A Medieval Play + Spooner’s


Thursday, April 25th, 2013 my mom, Zach, Hunter, Ryder, and I all ate a quick dinner at Spoon’s. I love that place! They have the best soups and bread! Actually that sounds good today because it is snowing like crazy and is a Snow Day for my bros! Then my mom, Hunter, Ryder, and I went to Hunter’s school (Werner Elementary – where I went!) play. It was a medieval play called, ‘Joust.’ Hunter was a knight and told us earlier he thought the play was dumb haha! We got there early and got front row seats. It was Ryder’s first play! Hunter did a good job and it was a fun little play. In elementary school, I remember being in school plays and I thought they were such a big deal lol. Zach didn’t go watch because he was swamped with homework as he missed some school for business competitions (FBLA/Deca stuff). Meanwhile, Kevin was on his way back from the airport as he had just returned from a short business trip to Indianapolis. We all met at Spooner’s for some frozen yogurt afterwards. It was fun for Kevin to meet us there since we had missed him! Overall, it was a great evening!

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  1. Awww! I remember elementary school plays! They were THEE WORST! But so fun in retrospect..lol



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