You Know Your Kid is Teething When…


…You go to Café Rio – or make that any restaurant – and they try to eat the table. Yes, he loves to chew, suck, and bite ANYTHING and EVERYTHING and drools like no other, yet…we can’t see any teeth coming in! Got to love teething symptoms that last forever but honestly I am FINE with him being all gums! I think it is cute. Also, he isn’t screaming like a crazy baby because teeth are cutting. And it is fine with me to delay those scream-fests or whatever he will do when they come…hopefully he will be chill and not care ;)

AND…it was his first time in a highchair at a restaurant! Café Rio was the winner of course. He did great! He also loved eating some medium spicy salsa I gave him with my finger and water from a straw. Good times!

* Photos taken on: March 13, 2013. *

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  1. Hahahahahahaa! We were just out to dinner last night with my son and parents, and he was all over the table too. It was hilarious!