Hunter’s 11th Birthday Weekend

Hunter turned 11 years old on Thursday, May 9th, 2013! While he was off at school, I went to workout. I had a feeling I wouldn’t really be able to do much at all because of my knees (AS disease) but I was stubborn. I walked into a Step class and walked out before it started. I knew it would make them worse. I then tried doing a mile on a bunch of cardio machines and my knees felt horrible so I left after 4 miles. So frustrating! Then I hurried home and got ready to meet my mom, dad, Zach, and Hunter at Larkburger for lunch.

On the way, it was pouring rain, then it started raining harder, then all of a sudden I realized cars were driving through slush, then I was like, “Is it snowing?” It was the most confusing thing ever. I then realized that it was hailing! So that was an interesting drive down College ha.


Anyone been to Larkburger? What do you think? My first time I was weirded out because they have fancy fries that stink horribly. This was my second time and it was much better. My brothers love this place.


On the way home, I printed the ward bulletins for the upcoming Sunday. Afterwards, Hunter opened some presents and here is a really bad photo of us with bad lighting lol.


Hunter wanted to eat at Mount Fuji for dinner. At this restaurant you can sit on the floor in some booths so we did that. Ryder sat right next to Kevin and I on the floor ha! It is a fun place to eat Japanese food! I got a beef, vegetable, rice bowl. Kevin got a bunch of sushi!


Also- how does one get a good photo with a crazy active baby who wants to move around so much? Seriously, it is getting harder to take photos of him because most of them are now turning out SO blurry!


Afterwards, my aunt NaNet and her kids came over and we all had angel food cake! Here is the birthday boy and Ryder! Also, I wish I had better photos from this day! I feel like the lighting is so weird in all of them!


On Friday, the 10th, my knees were feeling a little better so I went to my friend, Mindy’s yoga class! It was amazing! I love going to her classes. Also, Ryder tried bananas for a little breakfast snack and we both learned they are super slippery haha. How can I expect him to pick up little banana chunks when I can’t pick them up myself?


Hunter’s birthday kind of extended into Friday evening because he had a birthday get together with some yo-yo friends. Ryder watched them yo-yoing and enjoyed his first graham cracker! He ate a little more than 1 graham cracker and it was amazing but…BOY did it make a mess!


We had pizza and Mary’s Mountain Cookies for dessert. Seriously, my family is ADDICTED to Mary’s Mountain Cookies!!! They are heavenly and probably over 1000 calories per cookie. I should probably look into how many calories one is but I don’t even want to know. Meanwhile, Kevin was working on the house with some church friends so I brought him some food over!


We moved the high chair so Ryder could watch the yo-yoers! Also, I think a graham cracker chunk is falling out of his mouth ha!


I would say that Hunter had a good birthday! :D

Saturday, the 11th, Kevin worked on house stuff with friends and Ryder and I hit up the gym. I went to another yoga class and it wasn’t as good. I was having costochondritis (inflammation of the ribs) so it was hurting to breathe. It is SO annoying. But it was good I worked out anyway, I think ha.

Oh, and Ryder’s new thing is sleeping on his tummy?! I know this isn’t crazy at all to most people but up unti this point he really hasn’t slept like this! I think it is so cute. But sleeping on your back is better (Back is best- or whatever) so, I roll him sometimes lol.


My friend Emily Vail came in town so we went with my mom to get manicures. I actually had a really bad experience. An old lady did my nails and it was the worst manicure I had ever gotten, like only half of my nails were painted. Let me explain. Look at one of your finger nails. Now paint half. Welp, that is what happened on a lot of them. She asked at the end, if it was good and I am not usually one to complain…AT ALL. But, I was going to be pissed and not want to pay if they looked crappy, I mean, hey, I could have painted them myself like that! So I said, “Can you paint the rest of the nails?” She did and it kept getting worse and worse. She kept asking “Good?” and trying to paint a clear coat at the end and I told her “I just want my nails to look the same.” By then, each nail looked different because she put different layers on each nail and there were streaks. Then another employee noticed and told her to take it all off and have me wash my hands. Then a different employee finished my nails and they looked much better. Maybe she was in training? Oh my word, it was so bad lol.

Emily came over and hung out a little bit before she had to go and Ryder was a big fan of her.


Hope you had a great weekend and Mother’s Day!!!

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