Lee Martinez Farm in Fort Collins

Last Thursday, May 23rd, my friend Gabby, who I met at the gym, invited Ryder and I to tag along with her and her kiddos and a friend of hers (and her kids) :) We met up in the afternoon at Lee Martinez Farm. Lee Martinez Farm is a farm that you can take your kids to, to pet animals, check different ones out, ride horses, etc. I actually took Pony Camp lessons there when I was in elementary school! I was obsessed with horses and I remember I absolutely loved those lessons! We learned how to pick their hooves, give them baths, pick up poop, find your pony in the field and put a halter on them and bring them over to saddle them up, put saddles on them, and of course…ride them! Anyways, it brought back good memories! The cost for an adult is $3 and for kids under 2 years of age, it is free. You can buy seed to feed the animals for very cheap, like a quarter I think…I recommend it if you are in Fort Collins with little ones!

The first animal Ryder met was a lamb! I sat him down on the ground, gave him some seed to feed the lamb, and he was honestly more interested in the seed on the ground than seeing the lamb haha!


Ryder and a black sheep…Ryder was like “Okayyy” Haha. This just reminds me….”Ba Ba Black Sheep, have you any wool?”


I was hoping the sheep would eat from Ryder’s hands but no…Ryder wanted to feed himself! So gross haha! This cracks me up.


Ryder with sheep. // Ryder and a horse! Unfortunately, the pony rides for kids are only available on the weekends and we were there on a Thursday…I was bummed he missed out!


Some of Ryder’s new friends. // Some rooster thing ha. Honestly, I don’t even know what it is. It wouldn’t have been good if Ryder put his fingers in the openings…could have pecked at him lol.


New friends watching cows.


Ryder and a goat! If you have never heard of Bla Bla Dolls, you are missing out. Ryder has one (it is like a stuffed animal) of a goat and it is like ‘the favorite take everywhere stuffed animal and keep forever’! We call him Billy the goat! He HAD to meet a goat! // Ryder and I. LOVE his face here but bummed it was cut off.


Ryder and I had a fun time :)

What are your favorite things to do with babies/little kids out and about?

(Like random things, swimming, parks, things like this farm, etc… :) Looking for more ideas!)

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  1. I wish we had a cheap farm like that here in Provo. These pictures you got of Ryder and the animals are so cute. Do you guys have a splash pad in Fort Collins? We love doing that on a warm day here.