4/26-28: Scenes from our Weekend + Remembering Amy


This past weekend – April 26-28, 2013 - was a blast. Friday, the 26th, Ryder and I hit up the gym and I did a yoga class from my friend Mindy. We then went to The Children’s Place and did an exchange and had fun at Super Target. As soon as Kevin got off work, we hit up KFC (to grab a bucket of chicken), and attended a church activity, the Ward Adult Potluck Dinner & Activity. Since we are in the middle of the kitchen remodel, we figured picking up something to go would be easier than making something. I also had just gotten groceries late that afternoon and didn’t have time to fix something up. For the activity, there was a slideshow of baby photos of people in the ward and we tried to guess who was who. There were hints such as ‘Birth place,’ ‘Favorite Scripture Person’, and ‘Favorite Food.’ I was horrible at guessing. I don’t know if I got anyone’s right. Then when your photo came on the slideshow, you got to tell a story or something funny about yourself. Kevin told a story of when him and his friend hit acorns with a tennis racket at cars in his neighborhood and how they called the cops on themselves…haha. I didn’t have anything cool really to say but the theme of the night ended up being ‘your run in with the cops’ haha. Then Saturday, the 27th, I worked out while Kevin worked on installing some more cabinets with a guy from church. After the workout, I took Ryder on the swings for about 10 minutes. He rocked his pj’s haha…as I ran out of time to change his clothes before my workout class! For an evening break (for Kevin’s sake), we went on a double date with our friends Danny and Gwen and their cute daughter Valencia. We ate at Café Mexicali and then hit up Dairy Queen. We weren’t planning on going to Dairy Queen but the husbands both wanted it so we went with it lol. Then they came over and checked out our house progress. Little did I know but Kevin had thrown up an extra (electric) lawn mower we had bought at a garage sale a year ago on Craigslist earlier that day and then that evening someone came to buy it! We were pumped. It was a spur of the moment decision to buy the electric one for Kevin lol and then he realized how annoying they are. Then we got a broken one from a friend for free and another friend, James Neibaur, helped Kevin fix it. So I think we scored in the lawn mower department! Then Kevin packed for a business trip and we called it a night. Sunday, the 28th, Kevin and my dad flew to Bangladesh as one of their factories is there for Zephyr. It is Kevin’s first trip to Bangladesh! They have an amazing factory which is FLA accredited (Fair Labor Association aka safest, best, etc.). It is in no way on the same level of the one that made national news because it had collapsed killing 400 factory workers (read about that here). The collapse was actually really recent – I think last week – so interesting timing on checking out their factory! Kevin and my dad are leaving Bangladesh soon, taking a pit stop in Dubai, and then will be back in Colorado.


Remembering Amy: Sunday afternoon, I got a text from one of my best friends that I have known since I moved to Colorado in 3rd grade, Chelsea Bidgood. She asked if I had heard and knew if our friend, Amy Brobst, had passed away. I had no clue what she was talking about and immediately checked out Amy’s Facebook page. Amy was our friend that we met when we attended Rocky Mountain High School. As her page loaded, I noticed comments saying ‘Rest in Peace’, etc… I was shocked. I did a quick Google search and pulled up a couple of articles which confirmed the worst. She was in a small plane crash, of all things, and had died immediately. That was not what I wanted to hear Sunday afternoon, or ever actually, but it was true. I texted my friend Chelsea back with a link to the article and texted my friend Taylor Gamble as well to see if she knew/let her know. It makes me sad that she passed away but I know she is in a better place. I have a testimony of eternal families and know we will see her again. Amy was one of the happiest, most positive, and hilarious persons I knew. We met in high school and had many art classes together. We hung out before I went off to high school tennis practice and her, track practice. We hung out with a certain group of friends outside of school sometimes. Also, we went to an Ashlee Simpson concert the summer after I graduated high school in 2006. None of us even listened to her music but she got free tickets from work so we went for the heck of it. She was friends with everyone and would make anyone laugh. She called me Gorm (my maiden name is Gormley) and I can even hear her saying it in my head. I miss her so much and my prayers go out to her family and friends. I was trying to remember the last time I have talked to her and I can’t remember. When I went off to BYU and she went to CSU we kind of grew apart, not intentionally, but just as you do sometimes over the years with a lot of people. It makes me sad that I didn’t try harder to keep up with her (or really a lot of people from high school- should probably work on that). I think we may have went to an Eagles hockey game during my Freshman year at BYU while I was on break with a group of people. She was just so hilarious and everyone loved her. I am going to share some photos:


1st article I read about plane crash here // Wonderful article about her here. Miss you Amy! Love, Gorm.

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  1. Amy was a really cool girl. We played field hockey together and she recently hung out with some of my old friends from Fossil so lots of statuses including her would pop up on my FB wall. It's a sad situation but at least she was doing something she loved!