Wrapping up May: 2nd Infusion, Hunter’s Graduation, & BJ’s


This post wraps up May and encompasses May 28-31, 2013.


^^ I went in for my second Remicade infusion. It went much better than the first since I wasn’t as nervous haha. I was SO nervous for my first! The downside was that I didn’t have anything SUPER interesting to watch on Netflix. I sat there asking the nurse, Cyndi, questions and playing on my phone. It’ll be better when I can relax the whole time. My mom watched Ryder for me since Kevin was out of town for work on a one-day trip to Minnesota. Still waiting to feel more relief! Hope Remicade is my miracle drug.


^^ Ryder in the bath. He LOVES his bath time.


^^ One thing that Ryder started doing was biting the spoon. I would give him a bite of baby food, he would bite the spoon, I would let go, and he would leave it in his mouth. Too cute if you ask me! He had just gotten his first tooth so this probably felt good! // Also, our friends, Danny, Gwen, & Valencia Valles invited us to go to the Pre-Grand Opening of BJ’s! Danny and Gwen met each other attending school in Cali and loved eating at BJ’s (BJ’s started in CA and is super popular there). Ever since we heard they were getting one in Fort Collins, we all wanted to eat there together. Gwen worked her magic and got us a reservation for the pre-grand opening. What that means is, you get to eat there for free, with a set menu, so the cooks can practice making every entrée and the servers could practice on us. There were 4 entrees we could chose from so each of us had to pick one of them. We then got a berry crumble type of dessert. The meal was free and we just left a tip. It was fun and they had great food! We were glad they hooked us up! Oh, and next time we are definitely getting a pizookie!


^^ Hunter’s 5th grade class walked to Miramont Park to end the year off right. A lot of family members go to the park and meet the kids there and hangout. My parents, Zach, and Ryder, and I went to hangout for a bit. Hunter had fun pushing Ryder in the swings. Zach did too, but he pushed him a little too high and Ryder started losing control of his head, so I made him stop real quick haha. We also ate a lot of grapes I just remembered, ha.IMG_2149IMG_2150

^^ The following day, Hunter graduated from 5th grade which is the last grade at Werner Elementary School. What’s cool is that, that is the elementary school all of my siblings attended, including me! When I attended Werner, 6th grade was the last grade. Anyways, we went to his graduation which was fun. During the event, Ryder ate lots of snacks and made a friend. If you see in the photo above, Ryder is holding a boy, Ayden’s, hand haha! What is funny is that Ayden is Hunter’s friend. Anyways, they liked each other and it was cute! Oh, and my dad let Ryder try a brownie for the first time. He was definitely a fan!

Also: I got Ryder some new clothes at Crazy 8, The Children’s Place, and Super Target. We had a yummy dinner at Café Rio. I also went shopping at Walmart, Old Navy, and Bed, Bath, & Beyond. We finally got some new towels for our second bathroom (the guest one) since our friends Jonny & Stephanie Neeley were staying with us the following day. Kevin made a bomb Italian meal for my family on Friday. It was legit as usual.

That is about it for May!

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