Alexa Z Design Etsy Shop Review

The lovely Alexa, from the Alexa Z Design Etsy shop sent me two prints to review. I had the hardest time deciding which two to review! If you don’t know me, I am very indecisive…so it took me days to decide haha. The two that I choose are:

1 >> Eat Well Travel Often


I chose to put it in a small area in between the entrance to our kitchen and our main level bathroom. The funniest thing was, that when I showed Kevin this print, he loved it, and asked if he could take it to work. He loves to eat and travel, haha. That is partly why I chose this print. We both love food and LOVE to travel! I told him no and he was bummed. He seriously was going to take it to work. I told him where I wanted to hang it and then he decided it was a good idea :) Basically, if you and your husband both agree on a piece of home d├ęcor, you know you have a winner. This print is a winner! {On a side note, ignore the kitchen cabinets. I FINALLY moved back in and we have to put a wood piece above the fridge and same with the vertical piece to the right of the cabinet over the fridge as well…hopefully that made a little sense, ha.) I was planning to show more of the kitchen in this review but…we don’t even have backsplash so, it didn’t work out. It isn’t ready yet. It is now officially livable though, so baby steps!


2 >> I Love You To The Moon & Back

IMG_3117I Love You to the Moon and Back 8x10 Print - Free Shipping

I chose this print for Ryder’s room because I loved it and he still needs some stuff to decorate his room. It worked out perfectly. Right now it is on the nightstand next to a rocking chair in his room but I think I will hang it on his wall soon :)

Here are just a couple more of my favorites!

>> Floral Ampersand & I Heart NY & Pretzels

il_570xN.444678828_nojvI Heart NY and Pretzels - 8x10 Print

>> Teal Blue & Yellow World Map

Teal Blue and  Yellow 8x10 World Map Print

I was very impressed with the quality of her prints. When they came, they looked amazing! It sure made for a happy mail day! They also look great in our house. Be sure to check out her prints, because they are darling. And bonus…free shipping!

Thanks so much Alexa!

Check her out!

Alexa Z Design Etsy Shop // Facebook // Blog 

(By the way, she has the cutest little lady Ellie…& Ryder thinks she is cute & they are super close in age... So at least go check her out hehe. Also, her photos are amazing. I am jealous.)


  1. thank you so much ashley! your house looks adorable!! xoxo

  2. Those are great prints.
    And we totally bought that fridge at first for our kitchen, but I couldn't get over the fact that it wouldn't be the exact stainless color as my other appliances so we cancelled the order. It's supposed to be a great fridge though. Good choice!

  3. I love Alexa's shop. Those prints look great in your house. I need a few in my little apartment.