Memorial Day: Poudre Trail, Taylor’s BBQ, & a Bonfire

Our Memorial Day weekend was incredible. Read about the first part here and here. This post consists of the actual Memorial Day, May 27th, 2013.

Kevin, Ryder, Katinka (too short to be seen in photo below haha), & I started our day off right by hitting a walking trail up by Poudre River. We basically went to Lee Martinez Farm Park and found the trail around there. I originally wanted to go hiking in the mountains but we decided last minute to choose the easier option for my knees (arthritis problems). They had been bugging me (and still are) and I would rather not be in pain the rest of the day. I was hoping that in a few weeks they would be much better so I could go hiking but so far, they aren’t that much better :’( Gosh I wish I had my normal body back and could do whatever I wanted! I even downloaded a trail/hiking iPhone app of good trails and hikes around here that Kevin and I could do every weekend or every once in awhile! Anyways, enough of that. Kevin and I had a fun morning pushing Ryder in the stroller and talking while we walked. We basically walked along the river. Colorado is so pretty!


Then we went back home and Ryder took a nap while we got ready to go to Taylor Gamble’s Memorial Day BBQ. Taylor was one of my high school best friends and was back in town for the weekend. The last time I saw her, Ryder was like 2 months old and now he was almost 9 months old! She lives in LA so I don’t get to see her very often. Her brother graduated from high school so she was back for that. So me and my two boys (Kevin & Ryder) made our way to the BBQ, ate some yummy food (mac & cheese, hamburgers, hot dogs, cole slaw (not me), cupcakes, chips & dip, etc.), and tried to catch up each other on our lives. We also talked with Taylor’s cute sister, Ashley and her daughter, Delilah. Ryder was a big fan of Taylor!


In her parent’s backyard are a bunch of horses that a neighbor owns. A big joke of the day was that they were ‘wild’ because Taylor asked a family member if they were ‘wild.’ HAHA. So here we are in front of the ‘wild horses’!


After the BBQ, we had a big bonfire at my parent’s house. Kevin started the fire while my dad made tin foil dinners and I made tin foil desserts. If you have never made tin foil meals over a campfire or bonfire you are missing out! I blogged about some tin foil dinner/dessert ideas here (awhile ago…popular post ;)) They were DELICIOUS. The desserts I made were bananas cut open, stuffed with coconut, milk chocolate chips, and marshmallows. If they had some, I would probably have put some caramel in them.

Meanwhile, Kevin & I were being weird and taking photos…


PS. Sperry's = best shoes


I was doing a fire dance…


Two best friends living in Colorado…


Oh, and Ryder slept throughout the whole bonfire…since he goes to bed so early. He goes to bed at 7:30 pm and we had a late lunch at the BBQ so it worked out.  That is why he is missing from the fire photos! Sleeping like a baby… This day was seriously a great one. One that is maybe a little better than the rest, if I can say that. Hope your Memorial Day was just fantastic.

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