New Obsession, Ikea Trip, & Our Weekend

This post encompasses May 13-19, 2013…last week!


^^ Kevin watched Ryder at work while I got my first Remicade infusion! Still waiting on the meds to kick in full force! More on that here.  Now I can’t wait for my second infusion next week!


^^ Ryder is turning into a stomach sleeper! Today, during a nap, I noticed he was FACE DOWN literally on his face. His head wasn’t turned to the side  either way. That is so not comfortable for me haha! And I checked to make sure he was breathing…


^^ NEW OBESSION: I discovered the most amazing gelato from the grocery store…Talenti Gelato! I actually got it at Target but I’m sure it is everywhere. This stuff was amazing. The downside is that it is expensive. It is like $5-6 for a pint? But so worth it…I had heard of others loving it, so I decided to try it and boy was I glad! I was pounding this while watching Dance Moms above haha. Just canceling out my workout for the day ;)


^^ Kevin & I took an evening trip down to Denver to visit IKEA to get reimbursed for measuring for our kitchen, do some exchanges, and get some last minute kitchen parts/supplies. We had a bunch of exchanges to do and it was a zoo. Because we had some issues with reimbursement and exchanges they gave us free meals. It is the least they could do! Honestly, they should have done a lot more. I will expound upon this in more detail in our Home Renovation: Cabinet post (which is coming soon!). For dinner, we both got their Swedish meatballs! Not going to lie, they are pretty tasty! Then Kevin ran into the Apple store at Park Meadows to meet with some guys at the Genius bar for his phone, almost when they were closing. It was a crazy evening and we didn’t have enough time! We were going to try and see my friend Emily but ran out of time. ! I wish IKEA wasn’t so far…I mean, it is only 1.5 hours, but still, we don’t go to Denver that often. We need to though!


^^ After working out, two days in a row, I took each car to get washed at Casey’s Car Wash. Sometimes we go WAY TOO LONG with not washing our cars. I often plan on getting it washed but then I look at the weather and it will snow the next day or rain in 2 days so I always wait. THEN…you realize it has been months and months of not washing your car! So finally, we got them cleaned. It was definitely much needed. Ryder was a fan of watching the cars get washed! Also, he was a big hit there! Everyone kept coming up to him trying to talk to him and asking me how old he was! I have never had that many people approach me at something like a car wash. They were busy days though so we were waiting for like an hour once. I’m sure people were really bored too! // Also, the photo of Ryder in the car ‘driving’ was after Kevin, my mom, and I took out the Sister Missionaries at Panera! It was a fun night with them. Then Kevin watched Ryder while my mom and I went to Ann Taylor Loft to help her use some gift cards she had there. I got a killer deal on an awesome skirt that was on sale (which was an additional 40% off) and then later my mom and Kevin told me it looked something like a ‘Grandma’ would wear! I beg to differ haha! I am curious what other people think…but I think I like it! I can’t wait to find the right pieces to wear with it! Unfortunately (or fortunately?) I have absolutely nothing to match it… I also got some sandals at Gap with a coupon so that was fun.


^^ While Kevin worked on the cabinets, I cleaned up around the house, did laundry, organized stuff, etc. I also got the biggest ‘newspaper’ of information about my new Remicade medicine. Guys, it covered half my body haha! I tried to read some outside so as you can see…it even looks like a blanket! Also, I had called Otterbox and got a free case from their warranty plan… It came in the mail and is the perfect hookup to my kicks! Meanwhile, Kevin finished putting the cabinets together for the most part. We are now waiting for the counter-tops to be installed…and the soonest they could do it was 2 weeks, so that is very annoying, that we have to wait that long!


^^ Ryder was the cutest clapping, rolling over baby, ever. Clapping is his fav!


^^ Ryder and I after church. I think he is a keeper!!! On a side note- this was the first time at church where he didn’t want to fall asleep! He sure spoiled me on Mother’s Day sleeping both 2nd and 3rd hour of church! Because he was tired and had skipped his morning nap (and was woken up earlier than he would normally since church is at 8 am), he was a little harder to keep happy haha.


^^ For Sunday dinner, my dad made a fun Hawaiian dinner! Kahlua Pork seasoned pork with spinach, rice, carrots, apple sauce, Hawaiian bread, and Guava nectar! It was so good!

Some other fun tidbits: + New neighbors moved in next door to us so I made brownies and we brought them over! They seem really cool! I’m excited they moved in! + Kevin worked on the kitchen and cabinets and everything all week! + My mom, Kevin, and I had a yummy dinner at Spoon’s. That place is SO good! + Ryder and I hit up Super Target. Seriously, every Monday is practically when I go to Target. I get some basic groceries there and it is definitely turning into a routine haha. + My mom & I had a lunch date and ate at Café Rio and then checked out Home Goods for the first time. They had some pretty cool stuff.

Next Up: Home Renovation: Cabinets!


  1. You look gorgeous in that picture with Ryder! And all of that sounds so fun!