I was not expecting was the weather. I always feel like California should be hot and the last 2 times I went, it wasn’t really at all! The last time was in San Francisco but now I know San Fran is cold a lot. It would have been nice to have a heads up lol. So disappointing. Luckily the pool was heated so that was nice but the weather could have been hotter for sure. Ryder and I had the whole pool to ourselves and it was a fun little mommy-son date. Then he fell asleep in the stroller so I decided to figure out some restaurant that would deliver food to our hotel when Kevin called and said he could bring me some Mexican food. He brought something that was like a “Crunch Wrap Supreme” from Taco Bell. Actually the restaurant was called Pollo Loco, I think? Lol. But it was really good. All of the ingredients were fresh and very delicious. My favorite part of it were the big avocado chunks in it! It was definitely a high end up Taco Bell ;) Then after I got ready and hung out with Ryder until the evening when my friend Alexandra Sullivan (friend from BYU) would pick me up to hang out. :)

More on Cali later!


  1. So fun! I love the show the OC too! a favorite :)

  2. You went to Dash?! I live in California and I never went there. I've always wanted to. I secretly hope to see the Kardashians if I ever go.