Ryder is 9 months!


Here is a little bit of fun info. about Mr. Ryder!

{ Ryder turned 9 months on June 3, 2013 }


>> Ryder weighs 19 lbs. 11 oz. (35% percentile) & height is 29 inches (70% percentile). We’ve got a tall, skinny boy over here!

>> He kind of still has a bald spot (top right front if you notice) from the vacuum attempt in labor/delivery. Kevin and I and the pediatrician are keeping an eye on it. He may always have a little bald spot. I guess that is a risk you take when trying a vacuum on a very stuck baby while trying to deliver. I have met a lot of people whose babies have been delivered by vacuums and not one of them has a bald spot. Poor Ryder! Plus, a vacuum didn’t even work because he was a c-section baby. Oh man. I am realllly hoping he grows more hairs there!!! We may end up meeting with a dermatologist to see what options we have…in the future. She said lets wait until 18 months…

>> Ryder loves to throw things, especially balls. Sometimes we play a game where we roll a ball back and forth!

>> Ryder goes to bed at 7:30 pm every night and wakes up 12 hours later, around 7:30-8:30 am. He takes 2-3 naps a day and they range from 1-3+ hours. His first nap is always about 1 hour after he wakes up. He also loves to sleep on his side and stomach. He really is an amazing sleeper!

>> He eats baby food twice a day. Once in the late morning and the other in the evening. He gets snacks whenever he wants as well ;) He nurses 4-5x a day so basically every 3-4 hours.

>> Ryder is a fan of Baby Mum Mum’s, Yogurt Melts, Puffs, pieces of bread, bits of turkey/ham/chicken, graham crackers, Cheerio’s, and whatever I give him. He likes everything! Not picky at all.

>> A favorite “toy” is a sippy cup with water! He likes to drink a little and chew on the spout.

>> He is getting super talkative and loves to stick his tongue in/out while talking. A lot of times it sounds like he says “doodle'”, haha. I love it. He still does the ‘da-da’, "ba-ba’, ‘bla bla’ (while rolling his tongue/spitting haha), things like that.

>> He also likes to do high-pitched yells. We talk back and forth to each other doing it. It is hilarious!

>> Ryder loves to wave at everyone! I will be shopping at Target and realize he is waving to strangers and then see them smiling and waving back to him. He also tries to get stranger’s attention by babbling loudly.

>>  He kicks/pumps his legs frantically when he gets excited…like when I am holding him, while he is in a jumper/exersaucer, swimming in the pool, etc.

>>  Ryder is a big fan of clapping his hands!!!

>> He loves to watch other kids! While in the pool the other day, he wouldn’t stop staring/smiling at another boy (elementary school age) and the boy and him became friends haha.

>> When I bring Ryder to the gym’s daycare, they always say “He is the easiest baby!”

>> When you say “RYDER…..Slooaaan” he smiles REALLY big.

>> When you are in a dark room and then turn on the lights, he smiles REALLY big. It is so funny. He sure loves the light on! I’ve got videos of this too!

>> When you hop down the stairs while holding him, he giggles and loves it. I guess he likes the feeling of falling, which I don’t, haha.

>> When you put him in a jumper/exersaucer, he hops around like a madman!

>> He loves to smack his hands/arms on you when you hold him! Sometimes it actually kind of hurts haha. Speaking of him hurting me, he can pinch REALLY hard. Oh my gosh. It is so important to have his nails cut short otherwise he will cut you and give you scabs lol. But really!

>> His first tooth came in and is the bottom left one! He actually just started getting his second tooth, bottom right while we were in California. Really, teething isn’t that bad! Knock on wood…haha. He doesn’t seem really that crazy or anything!

>> He LOVES the swings, will pump his legs, giggle, smile, just in heaven.

>> He has really good pincher fingers…basically he focuses really well and is very accurate with his fingers in picking things up and such ha. Like little tiny crumbs.

>> He loves when Kevin throws him up in the air! He crosses his arms in the air. It is hilarious. It is like he does that to feel safe or something?! Then when he comes down they un-cross, and then cross when he is up again lol.

>> He is still super ticklish…toes, back, thighs, belly, neck…it isn’t hard to make him laugh!

>> He LOVES my iPhone and loves to suck on it…thankfully I have the Otterbox case! He also loves car keys and TV remotes.

>> He can now ARMY CRAWL! It is hysterical. He started pushing himself backwards (while on stomach). Then he started pushing himself forward (while on stomach.) Now, he pushes with his feet and uses his elbows and arms to propel him forward. He is getting around very well and so I am starting to baby proof! Time to get window well covers, baby gates, etc… What made him crawl for the first time was a TV remote. Oh boys.

>> When you hold his hands, he takes steps. Wonder when he will walk! Hopefully not soon…lol. I’m not ready.


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