Weekend in Wyoming with my Grandparents


Kevin, Ryder, and I went on a little road trip to visit my grandparents (dad’s parents) between April 19-22, 2013. My grandparents live in Burlington, Wyoming which is around 8 hours away from Fort Collins where we live. If you have ever been to Cody, WY, you have been 30 minutes away from Burlington! Burlington isn’t too far from Jackson Hole or Yellowstone National Forest. It is a very small town and the population is less than 300 people lol. We drove up on a Friday and made it in good time (8 hours). My grandpa had cooked a lasagna for us and had it waiting for us hot on the table! He also had freshly baked chocolate chip cookies waiting for our arrival. If I remember right, they have only seen Ryder one time and that was sometime in the fall of 2012. We all met up at Olive Garden and had dinner while Ryder slept the whole time in his car seat. They were excited to see Ryder! My grandma LOVED holding Ryder. It was so sweet. She really loves children and connects with them well. We rested and relaxed watching True Grit, the original John Wayne movie. I started falling asleep so we decided to finish it the following day. Saturday morning (20th), we got ready and made our way to Cody. We first stopped by the Boot Barn to get Ryder his first cowboy hat! He loves it and loves to play with it for fun actually! He is the cutest cowboy I’ve ever seen! We browsed some stores in downtown Cody and drove to Powell to eat lunch at a Mexican restaurant. Kevin and Grandpa got groceries while Grandma and I hung out in the car (& I nursed Ryder). There is no big grocery store in Burlington so we had to make sure to get everything we needed for the meals for the weekend. After arriving in Burlington, we played multiple games of Rummikub – awesome game – and I ended up with 1 tile for all of the games. Basically I got 2nd place each game, haha. Kevin made an amazing Italian meal of baked pasta. His portions were so big my grandpa asked if we were feeding the neighbors and the missionaries haha. It was very delicious! Then we watched another John Wayne movie, The Cowboys. This one I actually really liked. It was better then the other ones I think for sure! Anyone seen it? Meanwhile, we ate a lot of chocolate chip cookies my Grandpa made. Sunday (21st) we played more Rummikub. I challenged everyone because I had to win at least one game. I finally did – hallelujah – with an amazing move. I re-shuffled like 5 sets of 3 tiles each and somehow managed to put my last tile on the table! It was insane. Ask Kevin ha. Growing up and over the years visiting my grandparents, we always played Rummikub. We discovered the game from my grandparents and it is actually a really good game! Then we went to church and the cool thing is they have an LDS church 1 block away from my grandparents in their town! It is awesome they have their own ward in the small town. My grandpa’s brother’s son, Randy, was there and his daughter, Faith, and her new baby girl and some random relatives we see every once in awhile. Ryder fell asleep on my shoulder which I loved because it doesn’t happen that often. He is usually too active to calm down and fall asleep on me. When he is tired, I just put him in his crib and he sleeps much better that way. We then ate a big crock pot roast (again- my grandpa asked Kevin if he was feeding the army lol) which was very good. We ended the night with another John Wayne movie. If you haven’t caught on to a theme, it is that my grandpa likes John Wayne movies! I forget what it is called but I wasn’t paying too much attention to it. It was great to go and visit my grandparents because I haven’t been up there for a couple of years. And ever since I got married and have been at BYU, I haven’t been up there really because I was busy in school or working in the summer, etc. Growing up, I was always with my family there so this time, Kevin and I got to spend a lot more time with them. We left Monday (22nd) for Fort Collins. It had started to snow really hard in Burlington and the roads were actually pretty bad so my grandparents were worried about us driving. They wanted us to stay another day but we had to get back. They also said I could leave Ryder with them, hehe. I called them at every major city or so, so they knew we were ok driving in the snowy conditions, and eventually we made it home! Next time we visit, we need to visit in the summer so we can spend time outside and doing more country things :) (horse back riding, 4 wheelers, white water rafting, fishing, shooting guns, fireworks, Cody rodeo, etc.) My grandparents are the sweetest and most charitable people I know. They are very humble and always serving. They are so sweet to each other. They are great examples to me and I hope to one day become more like them.

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  1. First of all what is it with babies and big hats? I just love it. Second, you dress Ryder so stylish for church. I love the colored pants and the bow tie. Are the pants from Baby Gap too?