Home Remodel: Ikea Adel Cabinets

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Now to the good stuff! When Kevin and I decided to take on this whole main level/kitchen improvement project, we had decided that Kevin (and family & friends) would attempt the installation. This was one big area where we could save money. Plus, we live outside some radius from the Ikea Centennial location so it would cost even extra for them to install the cabinets for us…like it would cost at least half of what we paid for them! No thanks. You can see the reasoning on why we chose Ikea cabinets here. Now if you don’t know much about Ikea cabinets, you may not have realized you have to build each and every cabinet, piece by piece! Also, Ikea gives you the greatest set of directions with detailed paragraphs…not! They give you lame pictures which aren’t always the most helpful…at all! Kevin, of course, and even I learned about an Ikea Kitchen website where you can find answers to questions on building their most complex things…like cabinets! Once Kevin learned how to build the cabinets, they went a lot quicker and he was able to pound them out…for the most part. You even get to install the drawer tracks, dampers (when you close the door it stops at the end and slowly closes), handles, etc.! All of Ikea’s cabinets come with the dampers except for our butcher block.

Building the cabinets! If only they came already built…like every other cabinet company out there ;) Guess they would cost more though heh.


You may not know that Ikea cabinets are not mounted into the wall like normal cabinets but they are hung on a track! Better make sure that track is level ;) You can see the track in the photo below…and if you look closely you can see Ryder!


More Ryder!


Let me just say, you learn things about your house, you never knew before. For example:

The right wall where the top cabinet meets, isn’t straight. Yep. No house is built perfectly and for some reason our wall isn’t exactly straight up. So the white piece that is attached to the right cabinets had to be cut to fit the wall. How annoying, right!? Also, there were a couple of set-backs…which is very normal while remodeling your entire level. Kevin added a cover panel later on (not seen in the picture below). Let me explain. The longest cabinet hanging on the right will go right next to the fridge. So, if you want your fridge to look built in, you need to add a cover panel to hide the side of the fridge. This is a little more important for us since we bought a ‘scratch and dent’ fridge for a killer deal at Best Buy. Basically, it is the left side of the fridge that has a few scratches…other than that, it is perfect! You won’t really be able to see the flaws :) Kevin and some friends had to take down the right cabinet and newly cut piece against our not-so-straight wall to add a cover panel in. Hopefully that makes sense. Also, they had to add a filler piece in - which is basically like a shorter cover panel - so that where the microwave would go, would be perfectly above the stove…like it should haha. Something funky is going on with our left wall too, so when they put in the base cabinets the microwave and stove would have been off, if they wouldn’t have noticed it. The stove would have ended up being like half an inch to the right, so they added a filler piece in to the top cabinets to move it over a half an inch, so the top and base cabinets would match…if you followed that, congrats!


Below you can see the cover panel connecting the right top and right base cabinets.


Work in progress and hello, lazy Susan!


One thing that came as a surprise to us was that the Varde butcher block’s counter top has to be finished, somehow. We have yet to look into that but will have to figure it out sooner than later. The countertop came a little rougher than what I was expecting. But hey, I guess it is Ikea so you basically do it all! Ugh.


Can’t wait to go grocery shopping, organize, and stock up our pantry!


Another set back we had was that we had purchased 24 inch cabinets to go to the right of the stove when in reality, we should have purchased 18 inch cabinets. What happened was that Kevin did the measurements of our kitchen, like a hundred times, and he measured everything correctly. When you purchase an Ikea kitchen and also pay for a guy to come out and measure for you, they will deduct that cost off your entire kitchen cost. Basically, it is like you are getting someone to come and double check your measurements for ‘free.’ Better safe than sorry right?! Well…what happened was that somehow the measurements got entered in, incorrectly – by we think the measurement guy – so we got the wrong size cabinets. They ended up being obviously too big for the space. We had to take time and drive back down to Denver to exchange the cabinets for the right sized ones. We had originally paid for our cabinets to be delivered because they come in a hundred different parts and we didn’t have a truck to go get them all. It was annoying that we had to drive it all down there to exchange everything. Waste of gas, money, and time! It would have been nice to have them pick up the wrong-sized cabinets and deliver us the right sized ones, ESPECIALLY since it wasn’t our fault! It was the measuring companies’ fault. Anyways, we have moved past this haha. Ikea did give us each a FREE MEAL to make us ‘feel better’…what a lame compensation haha. I wanted them to give us a $100 Ikea gift-card or something! They just blamed the problems on the measuring company which is understandable but I feel like we kind of got screwed over a little in the situation.

The next step for our kitchen is putting back the baseboards and quarter-round pieces and doing a couple last minute flooring finishes. Our countertops and appliances will be coming and installed in ONE WEEK! I cannot wait!!! Oh, and we need to finish the butcher block Varde countertop and put in subway tile…and I’m sure more :) That’s it for now!


  1. It's looking great, I can't wait to see it all finished! I died laughing at the Ryder pictures, too funny :)

  2. I want white cabinets soooo bad!!! Still trying to convince my hubby!

  3. Talk to them again & explain & ask if you can arrange payments for the installation.Good luck