Souvenirs, FHE Night, + a Rheumatology Appointment



^^ On Sunday, my dad and Kevin returned from Bangladesh and Dubai…(last week’s post here). While they were away, Kevin would text me at their hotel at odd hours due to the time change, being practically at the opposite side of the world! Got to love free wifi so we were able to text without outrageous phone bills :)  Also, we Face timed a few times but the connection wasn’t that great. Anyways, he once was like, “What do you want from Bangladesh or Dubai?” I was like, “I don’t know…a cool shirt or clothes or something?” Typical me…clothes :) Well, I thought he would maybe…get me a t-shirt and then when they got back it felt like Christmas lol. My dad and Kevin had too much fun shopping - plus apparently Bangladesh has a lot of cheap stuff - so they had to buy an extra suitcase to bring everything back! My ‘Big Blue’ suitcase died right after Kevin and I got married in 2008 at the Kansas City airport, and I’ve been using Kevin’s old missionary suitcases ever since! I called my suitcase ‘Big Blue’ because 1. It was bright blue and 2. It was just huge. I could fit so much stuff in it and that is what ruined it…I packed it so full, it broke haha.  I’m so cheap, I didn’t want to buy a new suitcase until I absolutely had to! Lucky for me, they got me a pink one, with spinner wheels, so I’ve got a NEW suitcase! Seriously, so excited. I want to visit Dubai now. I know I’ve talked about Dubai before but it sounds awesome and I want to visit.

* Loot above: authentic handmade shoes from Dubai, dried fruit (yummy dried strawberries in the mix), Milk Chocolate Elephant Covered Macadamia Nuts from Japan where they had a layover, postcards from Dubai that Kevin wants to hoard and not mail lol, pink suitcase, caramel chocolate, vase thing, Dubai playing cards, colorful bracelet, gold cuff bracelet, wallet, camel handbag, vanilla coconut macaroons (maybe my first time trying macaroons?), mango dried fruit, turquoise necklace, and green and red shirts from Bangladesh).

Um yeah, like more than I get for Christmas hahaha. The suitcase is for Mother’s Day…so fun!IMG_1237

^^ Like every week, I feel like I go to Target. Good thing I finally got a Red card. Took me long enough but hey saving 5% is better than nothing, especially if you have to buy stuff there anyways! Now I am always telling people to get Red cards haha. Anyways, I came from working out and these past couple of weeks have been BAD with my knees. I think it is arthritis from my disease. So…I’m always driving to the gym thinking, I bet this will make them worse, but I don’t know what to do to make them better…and I am not going to sit at home for months or how long it takes for them to stop hurting so I am going to go and be in pain lol. So I lifted weights and then my knees felt crazy weird/painful walking through Target.


^^ Our friends Neal and Amanda Johnson invited us over for FHE along with Michael and Bekah Wilkey and their baby girl Carmen. We all ate tons of desserts and played a fun pirate-y board game. I have no clue what it is called haha. Also, they have 2 birds and in the photo above, Ryder is trying to pet one. So cute! Also, this is probably the only photo I got of Ryder and Carmen both looking at me, haha!

Tuesday, I went to Step Challenge. Knees hurt. Went to Group. Ryder is packing on the pounds! He currently weighs 19 lbs. 5 oz.! Ahh! Then I met my mom and dad at Charley’s out at Centerra. Charley’s has really good sub sandwiches. I also had some good times shopping at Ann Taylor Loft and Baby Gap. I got a final sale striped peplum top for $9 and some pink cropped skinnies for $17 (originally $60, on sale for $30, then 40% off sale) :) I LOVE getting good quality things for a deal haha. So I’m excited. I need to go through a bunch of my clothes and get rid of some. My summer attire is seriously lacking. A lot of the shirts are cotton-y, old, faded, and have shrunken over time. Out with the old, in with the new! Well, it is a good concept. Got to see what I can sell everything for :) But it is time to revamp my summer clothes! I would say my winter wardrobe is much better than my summer because I got Christmas and my Birthday in the winter. Then when summer rolls around, I don’t really spend much money on summer things. Anyways, as you can see I love clothes. I really do. Then Ryder and I got our Mazda’s emission checked so we could register our car’s plates and all that fun stuff for another year. Each year, I dread doing that.


^^ Ryder loves his baths, especially with his toys! Just not when they all float to the opposite end of the tub and he can’t reach ;) (photo below)


^^ Also, I caught Ryder sleeping on his side. He is usually a back sleeper so I thought it was cute.

Rheumatology Appointment: Wednesday rolled around and Kevin, Ryder, and I went to my second rheumatology appointment with Dr. Levine at my new rheumatology office. It was Kevin’s first time meeting him and I wanted Kevin to meet him if I was going to switch to him. My Diclofenac (75 mg., 2x daily, anti-inflammatory) and Vicadin (1/2 5-500 mg pill every night) didn’t seem to be doing much for me and I knew we were going to end up talking about biologics (Enbrel, Humira, Remicade). Plus my knees started hurting a couple of weeks ago and it was sometimes hurting to walk. I also had to stop working out as hard as I was and honestly, I felt like how I was working out was not as hard as I really wanted to be. I was definitely holding back because my body wasn’t able to work out harder :( I was doing tons of lunges and squats (and had started running after workouts as well) and had to stop when my knees got really bad. Anyways, that was a new symptom. After seeing 3 rheumatologists and them always bringing it up, I knew I probably would try biologics at some time in my life unless my disease randomly disappeared forever…ha…that would be lovely! So, I asked him a gazillion questions about it. There are SO many bad and scary side affects of these meds which is why it has taken me SO long and being in so much pain to finally decide to give them a try. He says I am low risk for a lot of the side affects or complications that the medicines can cause but it doesn’t mean the medicine is safe. They increase your risk for lymphoma (cancer), lower your ability to fight infections so you are more apt to get weird infectious diseases (TB – you have to get a TB test before you are allowed to start them which I already got and I got the OK to start the meds, random infections in dry climates (like AZ/so-Cal) and southern places like around Kansas City area (when he said that, I was like “Oh great, Kevin is from there!”), and is a immunosuppressant so you may get sick more often because your immune system is basically shot, and more. SOOO…we will see how it goes! He said Enbrel, Humira, and Remicade are all so similar and so I basically chose which medicine I wanted to try. Would I rather give myself a shot every 2 weeks or get a 2 hour infusion at my rheumatology office every 8 weeks? I chose the infusions. Hopefully that is the right choice! I would just rather not give myself shots. I could probably get over the fact that I am giving myself a shot but what if I couldn’t? Then every 2 weeks I would be begging Kevin or a family member or a random nurse I know to give me the shot lol. Plus, you got to keep them refrigerated and pack them for trips, etc. Anyways, I start my infusions on Tuesday morning! I hope that I get quick relief and no bad side affects!!! Wish me luck!


^^ After the appointment, I hung out at my casa with Katinka and Ryder, did a ton of laundry, and did a yoga/Pilates workout in the evening. Kevin worked on the house with a guy from church and they moved some electrical outlets. And Ryder had fun sharing his binky with Katinka and untying my shoes!

Next up: Hunter’s Birthday & Mother’s Day :)

Have a good Mother’s Day!

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  1. Yes- Yoga is the thing to do with AS. My sister in law does it everyday as instructed by her doctor. I know she has also gone to a naturepath doctor and that has helped her a lot..... I don't know if that would help you, but it has done wonders for her! I hope you figure out what is going to help you!