While Kevin is in Bangladesh & Dubai…

Ryder & I have a party. Jk. But we keep busy and have ourselves a good time.

See for yourself.

{Scenes from April 29 – May 5, 2013. Kevin & my dad were actually in Bangladesh & Dubai from April 28 – May 5 on a business trip.}


^^ Ryder’s favorite sleeping position. Always. He takes naps like this and sleeps all night like this. Sometimes when he is tired he will move his left arm over his face and hold his right hand in a little fist. He LOVES to sleep like this! It is never the other way around (like right arm over his face lol.) // My mom, Zach, Hunter, Ryder, and I all went to Fossil Creek Park and had a QDoba dinner picnic. It was a good time. Then we pushed Ryder in the swing for awhile and it was so much fun!


^^ The photo on the right cracks me up! He loves to scream randomly and here he is in action haha!


^^ One fine Tuesday, I worked out (Step Challenge) probably the hardest I had ever did in that class and literally didn’t know if I would be able to finish lol. I peaked too early! But it was good. Then I went to group and found out Ryder weighed exactly 19 lbs.! He is packing on the pounds! Then I went visit teaching and spent the rest of the day cleaning, doing laundry, blogging, etc. I decided I need to introduce Ryder to more ‘adult foods’ and not always the pureed stuff so here he is sucking on an orange! He loved it. Also, my mom brought home some Panda Express and I got jipped. There was NO fortune in my fortune cookie! I felt so ripped off haha. Like has that ever happened to you?


^^ Let me tell you about Ryder’s pj’s. He has been growing like a weed so a few weeks ago I bought him some bigger pj’s and found these taekwondo/karate (same thing, right ;)) monkey pj’s at Baby Gap. I immediately thought of my brother Hunter since he does taekwondo. He almost has his black belt actually. Anyways, they were on sale, in his size, and he needed them, so I got them! I had been wanting to get a photo of Hunter (after his practice) and Ryder together in their attire haha. Here they are! By the way, it is getting much harder to take a good photo of Ryder since he moves SO much and then all the photos are blurry! o_o


^^ MAY FIRST, guys, MAY 1st, we had a SNOW DAY! Not only did it just snow, but it snowed so much school was cancelled for my brothers! Craziness I tell you. PS. Do you see the blue heron? I decided to hang out at home since my knees were starting to bug me (dang arthritis and new symptom for my Ankylosing Spondylitis :( ) and do the elliptical instead of push myself too hard at the gym. A highlight of the day was talking to my Returned Missionary home girl Celestine Yeung!!! It was so good to catch up with her! Also, I attended a Relief Society Activity the next day but I did not take any photos! It was fun though.


^^ After my workout, Ryder and I went to Fossil Creek Park to hang out one last time (for awhile) with Ryder’s friend Everett and some other baby friends. Everett is currently in Denver having a bone marrow transplant! We wanted to get together one last time for awhile since he won’t be able to play or really leave the hospital for months. Everett had to leave early (so he is not in the picture) since the weather was colder than expected and he really CAN’T get sick before the transplant. He is such a trooper! Here Ryder is with Sophie & Valencia. In the left photo, it looks like Sophie & Ryder are doing some magic on the picnic food or something lol.


^^ Excuse my post workout nastiness in the left photo above but I think Ryder’s face is so cute! He had just woken from a nap so I was snuggling with him! // Ryder ready to go and playing with the seat belt!


^^ In the evening, my mom, Zach, Hunter, Ryder, and I went to find Zach a bowtie and order a corsage because he was going to Prom the next day. We stopped by Palmer Flowers, Men’s Warehouse, and Macy’s and as you can see Ryder had a lot of fun playing in front of the mirror. // I caught him kissing the baby in the mirror! // Ryder giving himself a high five. // Ryder focusing…that is his focusing face and I love it! Afterwards we all ate at the I Star of India and I got Chicken Tikka Masala. I LOVE INDIAN FOOD! Unfortunately, the Indian food here isn’t as good as The Bombay House in Provo, Utah :( Also, Ryder tried naan and was a fan! He got carried away with the rice and got a little bit too much under the booth…ha. Whoops!


^^ I redeemed my birthday present from Zach. Yes my birthday was in February! Our friend Mindy did my nails…nautical! I got the idea from Pinterest and searching images on Google. I tweaked the ideas I found online and ended up with the toesies above! I love it!


^^ My mom, Hunter, Ryder, & I went to take pictures of Zach and his prom date, Michelle at one of his friend’s houses! Ahhh I remember the prom days. They were such a big deal haha! This was Zach’s first prom and he had a good time! // Hunter and I noticed that Ryder’s first tooth was starting to come up so I kept trying to take pictures of it and it was basically impossible. I just get tons of pictures of him like the photo above on the right haha. On Saturday it seemed like there was kind of a slit in his bottom gums and then Sunday it felt harder and like there was a little sharp tooth…it is definitely happening!!!


^^ Ryder and I went to my parent’s ward and anxiously awaited for my dad and Kevin to return from Dubai! Not kidding. In the left photo above, Ryder was SERIOUSLY holding the hymn book all by himself! I had the left side of the book and he held the right! It was so funny! Strong kid! // Finally Kevin and dad made it home and we had a great day! They actually brought us a ton of souvenirs (more on that later) which was unexpected and fun. My dad, Hunter, Kevin, Ryder, and I went on a walk in the neighborhood. The sister missionaries in our ward came over to Kevin’s and our house and gave us a short message. Then we had a yummy curry dinner made by my dad. We all watched a sweet movie of Dubai and heard tons of stories about it (and Bangladesh too, but probably isn’t as cool as Dubai haha). Now we all want to go there so bad! It seems amazing!

What did you do last week/end?!


  1. giiirl you need to move your crib dooown! Also, I have had no fortunes at least twice... I think it means something BAD? =)

  2. Your toes! I love them! It must be so nice living by family for times like these.

    On a side night, do you know the Houghtons? The boys were roommates with Doug and we are great friends with them and their wives. I told them I followed a blogger from Fort Collins and they knew who you were right away. Small world. :)