Ryder is 8 months old!


My little Ryder turned 8 months old tonight at 8:41 pm!

(Born Labor Day, September 3, 2012)

Here is a little bit about this boy I love!


+ He weighs 19 lbs. exactly as of this week which I think is slightly under the 50% percentile! I don’t know his exact height but at 6 months he was 27 inches tall and I feel like he has gotten a lot taller since then!

+ He is wearing 12-18 months clothes because of his height, which is crazy to me. I am packing up his smaller sized clothes too fast!

+ He learned how to make ‘clicky sounds’ with his tongue and it is the cutest thing ever!

+ He has no teeth yet. I love his gummy mouth!

+ I taught him to kiss so when I say kiss, purse my lips, he will give me an opened mouth kiss lol. So cute. Now we need to work on closing his mouth!

+ He loves to cock his head to the sides and look at you (kind of like a dog if that makes sense?) lol.

+ He is a big fan of the swings!

+ He loves to clap his hands together! I love it! He also loves to flail his arms up and down smacking his hands and arms on whatever, if that makes sense, lol (kind of like he is splashing!) He also loves to SMACK his belly, over and over! It is hilarious. We have a video of it.

+ He is super ticklish, always! His belly is and his back…when I clean his hands and face after eating baby food he giggles because it is ticklish to him. Also, his toes and feet are! I love to tickle his cute toes!

+ He LOVES to play with baby spoons and gets upset when I take them away. Actually, sometimes, he gets upset when I take away toys in general from him!

+ He loves to scratch and claw Kevin and my arms lol. He loves to clench on to them and sometimes it really hurts! It doesn’t even matter how long or short his nails are cut! He loves to scratch things too like couches and pillows!

+ His cheeks get rosy when he is hot; that is something that he certainly didn’t get from me!

+ He still has a bald-ish spot from where they tried to use the vacuum on him in labor and delivery. I think there is hair growing but it just isn’t as thick yet? It is definitely very obvious in certain photos I take of him and in certain lighting in general. Overall, I think his hair seems to be getting a little thicker though…

+ He loves to play with his Nuby sippy cup and chew on the spout. Sometimes he will drink a little water from it, but he thinks it is more for entertainment.

+ He eats baby food two times a day (once late morning & once in the evening). He really will eat anything but maybe ‘Garden Vegetables’ are his least fav? We switched from Rice to Oatmeal cereal and he gets that (mixed with breast milk) in the morning. He also knows how to eat baby food out of the little pouches so sometimes we use those if we are out and about for the convenience factor. He also loves Baby Mum Mum’s!

+ An aspirator (snot sucker) is a sought after ‘toy’ for him haha. Don’t worry, I take it away from him when I notice he has it…but it is one of those kinds of things you need to have out occasionally, so it happens.

+ He finished his first swim lessons! More on that here. He can’t start another session until he is 1 year old so we will see about that.

+ Speaking of water, he LOVES to splash in the pool and in the bathtub. Now, not only is he splashing himself and the bath tub area but I am getting included in that!

+ Bath time is much more fun now that he is able to sit up. He sits in a little bath seat, sucks on wash cloths, and little rubber duckies.

+ He is a great sleeper still! Over time, instead of going to bed at 8:30 pm-ish, he is now going to bed a little earlier between 7:30-8 pm. He will wake up between 7-8:30 am ish so he is getting 11-12 hours consistently! If only I would learn to go to bed earlier instead of going to bed when he has already slept 6 hours haha.

+ He takes 2-3 naps a day. He takes one between 9-11 am (depending when he wakes up but usually 2 hours after he has been up). He takes an afternoon one between 1-2 pm and an evening one around 4-6 pm. Sometimes we don’t get the evening one in.

+ He is such a talker! He makes noises non-stop. He says anything and everything from ‘Dadadada”, “Babababa”, “Momomom”, “Diiii", etc.! He also loves to yell and wave his hands. We also have a cute video of that!

+ He is a big flirt and is always making friends with everyone! He loves to smile!

+ When we go downstairs, I hop, and Ryder loves that. He always ends up laughing when we go down the stairs! So fun.

+ He is super active and always flailing his body around. He is so trusting that I won’t drop him lol. In church, he is a big wiggle worm. Actually make that all the time.

+ He hasn’t gotten on hands and knees by himself yet and isn’t crawling and I’m SO okay with that! It will happen soon enough. And, I can procrastinate baby-proofing lol. He will spin in a circle though and maneuver around somewhat.

We love you Ryder!!!


  1. He is so cute! He sounds like a fun baby! Holland is tall like him! I think she's about 29 inches now! Crazy kids! And I LOVE when babies clap! It is just so adorable! I think you need to get on Vine and post some videos of your cute boy!

  2. What a cute little guy. This is such a fun age, they learn to do so many new things. Yay for tall babies, Matix has always been on the 80th or 90th percentile for length.