Neeleys in Town


Saturday, June 1st was kind of a crazy but good day. Kevin and a friend from church, Jared Croft, worked on our baseboards as well as putting in quarter-rounds. They worked on that for a few hours and did a great job! I would do a post on our baseboards (probably the most boring home renovation post haha) but they aren’t done. We have to find matching baseboards for a small part in our entryway as well as find finishing pieces from where the hardwood floors meet the carpeted stairs and where the floors meet the fireplace. Then Kevin will touch up/finish the baseboards with paint and some other things. While Kevin and Jared worked on the house, I took Ryder over and hung out with Lori (Jared’s wife) and cute kiddos, Katie and Tyler. We had lunch and then afterwards I brought the men some food. Then our friends Jonny and Stephanie Neeley (friends from BYU) came in town – they were driving from Arkansas to Utah – to stay at our house for the night. They have driven through Fort Collins one time before, actually maybe twice. It was fun to see them and hang out, especially to see Steph’s baby bump! She is pregnant with a little lady! Oh, and they got to meet Ryder! We had some Italian food, some amazing frozen yogurt from Spooner’s, browsed Charming Charlie and World Market, and finished the evening by watching The Impossible. The Impossible movie is about that huge tsunami in December of 2004. It was a sad movie but worth the watch. Later that evening, Kevin told me, he would not stop searching for me if we were separated in a tsunami! What a husband :D Haha. But really, it was a sad movie and makes me hate to think about my family separating in a natural disaster, especially with more kids! There is not much, if anything, in your control. ANYWAYS, watch it. Oh, and the photo above is of Stephanie and me…almost a year ago, we hung out at Table Rock Lake in Arkansas and I was 27 weeks pregnant and we have a photo of it. Now, we have a photo of her 29 weeks pregnant. So basically we swapped. We are always glad when friends come into town!

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