Memorial Day Weekend: Fossil Creek Park


Sunday, May 26th, 2013, Kevin, Ryder, and I attended our 8 am church. We ate lunch, took naps, and headed out to Fossil Creek Park to enjoy the nice weather. I had taken Ryder to the park a few times for play dates, with my family while Kevin was out of town, and just by myself for a bit. This was the first time Kevin had seen Ryder in the swings! Ryder smiles and giggles uncontrollably while swinging so it is always something I am trying to squeeze in my day to day schedule if I can. It is just too fun and he is just too cute! Oh, and he pumps his legs really well too haha. Anyways, we brought our Jawbone Jambox, as you can see Ryder is holding it in his car seat. He really liked holding it and could feel the bass making the speaker shake. Kevin packed some snacks for us so we found a shady spot and laid down on Ryder’s Aiden + Anais blanket since we forgot to bring our own haha. That is something that we always forget…a big blanket for us! Anyways, we listened to music on Pandora and ate snacks (bing cherries, oatmeal cream pies haha, watermelon, and some other fruit). It was a very lovely afternoon and then I looked at my phone and realized we had a couple of minutes to make it back home since home teachers were coming over! In the evening, we watched So You Think You Can Dance and relaxed. It was a great day!


  1. Ryder is growing!! He is adorable!

  2. What a lovely way to spend a day :)

    (don't you love those blankets?)

    Also, I know I've recently fallen off the blog-wagon, but here I am catching up tonight, and love reading all you've posted!!