Ryder’s 1st tooth, getting mobile, + Emily’s Birthday

This post consists of May 20-25, 2013, basically right before Memorial Day weekend! It was a blast. Basically, life is good, guys.


^^ I’m still doing great with getting to the gym 5-6x a week. Downside, I am still not 100%, arthritis-wise. Unfortunately, I have to modify movement so I don’t aggravate the inflammation in my knees/back but at least I am out there and moving. Hopefully, I will see more results sooner than later. I may have to wait another 3 weeks to feel the full affect. I sure hope I see some drastic results…otherwise it will be depressing! I am on pretty much the most hardcore drugs out there for Ankylosing Spondylitis. I am on Remicade infusions and after there, there are 2 shots (Enbrel & Humira), and then I think whatever is in clinical trials…so running out of options :/


^^ Ryder’s 1st tooth finally made its appearance for a photo. It had started coming in a week and half ago, like around May 13th, but it took me forever to get a photo where you could see some of it. It is sure hard to photograph a baby’s tooth when their tongue is always in the way and they won’t sit still for you ha! His first tooth is his bottom left one. So cute. Caught this photo in the bath as you can see!


^^ On Wednesday, May 22nd, my mom, Ryder, and I ate a lunch at Panera and then walked around afterwards. Kids are so easy to entertain. Ryder had fun standing on a bench and pulling on a hanging plant haha! Then we got some yummy Mary’s Mountain Cookies. Gosh, if you haven’t had any of their cookies, they are a MUST! They are so soft, delicious, and probably more than 1000 calories each, hehe.


^^ This little boy is getting to be more mobile. He is going from sitting on his bum to attempting to get on all fours (hands and knees) but always lands on his belly. He is trying to pull himself up on things. He is also pushing himself backwards on hardwood floors (while on belly). He can kind of army crawl in a circle while on his belly. He isn’t crawling, crawling yet but I think it will be soon. I am SO ok with where he is at right now haha. I just love this kid and maybe I am not ready for him to crawl everywhere and to get into everything…any day now though…


^^ I took Ryder to Lee Martinez Farm here on Thursday with some friends from the gym. It was a blast!


^^ Ryder ‘knighted’ Kevin here haha.


^^ Some times you just bring your baby to the gym in their pj’s. It happens. And they are totally ok with it.


^^ Ryder wanted to help with dishes. He was a big help ;)


^^ Kevin and I ran a ton of errands Saturday afternoon, May 25th. We hit up Best Buy and got a new printer because the one we had was definitely not cutting it. My computer (which is a couple of years old) was ‘too new’ so the operating system wasn’t compatible with it. Basically, if I wanted to print something I had to use Kevin’s computer. It made things more difficult when he went out of town and every week I print the ward bulletin so…it was a pain! We also went to AT&T so Kevin could renew his contract or whatever. When we did that they offered us a killer deal on the Jawbone Jambox. Basically it is a wireless tiny speaker that is insanely loud. You use Bluetooth on your phone to connect to it. I’m not going to lie, it was an impulse purchase but it has changed our life. I have had the Otterbox Defender on my iPhone for several years now and unfortunately it never fit with my speaker dock so basically, I lived in silence. This thing is amazing and so tiny. It has 12 hours of battery so you can even take it camping! Now, when I do dishes or hangout with Ryder at home, we will have music again!!! So excited about this. Then Kevin and I did some grocery shopping at King Sooper’s.

* Emily’s Birthday: My friend Emily Vail came up to Fort Collins on Friday, May 24th (as she is living in Denver now). Ryder and I went shopping at Centerra and got some great deals at Gap since it was Memorial Day weekend. We then met up with Emily at Chick-fil-A in Loveland for a quick and late dinner. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pictures with Emily this weekend! Ah, I hate when I do that! Anyways, we watched an IMAX movie about the Arctic which definitely had a secret agenda for us to donate to their cause to help with global warming haha. It was hilarious. For your information, we didn’t donate haha. Then on Saturday, May 25th, Emily and I went to a yoga/pilates class at Miramont together. In the evening we watched Cirque de Soleil: World’s Away while Kevin went golfing! Basically, we ate food, worked out, shopped, and watched movies. That is exactly the best thing to do with your best friends haha.

Also: My companion, Katie and I, went visiting teaching. Kevin and I had FHE. I definitely hit up Target, as usual. It really is a weekly occurrence. Kevin and I rented The Perks of Being a Wallflower. It was a sad movie, but worth watching. I won’t say what happens because it would give the movie away. It reminded me of some of the kids in the psychiatric treatment center (Heritage Residential Treatment Center) that I worked with in Orem, Utah a couple of years ago. Also, it was a reminder to me that I need to teach my kids to be nice to everyone at school and to make an extra effort to befriend the kids who may not have many friends. I think, in reality though, all people of all ages need to do that with everyone. Kevin met with our financial advisor. We are always trying to save, prepare for retirement, and invest when we can.

I think that is about it!

Next up: Memorial Day Weekend and some post for last week/end :)

OH, and today Ryder is N I N E months old!!! (so a 9 month post as well)

Have a good Monday!

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